Corbin Fisher meant to write the name Jasper (tips @ DLK & Phil)

The latest bisexual scene at Corbin Fisher paired Jasper & Grant with Laura.




Corbin Fisher made a mistake of typing Jasper's real first name in the scene description. Not a big deal since it was just a first name.



And, in the Corbin Fisher tradition, the woman, that made the scene bisexual, was edged out to be part of the decor :)

*** I am still waiting for a reply from Corbin Fisher about the new schedule of their released dates.

A change of heart on bareback for Scott Hunter (tip @ Unrepentantslut)

Scott Hunter posted a video last year (April 2015) on YouTube where he explained that he has nothing against bareback. He has done in private life. But, he was not comfortable doing it at the moment on screen. He was not prepared to take the risk.

A year later, he agreed to do a bareback scene with Rogan Richard "First and only so far, no plans to do more."

Scott & Rogan did have a condom scene via Men At Play released in 2014.