The guys at Gay Hoopla are into each other

If the scene descriptions at Gay Hoopla are to be believed, their guys enjoy each other sexually and it is shown on video.

We were able to capture some of their first interactions throughout their originally shoots and it’s every bit of the word CHEMISTRY.


He wanted Sean to fuck him all night, even off set when the cameras would go off.


Jake Davis was definitely satisfied with the cock rush Sebastian gave him, and will be back for much more here at Gay Hoopla.


Jarod Spear & Jeff Niels had been eye balling each other for awhile.


The guys had such a fun experience with each other that I think they were actually sad but happy when it ended.


Max Summerfield had been slightly crushing on the thicker Tyler Hanson.


Dennis of SC was asked about dating a 12 year old girl (tip @ Alias74)

Last Monday, I made a post on Dennis and his arrest for allegedly using the Internet to arrange a sexual encounter with a 13 year old girl in 2000.

In his scene with Isaac released last November 2009 by Sean Cody, the camera man asked Dennis the question "Aren't you dating some 12 year old girl or something?" The reply of Dennis was "Double that and yeah. You got it right"


Duke Campbell of RB was Griffin of Sean Cody (tip @ Jason401sf)

The new guy at Randy Blue is named Duke Campbell [gallery].


According to Duke on twitter, he did work for Sean Cody.

He was Griffin of Sean Cody. His solo was released in 2013.