Will you be watching? Landon Mycles & Brenner Bolton at MEN

It was in 2010 that his self titled porn site Marcus Mojo went online. Two years later, his site and other self titled porn sites from Next Door Studios were not renewed. After that, we saw little of Marcus Mojo. In 2013, he had an escort ad targeted for men and women. In October of 2014, there was hope of his return due to a scene released by Can Am. Nothing happened after that. Last July 2015, he had a scene released by Boy Smoking. 

His scene to be released in a few hours at MEN makes it official that he is back in gay porn since he was promoted by Fabscout.





Will you be watching his scene as Landon Mycles at Men?

Is 50% discount at Falcon Studios worth it or not?

These [gallery 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 & 07] are the last 7 scenes released by Falcon Studios. Is is enough to entice you to join the site for a 50% discount?




It is now priced at $14.95 and the discount only applies for a month and not for life.


If you plan to join, be careful of the third step of the purchase process. There is a pre-checked membership to Next Door Buddies.


Billy Santoro versus Nica Theory is over

The latest controversy on Nica Theory was a week ago with regards to the January 2015 email sent by Nica's BFF Nick Capra to Icon Male that was posted on SUGP.


It justified the allegations made by Billy.

Today, Billy apologized to Nica.

One (?) fan asking the same questions to porn stars via Ask.fm

I noticed lately that gay porn stars with an Ask.fm with fans have been answering the same questions.

  Are you an exibitionist (misspelled)?


I know what you are going to say, that is a common question. What about this one?

  Sex on the beach or Tequila Sunrise?


Or, this one.

  Did you ever had sex in the airplane?


I think this is the most asked question (not just on Ask.fm) to gay porn stars.