Tristan Archer of Lucas Ent is also Kyle of Belami (tip @ Yeremia)

He had one scene released each month from July 2015 to September 2015 as Tristan Archer at Lucas Entertainment. "Don't let his fair skin fool you -- Tristan Archer is a gay porn model based in Barcelona, Spain, and I personally admire him for making the smart decision of living in such a beautiful city. Tristan is mostly a bottom that loves getting fucked doggy style, but when the right guy comes along he's not afraid to get his dick wet and fuck a nice ass -- and he'd love to do so with Justin Bieber!"






Last month, he was one of the new guys, as Kyle, introduced by Belami Online "When we had Kyle over to film for a few days we actually got the chance to film 3 things. His casting you have already seen, this photo session and finally a flip flop scene with Claude which is yet to be scheduled. Kyle is a great looking guy and really wanted to work, but due to a number of things, distance being primary amongst them his legacy will be that of BelAmi guest star."




Former WH models paired at Belami

We have been seeing a few models of William Higgins working for Belami Online. And, BA seems not happy about it :) Their latest scene was the pair up of Gregg Meyjes and Aldo Belucci "Today's scene features 2 guys that we probably consider as guest stars, both having worked elsewhere before and after working with us."




Both guys already worked for William Higgins --- Gregg Meyges as Tom Berger and Aldo Belucci as Romi Zuska.



Stu is not coming back at Sean Cody (tip @ Rob)

Stu was introduced by Sean Cody last November 2012 and his last scene was with Matt (aka Jonathan of CF), released last April 2014.



A fan was told by Stu, via a private message, not to mention his gay porn work on his social media account "I have been trying SO FUCKING HARD to put that shit behind me for the past 2 and a half years. I have almost killed myself over it a few times. I hate blocking people just because they are fans of it but shit like what you just did (comment on a picture everyone can see) is what makes me have to block everyone."


Is CF_Pete out of CF? (tip @ Kevin)

In 2004, he was first known as Dane G [gallery 01, 02 & 03] at Randy Blue.


On the same year, he became Pete at Corbin Fisher.


He is now the editor, director, videographer & podcaster of Corbin Fisher according to his twitter profile. In a few days from now, it will be a month since Pete has gone silent on twitter.

Is he out of Corbin Fisher? Rehab?