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Who has the bigger cock? Pedro Andreas or Drae Axtell

Pedro Andreas left gay porn in 2009 (?) and came back this year via Lucas Entertainment. According to the site, he has a 9 inch cock.


Drae Axtell [twitter] is the latest exclusive of Lucas Entertainment and measured his cock at 8 inches.


The two were paired were the versatile performer fucked the guy, who was labelled top.


As for the cock size, maybe Drae's cock is thicker so it looks bigger while Perdo's cock is longer.

FRESH MEAT Aidan, Leo Alexander & Bullet

Aidan, who has a 9 inch cock, was introduced by Chaos Men last week and his serviced video was released today.


Leo Alexander is the latest exclusive of Lucas Entertainment. It was noticed by The Sword that Lucas Entertainment measured his cock at 11 inches while his Rent Boy profile stated it was 9 (now deleted) inches.


Bullet's solo was posted on Latin Boyz last March 05, 2015. No cock size was included.


Monsters Cock Week has started at Chaos Men

The first of the three holiday marathons has started at Chaos Men - Monster Cock Week.

Chaosmensale_monster_week_01 Chaosmensale_monster_week_02

For the next 7 days, a solo or an action scene will be released each day. Their first for Monster Cock is a solo of Deryck, measured at 10.5 inch.

Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_01 Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_02 
Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_03 Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_04 

According to Chaos Men "I had actually been working a long time to get Deryck in. He was living in Hawaii and we never could quite figure out how best to get him here. He finally moved to the mainland and after a bit of more juggling, we got him here."

Hawaii is the home of Island Studs. Deryck appeared on the porn site in 2011 as Robbie, where his cock was measured at 11 inch.

Chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_02 Chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_03 


THENNOW_chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_01 THENNOW_chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_02

Damn That's Big's new competition is Thick and Big

Damn That's Big is part of the megasite Gay Room.


Its new competition is Thick and Big.


However, both porn sites are owned by the same owners. Is it good business to have two sites with the same theme in direct competition with one another?

The difference is that Thick and Big is not part of a megasite. Therefore content will be exclusive and it adds 1 or two scenes a week for $29.95/month. But for the same price, a membership at Damn That's Big gives you access to other sites within Gay Room.


The allure of exclusive content might tempt you join the site. Unfortunately, I've seen this before with the owner's other site Man Royale, which I thought when it started that its content will be exclusive.

Man Royale updates VERSUS Gay Room updates