Tweet from Dolf Dietrich about Rocco Steele

First, there was Jed Athens who accused Rocco Steele of illegally dosing porn stars with Trimix. Now comes Dolf Dietrich who had a tweet about Rocco that had the hashtag #bizarrebehavior.

I asked Dolf for more info about the issue but he said he is taking the high road "I'd like like nothing more than to elaborate on the salacious details of mr steele's unprofessional and unethical behavior recently... However, I'm going to have to take the higher road on this one."

Last September, Dolf did call a porn star, who was his idol, an absolute dick in real life. A porn star, who was also present in 2 events, did agree (via DM on twitter) with Dolf's observation.

Rocco and Dolf were included in two scenes released by Lucas Entertainment, a duo & an orgy.


UPDATE This could be a reply from Rocco on the issue.

Adam Bryant on his upcoming scene & situation

The next scene to be released of Adam Bryant from Men is this coming Sunday with his pair up with Alex Mecum. According to him "Working with Alex was awesome. He is a great guy and the sex was hot."






With regards to the post I made on him being an exclusive of Men and asking for financial help via Go Fund Me, this was his reply to the post and the comments you sent.

Hey. So I can only speak for myself and not any of the other models at men. The pay is to be completely honest is just a enough for me to cover the rent and bills. As a contract I am guaranteed at least 1 scene a month. I don't escort nor will I. I also go to school studying trying to make up for my past. I don't live a life of luxury. I struggle everyday. I can't drive I rely on friends or family to do that. So when I do post selfies of me in a car that is me in the passenger side. Also I post selfies of what I do on a daily bases. I could post naked selfies and all that all the time but I believe my followers wanna see more. Also about my past. That just it yeah I was a bad kid but I am trying to show I am real and moving forward. I've had this problem my who teen years and now into my 20's. I will show who ever and whatever proof that I am not a scam artist. Also I do have insurance. But they only cover a portion of the surgery and not the whole thing. That amount I am asking for is for the surgery of both eyes as well as recovery time as I will be out of commission for 4-5 months. Once all is taken care of yes I plan on getting a job out side of Porn. But as of right now I am legally blind. I read the comments of the post last night and I'll be honest it upset me. I never once told people not to contact me if they wanted to know wants going on. I offered to answer any questions. I hope this answers any questions. And I hope as a lover and writer of porn you try and help. Thank you.

As for the term legally blind used by Adam, it meant "I can see yes. But my eyes strain and things go blurry faster. When I meant legally it means by law I am unable to drive Adam Bryant or able to focus again with out getting headaches and again strain"

You can't bareback Spencer Whitman

Spencer Whitman is back in gay porn since 2010 (?) with a new look via Lucas Entertainment. He is in a series titled Bareback Boyfriend Swap. Two scenes of him have been released, one with his current boyfriend Evan Lance.



You can only watch him bareback on camera. He will not do it with his clients. According to his Rent Men profile, he will only do it safe.


**edited** Jared is a trademark of Cody Media Inc. (tip @ Nick)

In 2009, Sean Cody introduced Jared where he bottomed for 3 guys.





If you look at the bottom of the page of Jared at Sean Cody, it said his name is trademarked.


Jared is the same name he was given for his scenes at Dream Boy Bondage.




Mormon Boyz in collaboration with Dream Boy Bondage even had him on their site and also used the name Jared.



FYI He was Jared Kent at College Dudes.

*** Previous title of this post was "Jared of Sean Cody at Dream Boy Bondage"

Do you think the contest for the next exclusive of Men is rigged?

The latest scene at Men is the pair up of Diego Sans & Will Braun.




Diego is one of the 3 guys vying to be the next exclusive of Men. The other 2 are Alex Mecum and Landon Mycles. SUGP was tasked with the poll to help with the decision.


Waybig is claiming the contest is rigged.

The dirty little secret, however, is that Men has already signed Alex Mecum and Landon Mycles (and possibly Diego Sans) to exclusive contracts. According to several trusted sources, Alex and Landon are officially off of the market in terms of working for other studios.

SUGP replied that this is not true.

No, Str8UpGayPorn is not involved in any way with anything “prearranged,” any “sham,” or any “rigging.” Every single vote in the “Next Exclusive” is being recorded and reported to

Why are Diego, Alex & Landon not taking the contest seriously? It is extra cash. They should tweet their followers to vote and use the hashtag. The official poll has only 2.7k votes, one fifth of Alex's number of followers.

*** On the open poll I made to predict the next exclusive, Alex Mecum is ahead.