Alex Vaara is back as Taylor Reign via Men POV (tip @ Trex)
His 4th porn name is Rick Jonas of RB (tips @ hunkpool & Deran)

Kyle Dean is out of Gay Hoopla

I was informed by fellow porn fan, Jason401, that Kyle Dean will have a scene released by Gay Hoopla this coming September 5, 2016. Gay Hoopla already made a blog post about Kyle's scene with the title "Kyle Dean begged us to take him back. Forrest Marks finally gets his turn at Viagra cock."



We all know that Kyle is Nash at Corbin Fisher.



Is Nash out of Corbin Fisher? He is not. I asked Corbin Fisher if Nash was out and this was their reply "It'd seem that's an old scene that was shot before he left. Even that blog post would suggest that - it's full of not-so-subtle insults against the model that would be kind of odd if he was still actively working with them. For our part, we find Nash a delight to work with and are looking forward to filming more with him!"

*** Corbin Fisher has a 50% off for Labor Day.