James Dickson aka Dixon now wears a prosthetic leg (tips @ Random Guy, Andre & Alfred)

In 2013, he was known as Boxer at Latin Boyz & Dixon at Military Classified.



By 2014, he became James Dickson, who was 2" taller in his profile from Men.


Last year, he was given the name Marten James by Dirty Tony & All American Heroes. And, he was James [gallery] at Bait Buddies.




Dixon is the latest update at Military Classified where it showed he lost half of his right leg "Today he's returned but he's come back in a different way. Minus one leg due to an accident, yes only one leg, Dixon's determination and positive attitude has landed him a scene with me and I'm really glad I brought him back. Dixon shows me how even minus a leg this boy can deliver a scene like no other."



Jason Styles is super tasty

A fan of Jason Styles (aka Zack, Rob Stonebridge & Logan Cruise) shared his escort ad and said "... he is a great fuck, an enthusiastic bottom, with a beautiful ripped body. He really does shoot far and his cum is super tasty. He's very friendly."


*** His latest condom scene [gallery] was from Falcon Studios released last month (upper arm tattoo not yet present).


*** His latest bareback scene [gallery] was released last March by Next Door Raw.