Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue separated? (tip @ Timothy)

Last December 2013, Logan Rogue tweeted a photo on their 4th year anniversary as a married couple.

They were still going strong last February 2015. Tomas Brand shared a photo with his lovely husband.

Last May, Logan had an amazing time out in the sun with hubby Tomas.

Last June, Logan Rogue shared that it has been 1.5 years since he and Tomas filmed a scene.

On twitter, the reference to being married with one another is not anymore included in their profiles.


This was noticed by tipster Timothy "I noticed a while back that Logan Rogue stopped listing "Married to Tomas Brand" on his twitter account. But as of about a week ago Tomas was still listing Logan as his husband. I noticed today that was gone. Neither one of them lists each other as a spouse. Nor do they tweet very often about each other aside from their porn work. They used to do this quite often."

FYI Their threesome scene with Drae Axtell was released last week by Lucas Entertainment.


Agree or disagree? JD Phoenix is a good fucking top

According to JD Phoenix on twitter, he is a good fucking top. He even shared a video as proof.

The video above is from JD Phoenix's scene [gallery] at Naked Sword.

Belami Online on his models with a porn past

Belami Online is fine with models who worked for Lucas Kazan.


But, the porn studio is not a fan of Hammer Entertainment, William Higgins & Czech Hunter.

BA's Dario Dolce, who worked for Hammer Entertainment "He came back to us this way and had completely changed. From someone remote and clumsy, as a sexual performer, he evolved into a most enthusiastic bottom."


WH's Ruslan Tarovsky as BA's Oleg Romanov "the quality of his previous work with Higgins was disheartening".


WH's Luky Svit as BA's Tony Conrad on his work at Czech Hunter "he is very sorry that he did it, but at the same time is happy that it led to his job here at BelAmi".


Even their own models with no porn past from their sister site, Kinky Angels, were not spared "In case you get sick of seeing Jeff, we can always send him over to William Higgins."


*** The recent shade on William Higgins by Belami Online was the quick chat with Bastian Dufy aka Paul Belonek

Be envious of Darius Ferdynand

Not just the for his hot body or gorgeous face.

With regards to his work life, he shared his experience working on the set of the latest X-Men franchise.


Every month since January, he had scenes released by different porn studios. This week, his scenes shot by Maskurbate [gallery] and Cocky Boys were released.


As for his personal life, he just shared on twitter a photo of his boyfriend.