Porn stars & Halloween 2016
Brett Staley is back as Steve via Bait Buddies (tip @ Random Guy)

Besides DVD, Sean Cody is now on VOD (tip @ flygal)

I did a post last year that Sean Cody was available on DVD. It started with a collection of scenes of Stu & Brandon. Now, Sean Cody has added more of their popular guys like Jess, Noel, Curtis, Randy etc.

You can also watch a Sean Cody scene via Video on Demand (VOD). A 24 hour rental starts at $3.xx/scene while a stream to own starts at $5.xx/scene.



I don't understand why one would buy a DVD ($29.95) or watch it on demand ($3.xx/scene, streaming) when you can access all scenes & download the content on your hard drive with a Sean Cody membership ($27.95/month w/o a discount).