Behind the Scenes

Soon to be released scenes with JD Phoenix, Travis Stevens & Gabriel Clark

JD Phoenix and Rafael Alencar shot a scene today for Cocky Boys.

Travis Stevens shot a scene for Jason Sparks. Travis is the fiance of the owner of the site.

Gabriel Clark just finished a shoot with Darius Ferdynand shot in Montreal. I am guessing this scene will be for Men of Montreal?

Belami in Australia

The Belami boys recently attended the Sydney Mardi Gras Beach Party at Bondi beach (more pictrues at flicker).


I'm glad to see Kris Evans is working again for Belami after the incident. From Ross Watson "Bel Ami stars Dolph Lambert and Kris Evans receiving their signed and dedicated copies of Untitled# after visiting the Sydney Exhibition and modeling for Ross' new works."


Belami also started sharing their Australian trip at Tumblr.


As for the Brady Jensen rumor joining the Belami cast in Australia is just a rumor. DNA Magazine has updated their blog last February 4, 2011 and removed Brady's name.

The Belami model I am excited to see more is Ryan Kutcher, who appeared with a solo at Man Avenue as Christian.

Ryan_kutcher_manavenue_01 Ryan_kutcher_manavenue_02

Rumor has it that Ryan was a fashion model turned porn star.

Gay porn movies in the making

From Lucas Entertainment on Missing "In the following weeks we will take you behind-the-scenes and give you an in depth look at the sexually charged production of Missing. Complete with the firing of two models on the set, a chase scene through the heart of Barcelona, Plaza Catalunya, an escape jump into the icing harbor waters and 5 aggressive and impassioned sex scenes that will keep your heart and dick throbbing!"


Get ready for more Steven Daigle

  • From Lucas Entertainment on Kings of New York "Steve will be filming a scene with Zach Alexander for Kings of New York and also a scene with Michael Lucas."
  • From Falcon Studios on Snap Shots to be released this June 2010 "Steven next landed here at Falcon where he filmed “Snap Shot” with the infamous Erik Rhodes as his scene partner. The intense sexual chemistry between Steven and Erik was so good in fact that Erik has hinted that it might be a good scene to ‘retire’ on!" 


From Rob Romoni "This past weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to the Jet Set Men set filming their new installment of Jet Set Jocks "Ass -N-Ladders" directed by John Bruno."


Another movie directed by Erik Rhodes - Depths of Desire for Mustang of Falcon Studios.


I'm excited to see Snap Shots - it's possibly the last porn scene of Erik Rhodes.

Advice from Bryan Slater on how to prepare for a video shoot

Bryan_slater From Bryan Slater Yahoo Group "I actually do have a pretty strict routine to prepare for a shoot and I love the opportunity to share what I do with you in case you're  considering a career in porn yourself!

First, I try to keep my workout schedule at the gym (5 to 6 days a week) and my diet very consistent all year round. That way, I'm never too far away from looking camera-ready at any time. I also don't shave or trim my pubic hair. Unless directed otherwise, most studios want you to arrive on set with as much pubic hair as possible. That said, I always shave my balls, so that part isn't negotiable. If you are a person who prefers the look of hairy balls, fine. Look at someone else's.

Two weeks before a shoot, I usually work out 7 days a week and my diet is quite strict. No alcohol at all at least two weeks before. I don't smoke or take any drugs, so that isn't a problem for me. I try to get 8 hours of sleep every day...more, if possible. I also tan. I am a very very white boy, naturally, and there is nothing wrong with that. But most shoots are done in the studio and the lights are crazy bright. If I have a little color on my skin, it really does make a difference. I also use a moisturizer with a tiny amount of self-tanner in it. Visually, I prefer no tan lines, so I never have them.

Three days before the shoot, I get a haircut. (Most studios prefer a fresh haircut.) And I don't cum two to three days before the shoot. Any more or less than that actually makes my cumshot even smaller...and I'm not a big cummer anyway, so I need all the help I can get. That said, I also take a daily zinc supplement about two weeks before the shoot.

The day of the shoot, I like to get up early and go to the gym. I do this less for my physical appearance and more for the way I feel. I always feel better after working out. I don't work out too hard the morning of a shoot, but I do like to break a sweat and get my blood flowing. And the gym really turns me on, too, so that helps. :D

Usually, the first part of the first day of shooting is spent on still photography. If that's the case, then I shower, shave (if that's what the director wants) and moisturize. After still photography, I get as much information about the scene as possible. Regardless of whether nor not I'm bottoming or topping, I like to douche so that I'm as clean as possible...for my scene partner AND for my own peace of mind. After all, most studios are shooting high-definition these days and the camera will be getting close-up shots of places you've never seen.

A side-note: Contrary to popular belief, porn sets are not sleazy places with performers getting high and directors copping a feel. Perhaps this was once the case, but after 10 scenes, I've not encountered that. In fact, my experience has been quite the opposite. All the studios I've worked for have strict no tolerance policies on alcohol and illegal drug use on the set, and every one behaves professionally. The studios want the performers to look and perform at their best and prefer for their talent to approach the job with the intensity and commitment of an athlete preparing for a competition. I'm sure there are exceptions to this in the industry, but I've not encountered it.

Thanks again for your question. I probably gave you more information than you wanted. Hope it wasn't boring. :)"

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