It's now streaming only for English Lads (tip @ Bob)

Membership at English Lads is different as compared to other gay porn sites. You need to be a member for a least 30 days to download their content.


That has changed according to tipster Bob.


According to him with regards to the the videos "They had been offering five different sized videos. The two biggest which are now gone, used to be downloadable after 120 days. The smaller sizes were downloadable after 30 days. Now they eliminated the two largest sizes and all videos cannot be downloaded. Streaming only."

With regards to the photos "They used to offer four different sized pics. The two biggest which are now gone, were available for download as a set after 120 days. Now the pics sets cannot be downloaded as a set. You can only save the lower quality pics individually."

Petr Cisler of WH is the latest guy at Debt Dandy (tip @ Urban123)

Petr Cisler was introduced by William Higgins in 2013. His latest was released last month, which was part 1 of Wank Part 2016 #1.





He also appeared at Str8 Hell, the sister site of William Higgins.



Also, using the same name, he had a scene released at Bad Puppy.


He is now the latest update at Debt Dandy.


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