Belami Online on his models with a porn past

Belami Online is fine with models who worked for Lucas Kazan.


But, the porn studio is not a fan of Hammer Entertainment, William Higgins & Czech Hunter.

BA's Dario Dolce, who worked for Hammer Entertainment "He came back to us this way and had completely changed. From someone remote and clumsy, as a sexual performer, he evolved into a most enthusiastic bottom."


WH's Ruslan Tarovsky as BA's Oleg Romanov "the quality of his previous work with Higgins was disheartening".


WH's Luky Svit as BA's Tony Conrad on his work at Czech Hunter "he is very sorry that he did it, but at the same time is happy that it led to his job here at BelAmi".


*** The most recent shade on William Higgins by Belami Online was the quick chat with Bastian Dufy aka Paul Belonek. In that post, there was a comment by Hugh but I can't find the new guy he talked about "They can be surprisingly bitchy at times, like on a blurb for a newcomer's scene they said something like if the fans don't like the new guy, they'll send him to William Higgins."

Be envious of Darius Ferdynand

Not just the for his hot body or gorgeous face.

With regards to his work life, he shared his experience working on the set of the latest X-Men franchise.


Every month since January, he had scenes released by different porn studios. This week, his scenes shot by Maskurbate [gallery] and Cocky Boys were released.


As for his personal life, he just shared on twitter a photo of his boyfriend.

Bastian Dufy talked about his porn past at William Higgins (tip @ quip)

We all know by now that Belami Online's Bastian Dufy used to work for William Higgins and its sister site Str8 Hell as Paul Belonek.


His quick chat with Belami Online started when he arrived on the studio and was told to get a haircut and a shave since he looked terrible.


Fast forward 6 months later, he sat for the interview with a new haircut and already filmed his scenes shot in Greece.

He was asked if there was a difference working for the other studio and them.


Bastian was then asked how different. Was it the attitude?


Nowadays, working for Belami Online earns him more money for less work.


Is Roman Todd still hot?

The latest scene released on Roman Todd was from MEN.


Recently, he asked his fans on twitter for financial help of 10k. He was not too happy with the replies from the readers of this blog.

... every one on here is a disrespectful piece of shit from what I see and have no idea what my situation is so stop leaving bad comment seriously

Why don't you get off my account and fuck offi get into the worst accident ever over drunk chick so before you tell me to get a job find out why there is a bigger reason I'm doing this you fucking piece of shit

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No body is begging at all I'm asking Nicely so cut the crap...

For those wondering if it was the real Roman Todd who wrote the comments, he requested I update the post, which I did and he re-tweeted my reply.