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Two former Sean Cody models paired at Dream Boy Bondage

Jared (Kent) was introduced by Sean Cody in 2009 and he had three scenes released.




After Jared left Sean Cody, Jordan (Boss) was introduced in 2011, where he was one of the porn stars who did scenes with and without the use of condoms.




The two former Sean Cody models were paired by Dream Boy Bondage. Part 8 (the last one?) of their scene titled Payoff for Pain was released last Christmas.


Wanky worthy? Condom at BSB, fountains of cum & husbands having sex with men

Condom scenes at Broke Straight Boys have been outnumbered by their bareback scenes. In a poll, most of you prefer they film bareback. Their latest is a condom scene of Chandler Scott and Zander Floyd, both already did bareback for the studio.



Belami Online wanted to name the file of the scene of Marc Ruffalo (aka Dany Dolan & Casey Slater) and the never been a bottom, Jim Kerouac, as Fountains of Cum. Marc's cum was indeed a lot. It felt like he refrained from masturbating for more than a week.




Another str8 men doing gay sex themed scene is the latest series at Men. It is all about married men convinced to do gay sex titled Don't Tell My Wife. Scene 1 is the pair up of Dennis West & Owen Michaels. According to Owen, this scene was filmed early this year. He is currently asking for supplements from his fans since he is making a comeback this coming January.




POLL Would you jack off to a real life murderer?

It has been posted on other porn blogs such as The Sword about the arrest of Francisco of Sean Cody with regards to the alleged murder of a 52 year old businessman from Texas.



The alleged murderer, Francisco, was introduced in gay porn in 2010 by Sean Cody. He then became Mario. Helix Studios was one of the first studios to release a scene of him as Mario Romo. And, still controversial at that time, he filmed scenes with and without the use of condoms.




Mario & his girlfriend pleaded not guilty to the alleged murder.


If found guilty, would you still jack off to his scenes?

*** Thanks SD Kedic for the sending the links.

Cruz of Chaos Men is back

This was the last scene released by Chaos Men on Cruz (aka Damon of CF) before he left gay porn in 2013.




He is back after his second baby was born according to Chaos Men "Cruz is back after having a second baby. He took some time off for school also. He and his wife are still going strong, but Cruz is now comfortable with his attraction to men, and with his new mindset wanted to try gay porn again. Bi guys do exist!"





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