Sean Cody + Corbin Fisher = Raw Castings

He was introduced in gay porn in 2009 as guy #1 at Sean Cody. Then, he became Shawn (2010-2013) at Active Duty and Chase (2011-2012) at Corbin Fisher. He is now known as Austin Andrews [gallery] since 2015.



He was only known as Joe in 2008 at Corbin Fisher. When he returned to gay porn this year, he added a last name. He is now Joe Shawn.


The two are the latest update at Raw Castings.




A fan has accused Vadim Black of hustling him for $2k

I contacted Vadim Black about escorting using the address he advertises (don't judge me). He replied asking me to WIRE him $1,000 a week in advance to "reserve" the time.


Then he changed it to $1,200 claiming the original price was a typo. Then he said he had a "special" asking $2,000 for an overnight. I repeatedly asked for assurances so he wouldn't just take the money and run.


We went back and forth with me being concerned it was a hustle. Eventually he asked for an initial 500 of the 2K overnight price as a condition of going on skype to discuss further. I figured I'd send the 500 and then paypal the remaining 1500 to reduce risk.

Then he came on skype again, immediately insisted I wire the remaining 1500 because I should "trust" him and hung up. He stopped replying after that. Yes I am stupid. He will probably retaliate against me, but I think people should know this is his new scam.