Chase of Corbin Fisher escorting in Las Vegas (tip @ Jason401)

In 2013, he was known as Chase Jackson at Chaos Men. The following year, he had scenes released by MenPOV [gallery] and Man Royale [gallery]. This year, he was only known as Chase at Corbin Fisher, where his most recent scene was released last April.


He will be in Las Vegas this coming Tuesday till Sunday. Will he film a scene at Corbin Fisher while escorting (with condom use) on the side?


*** assuming the escort page is real ***

Will you donate? Fratmen Damon (aka Jesse Blum) wants to go home

It all started with the call for help.


It was followed by a link to his Paypal account that accepts donation.


He needs $1500.


To entice his stalkers avid fans, he will meet & greet the highest donor in his area.


You can check his twitter account for the latest promos for helping him out.


FYI He was first known as Fratmen Damon. He has been doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free as Jesse John. He uses the name Jesse Blum for work as a model and last year he appeared on E! via Club Escape.


*updated* A message from Jed Athens to the readers of this blog

Jed Athens sent a reply with regards to the comments sent on this post about Jed accusing Rocco Steele on the use of Trimix.


UPDATE Jed's reply to the readers who posted a comment on this post.