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Andrew Stark now doing live cam shows (tips @ Matt & Deran)

No scene of Andrew Stark (aka Ty of CF) was released this year. If you missed him, he does live cam shows at Charturbate as Tooawkwardtobesexy.




There are times that Andrew does a live cam show with a woman (his wife?).



According to tipster Matt "He said he's not retired. He was suppose to be in the Men Capt America parody as Bucky Barnes but there was a scheduling conflict."

UPDATE Comment from Andrew Stark "Wow, the hate on here is strong!! I have always been open about my sexuality since day one and anyone saying otherwise is mistaken. I love performing, I love the adult industry, and I have always been for the LBGT community regardless of what I may do in my personal life. Gay, straight, or whatever, if you're not open minded than you're no better than the homophobic counterparts. But even if I was 100% gay, I would be deeply ashamed to call myself one with the way threads like this speak about other human beings. And, to be clear, I don't promote myself as "Andrew stark gay pornstar" on cam. I just want to be another face in the crowd."

For those who missed Josh Long

Josh Long was introduced in gay porn in 2012 and had scenes [gallery 01 & 02] released till 2013 from studios like Next Door World, College Dudes & Men.








If you missed him, Fabscout shared 2 recent photos of Josh.

Before Rafael Lords joined gay porn

This was Rafael Lords when he was introduced by Lucas Entertainment via his scene with former lover Jake Andrews.



This is his most recent scene released last December 2015 by Lucas Entertainment.


This is him now with his new lover.

Way way back, this was Rafael before gay porn.