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Posts from April 2015

Florian Nemec doing live cam shows as Jamie Blyton (written by JJ)

Hours ago, I decided to check out Flirt4Free and much to my surprise, who do I see at the top of the page whose profile pic is prominently displayed? JAMIE BLYTON!!!


Who you say?

Well, he is none other than the former Bel Ami boy FLORIAN NEMEC!!!


If you look at his profile page, you'll see no mention of his Bel Ami work whatsoever. I watched him on F4F, not the whole thing - I went off after sometime - and saw that he got a lot of tips (the number of credits earned must have been in the hundreds). He (Florian/Jamie) even sort of begged his viewers to tip saying please tip more than once. He went into and out of private many times. While not in private, he answered a few questions, smiled at us, flexed his muscles and even kind of flirted with us.

I didn't see anyone mentioning his porn work nor referring to him as Florian Nemec. When I went to F4F and saw his picture, I thought "wait a minute! That looks like Florian Nemec, but his name is Jamie Blyton." I had a doubt because why would he choose a new name and not present himself as the BA boy? Surely that would be more marketable? Or maybe because he is on F4F by himself and not through BA like the other BA boys there.

[sent by JJ via email]

The 4th bareback scene this 2015 from Helix Studios

For the first four months of this year, only 4 bareback scenes were released under Helix Studios. The first 2 were released last January and the 3rd was released last February.


The latest update yesterday at Helix Studios was their 4th bareback scene.


Why only 4 in a time where bareback scenes are in demand? Keith, owner of Helix Studios, explained it to Brad Bare.