The bi side of Casey Tanner

I was first made aware of Casey Tanner in gay porn due to Connor Kline - who was his boyfriend in 2013 when Connor left SC as Brice and worked for Helix Studios.



After that, Casey had lovers who were also porn stars. The last one I remembered was Ty Roderick, which I doubted if it was a real relationship.



His latest love interest is Blake Mitchell [gallery 01 & 02], who is an exclusive model of Helix Studios. The two even have a YouTube channel page.

In a Q & A with one of his fans, he was told that he was obviously into girls so why not do bi porn. Casey's reply was that he would like to keep that part of his life personal.


Wank worthy? Tyler, Colt & Jamie's Bi 3 Way

It is not often that we see the current crop of guys at Corbin Fisher in a bisexual scene. CF did explain why there a few bisexual scenes, besides the cost "... the audience is a bit more limited because some of our customers just don't want to see a girl naked under any circumstances...".


If I was into bisexual scene, I would complain about the last part of the scene since it felt like the woman was just part of the decor to make it look bisexual.

The cross dressers in Mick Gibson, Van Wilder & Tony Douglas (tip @ Richard)

I am not sure if the site has regular updates but Subby Hubby includes a few guys, who did gay porn, doing str8 and/or bisexual scenes.

Mick Gibson as a maid [gallery]


Another porn star who played the maid was Van Wilder, who is now str8 porn star James Kickstand.


Tony Douglas, who is not into black men, in women's clothes [gallery]

Cross_dresser_tony_douglas_01 Cross_dresser_tony_douglas_02

Not in women's clothes but Subby Hubby also had Connor Maguire in a bisexual submission scene [gallery]

Submissive_connor_maguire_01 Submissive_connor_maguire_02

Happy with the return of a bisexual scene at CF?

It's back after more than a year. If I am not mistaken, the last one was the Reed & Jon's Bi Tag Team.


For their bisexual comeback, Corbin Fisher paired Kellan, Tom, and Alyssa.


Just looking at the photos, it seemed like Alyssa was etched out at the end of the scene. For it to be truly bisexual, Corbin Fisher should treat it like the way they film their threesome with guys. Everyone participates from start to finish.

Do you want CF to bring back bi scenes?

Let Corbin Fisher know you want it back.


CF Sidekick sent this comment on this post "We are considering bringing the bi-scenes back. As you might guess, they cost the most to produce of anything we shoot - the guys get paid more to have sex with each other than they do with the girl, plus the cost of the girl.... and the audience is a bit more limited because some of our customers just don't want to see a girl naked under any circumstances.... but like I said, we are evaluating it. The bi-scenes serve a dual purpose for us as well -- they make a nice "baby step" for some of the guys who are reluctant to jump straight into a scene with another guy. Please send us feedback if you are interested in seeing more bi content."