Lev Ivankov got HPV from an ex porn star

Lev Ivankov is currently an exclusive of Cocky Boys.


He shared on twitter that he got HPV from an ex porn star.

Info on HPV from CDC.

You need to pay $49.95 to include Next Door Raw with your Next Door World subscription

Just this week, Next Door's bareback site officially opened to the public.


I am a member of Next Door World. I thought the bareback site will be included with my subscription. Unfortunately, it is not the case. I had to pay a discounted price to join Next Door Raw for a year.


Now, Next Door Raw gives you access to all sites instead of Next Door World.

There MIGHT be a cheaper way around. Although, I haven't tried it. Join Next Door World for a month ($29.95). Then, use the offered discount price from Next Door World to join Next Door Raw ($49.95).

Will you be joining? Next Door Raw

In 2013, Next Door Studios released their first bareback scene. It felt like a marketing strategy to lure members since the release of bareback scenes were not on a regular basis.

The studio did stop releasing bareback content in 2014. In lieu of it, the porn studio bought Active Duty at the end of 2014 and it became their site that offered bareback scenes in 2015.

Today, the porn studio announced their new site dedicated to bareback scenes titled Next Door Raw.


Currently, the site has 8 scenes.


And, the current list of guys doing it raw.