Review on Corbin Fisher's "Evan Pounds Quinn" by Alias74
From Liam Blake aka Emmett of Sean Cody

Barron of Sean Cody did live cam shows with a guy he is currently dating (tip @ GayGayporn2015)

Barron is the new guy this week at Sean Cody.




He did live cam shows with Ethan Stark.

Barron is now only allowed to do solo live cam shows "... Alex and I (Ethan), are dating and we met back in October of 2015. We are both bisexual (but mostly gay). Alex can no longer appear on camera with anyone else, as he is signed exclusive with an adult film company. His scenes will come out in June or July. Ethan will still be webcamming with others, and yes, Alex does know and is okay with this. Alex will still be doing solo shows, as that is permitted under his contract."