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First known porn star at New York Straight Men?

I've always thought of New York Straight Men (NYSM) as average guys picked on the street to do gay porn and leave gay porn after their NYSM work. I think this is the first time that they have included a guy who is a known gay porn star.

Meet Michael! He is a personal trainer living here in The City. This good looking blond hunk is a true ladies man. He tells us he has many girlfriends.

What he doesn't tell them is that if they don't give a good blowjob he will get it elsewhere and that includes letting a gay guy suck him off.

The condition is that he gets to look at his favorite pussy porn while a guy services him. Sean could not care less what Michael was looking at just as long as he got to look up at him while sucking him off.


Recognized him? Initials are B C. His other porn name is Michael Anthony.

UPDATE As usual, I was wrong :) Michael Anthony was not the first known porn star to have worked at NYSM. Thanks to the comments of fellow porn fans for letting me/us know there were others.

Notice something different with Keaton at Fratmen?

TATTOOS Keaton's tattoos at Fratmen are a lot compared to their other models. Most guys have one small tattoo on their body, arm or leg but not this big on a body and arms.

Keaton_fratmen_01 Keaton_fratmen_02 

Maybe, this was the first time Fratmen did not cover the tattoos with makeup. If you remember Bruno, his solo as Casey at Sean Cody was released on the same week. It created a debate in forums and blogs if Fratmen cover their model's tattoos.

Bruno_casey_fratmen_seancody_01 Bruno_casey_fratmen_seancody_02

CUM It is not the first time at Fratmen but it is rarely seen on photos given to bloggers. It is still tame since the actual cum shot is not included. It could just be Cetaphil lotion that looks but tastes differently than cum.


There is a woman's voice in the background at Sean Cody (via GMan)

For those who are members of Sean Cody, are you happy hearing a female voice in the background? According to GMan "They now have a woman interviewing the guys that do single shows (She spoke up for the Aidan video for the first time.) but she was also present for the latest Curtis & Peter duo as she spoke in the behind the scenes piece while they were in the shower together."


FYI There are two individuals using the name GMan sending comments on this blog. The GMan that shares his porn knowledge to the rest of us. The other G=Man is the one who dislike gay for pays.

From XTube to gay for pay porn star - Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta did 12 solo videos at XTube. Like a future gay for pay porn star, he stated in his profile that he was straight and he was into girls. He was open minded so he didn't mind showing off to everyone and maybe make some cash on the side because of it. But, one of his turn offs is "I'm not into guys".


Yet, Bravo Delta signed in as an exclusive with Cocky Boys where his first action scene was with Max Ryder.

Bravo_delta_cockyboys_01 Bravo_delta_cockyboys_02 
Bravo_delta_cockyboys_03 Bravo_delta_cockyboys_04 

I would assume that his hard on with Max Ryder was caused by a pill since he is not into guys :)