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Women at and now at Reality Dudes

It's now a common occurrence at Men where a woman (or women) makes an appearance on the site as the girlfriend, wife, sister etc. This November, the site had 4 scenes that included women.





The sister site of Men, Reality Dudes, is now doing it too via their Dudes In Public series. Dudes in Public now has 13 scenes released and the 13th scene included a woman.



Upcoming scene of Dudes in Public at Reality Dudes will also include a woman.



No more updates from Next Door Ebony (tip @ NCBored)

Next Door Studios (NDS) do include time stamps on all their sites including Next Door Ebony. On the NDS site, their latest update on Next Door Ebony was dated September 26, 2017.


But, on the Next Door Ebony site, the time stamps have been removed.


No scene from Next Door Ebony was listed in the upcoming scenes to be released till December 13, 2017 by NDS.


93% return rate for guys introduced this year at Chaos Men

There were only 3 (It could be 2 since the 3rd guy was recently introduced) out of 45 guys introduced this year at Chaos Men that did not return after their solo was released - Harrison, Conrad (aka Rick) & Thompson.



Of the 42 returnees, 21 guys only had an oral or edge scene - Kyle Parker, Hugo, Anton, Blaine, Peter, Kouri, Ansel (aka Peyton), Mattieu, Gale, Keaghan, Nelson, Todd, Ash, Callum, Brick, Soren, Jayme, Andreus, Camillo, Jacob Marteny & Lenny.

Retired porn stars are most popular models at Next Door Studios

I don't know how it was ranked but Cody Cummings topped the list of most popular models at Next Door Studios. He was followed by Tommy D, Marcus Mojo, Mason Wyler, Rod Daily, Johnny Torque, Samuel O'Toole, Tyler Torro, Trystan Bull & Markie Moore.


Of the top 10, only Markie More is currently active at Next Door Studios

Who do you think among the recent models of Next Door Studios can replace one of them?


Jack Harrer is the top rated model at Belami Online

According to Belami Online, the top rated models based on fan votes are Jack Harrer, Helmut Huxley, Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Kris Evans, Andre Boleyn, Jim Kerouac, Dolph Lambert, Hoyt Kogan and Ariel Vanean.


The 10 were followed by Mick Lovell, Tony Conrad, Adam Archuleta, Torsten Ullman, Joel Birkin, Peter Annaud, Jon Kael, Christian Lundgren, Andrei Karenin and Rhys Jagger.


Did your favorite make it to the top 10 or Top 20?