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Europe obsessed with religion in their porn

We all know by now that Belami Online already filmed part 2 of the movie Scandal In The Vatican. The scene of Kevin Warhol and Joel Birkin is their latest update "Each SITV2 update chronicles the quest of our guys to get into the pants of the Swiss Guards. This pursuit stemmed from Kevin’s online research of recent Vatican scandals involving priests and the Swiss Guard. Kevin was outraged- that they were having all the fun!"



Not to be outdone is William Higgins where they released last Saturday their Purification scene with Petr Said and Robin Valej "It took months to import the Monk's habit. I had the Opus Dei 'discipline' (whip) built to scale. Then I went to Prague's Catholic store. They had over a thousand rosaries on sale. Immediately, I spotted the largest, blingy one."



Eurocreme also had a series about priests - Choir Boy Seduces the Father, Taking Confession, Caught by the Priest & Priest Office Punishment.


*updated* Zac DeHaan aka Tomas Farago is in breach of contract accdg to GD (tips @ Jmac & von Schlomo)

The new guy at English Lads is Tomas Farago [gallery].



He is Zac DeHaan at Belami Online, where his scene with Marcel Gassion is the latest update.



According to George Duroy of Belami Online, he is in breach of contract.

"Well, it is certainly news for me, he is under contract till the end of next year and shot a scene recently. But thanks for info"

"We can't ignore breach of contract otherwise other models would come to conclusion that contracts are only formality and don't have to be observed. There are enough of scenes with him waiting for release anyway. GD"

To add to the problem of George, Zac is represented by Ducati Models.


Will Hayden Colby aka Matthew Parker have 2 porn names at Men of Montreal? (tip @ Yeremia)

It happened before with Mickelo Evans, who had 2 (or 3?) porn names at Men of Montreal. It might happen again with Hayden Colby aka Matthew Parker.

He was first known as Hayden Colby at Men of Montreal.


Then, Hayden worked with Cock Boys and was given the name Matthew Parker [gallery 01 & 02].


Hayden aka Matthew recently filmed a scene with Men of Montreal where Marko Lebeau tagged him in his tweet as Matthew. Will he be Matthew Parker now for Men of Montreal?