Is Roman Todd still hot?

The latest scene released on Roman Todd was from MEN.


Recently, he asked his fans on twitter for financial help of 10k. He was not too happy with the replies from the readers of this blog.

... every one on here is a disrespectful piece of shit from what I see and have no idea what my situation is so stop leaving bad comment seriously

Why don't you get off my account and fuck offi get into the worst accident ever over drunk chick so before you tell me to get a job find out why there is a bigger reason I'm doing this you fucking piece of shit

You ignorant fuck I can't get a job cuz of the accident and your a fucking loser don't come on here talking shit and you know nothing a out my life you inconsiderate bitch. If I could walk and actually function like you maybe I would and my fucking job is doing Porn so your gross ass can jerk of to you your a compleat piece of shit just saying

Pan handler are you fucking insurance paid what I owed on the totaled car I had a torn ligament and need surgery i had a very bad concussion and living in a area where they're are slim to none transportation not to mention I can't walk far at all with out being in pain. For you to call me pan handler is so disrespectful and of you gave one fuck about anything you would look at the rest of my account and why I really need it so don't sit here and act like your a fucking hero putting me down ok. I need help and its not a freaking joke and the fact all you guys just sit here and say this shit is gross and shows what kinda low life ignorant people you are.

No body is begging at all I'm asking Nicely so cut the crap...

For those wondering if it was the real Roman Todd who wrote the comments, he requested I update the post, which I did and he re-tweeted my reply.


Is it really a throuple?

Almost 20 days ago, I made a post about Luke Adams being part of the Johnny V and Joey D relationship.


Today, Joey D mentioned on twitter that Luke is one of his boyfriends.

But, in the latest interview with Johnny V at Man Crush posted yesterday, it seems Johnny has forgotten Luke Adams. He could have corrected the questions and mentioned Luke is now part of the relationship.

What male, besides your boyfriend, do you have a man crush on right now? Alex Mecum.

Most people know about your boyfriend, Joey D. How do you keep the porn scenes and having to perform with other models from interfering with your relationship? It is strictly work. We can both separate sex from love, and we definitely LOVE each other.

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Taylor of Dirk Yates is Brubaker of Military Classified (tip @ Jeff)

He was known as Taylor in the movie Private Files 5 from Dirk Yates, released in 2014 (?). In the scene description, it said it was the return of Taylor after 8 years "Sexy military stud Taylor returns to Dirk Yates after an eight year hiatus, only to meet Brad, who's eager to know what Taylor's all about."


He is known as Brubaker at Military Classified. Currently, 8 videos have been released from April 2014 to March 2015.


Tipster Jeff wants to know if Taylor used other porn names and the title of his movie released 8 years ago.