Height difference between Ryan Rose & Gabriel Cross

According to Falcon Studios, Gabriel Cross stands at 5'6" while Ryan Rose is 6'3" tall. But, in the photos [gallery] shared by Falcon Studios for their scene pair-up, it looked like Gabriel was as tall as Ryan.


If you watched the trailer, the height difference was pretty obvious.


According to Gabriel, he had to stand in a box to be as tall as Ryan.

From str8 to gay for Jonas of Chaos Men (tip @ Bo)

Last year, only one scene of Jonas that paired him with Lorenzo was released by Chaos Men. It mentioned in the scene description that Jonas had a new girlfriend "Jonas is back with longer hair. He got a new job, a new girlfriend, then finally had some free time to come in and play with a dude.".




A year later, his threesome scene with Antonio Cervone & Gerard is now the latest update at Chaos Men. This time, the scene description mentioned that Jonas is now gay "With Jonas now being an Out gay guy, Gerard's sexual intensity, and Antonio's submissiveness, this made for a perfect blend of three hot guys really into each other.".





The casting audition of Dimitri Kane will be released next month

You all know by now that Dimitri Kane committed suicide last November 22, 2015. The casting audition of Dimitri Kane was suppose to be released last year but it was put on hold temporarily due to his death. It will be released next month by Next Door Casting.


Will you be watching?

*** The last photo shared by Dmitri on twitter.

Randy Blue, Falcon Studios Group or Guys in Sweatpants for Jacob Taylor?

It was Randy Blue who first introduced Jacob Taylor to gay porn. Then, he had scenes released by the Falcon Studios Group followed by Guys in Sweatpants.

This week is no different. He had a bareback scene [gallery] with Jay Landford released yesterday by Randy Blue.




It was followed today with his condom scene [gallery] with Ricky Decker at Hot House.



In 4 days, his bareback scene with Jack Hunter will be released by Guys In Sweatpants.



Who did it best to film Jacob Taylor in a gay scene?