It was the real Blake of SC who sent the comment & I asked him 4 questions

Here is the proof that it was Blake of Sean Cody who sent the comment on this blog.


I asked him 4 questions and this was the first line of his reply "Sorry for the shitty picture, I'm definitely no Brandon/Jeff. Lol."

1. How did you apply at Sean Cody?

I was recruited via Model Mayhem to do a solo masturbation shoot, the only thing was that they said they were going to cut my hair which was down to the middle of my back at that time. And to this day every time I see my solo page I am reminded of that horrible haircut they gave me.


2. How was your first time? Did you enjoy it?

My first sex scene that was with Jaden I was a nervous wreck. Lights/Camera/Action and sex was the last thing on my mind. But as the day went on I became more comfortable with the situation and had a good time.


3. How was the experience working with Sean Cody before it was bought by another company? How is the experience now with the new company?

Working for SC before and after it has been bought I would say there has been little to no changes on the model's level, at least for me everything is just about the same.

4. Will you do more porn outside Sean Cody?

Will I do Porn after Sean Cody? I don't know. I am beyond grateful for being given the opportunity to work with Sean Cody and the positive ways it has affected my life. I was stuck in a monotonous/redundant/mind numbing retail job with no escape in sight besides continuing to work full time while spending my free time going to school. Since I began working for SC I have been the happiest in my life and have grown as a person in many ways. I am going to school and will finish with no student loans. So after Sean Cody I plan to put my education to use, but who knows what the future holds.

*updated* The latest on Blake at Sean Cody and did he comment on this blog?

Sean Cody latest released scene is the pair up of Blake and Dean.





A comment of a supposedly Blake of SC was sent on this post.

I will keep coming back as long as they keep inviting me. ;) as for my sexuality everyone seems so curious about, I (like most people) am a dynamic and constantly evolving individual. Before SC I has experimented with guys out of curiosity and had actually decided it wasn't for me, but since getting into the industry I have had the opportunity to realize sexuality (for me at least) is not so simple as gay/straight, but for all of you black/white folks out there if I had to choose a label to wear I would say bisexual. For me I don't find the male physique attractive in a sexual manner, if I look at a ripped muscular guy I don't get turned on- I get jealous and want to go workout. But, I will admit in all honesty I have a bit of a dick obsession. Looking at an erect (especially large) dick does something for me. Ask a psychologist why because I don't know exactly. And as for my performances being "too real" to not be gay, I say what is gay about enjoying the physical sensation of having your prostate and kegal muscles stimulated. That is just biology and I don't think that it is fair to say that only gay guys can enjoy that amazing part of the male anatomy! Hope that clears some stuff up for everyone who was curious, and if anyone ever has any questions or comments please feel free to message me on Instagram #JoelSwanner1 :-)

UPDATE It was him who sent the comment!