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3 updates each week this October for Gay Hoopla

A new production firm has been hired by Gay Hoopla and you will notice the change with their October updates.


And, the entire month of October at Gay Hoopla will have 3 updates per week. For the first week, it will start with the oral scene of Ryan Lacey. It will be followed by the big dick of Bradley Whitman inside Buck Carter's hole and then Baron Wade's first time as the bottom.








*** Gay Hoopla has removed the streaming only access for $9.95 a month. It now costs $29.99 to join the site.

Belami Online is back with a condom scene

It was mentioned by Belami Online in 2014 that their condom archive scenes were nearing its end. With their collaboration with Naked Sword this 2018, their boys had to suit up. The first scene has been released where the US based porn star, Alam Wernik, was fucked by Sven Basquiat.






With regards to the use of condom, this was the statement of Belami Online "Our policy is to shoot condoms with American models. The only exception in all those years was Mick." [and Dalton Briggs]


Also, no cum eating from the Belami boys?



Access to English Lads requires additional personal information

A member of English Lads changed his credit card information since the card he used was expired. After that, English Lads required him to submit his personal information to access the site again.


According to English Lads "You need to give full and real name and address including apartment. It is part of our terms and conditions that people register their correct name and full address; I take the view if you want access to all our content you need to be open with your information it's a simple mutual respect issue. You trust us with keeping your details secure then we trust you with keeping our content secure. This information is not shared with anyone and is stored securely and we do not send anything in the mail. Please login and provide full and correct details of your name and full address."

Latest bareback scenes at Cocky Boys were not performer-generated content

The first bareback scene released by Cock Boys was back in February under Fans Only "We believe now is the perfect time to help our performers continue to produce and create content that they like, when they like and with whom they like. We are excited and proud to introduce a new curated set of performer-generated content called CockyBoys: Fans Only! A brand new style of content produced by our guys, for fans only."

It had Boomer Banks bareback Jack Hunter.


The last 2 bareback scenes released by Cocky Boys were not labeled with Fans Only. So, these were now produced by Cocky Boys.






The last Fans Only labeled scene was with Boomer Banks and Devin Franco.


No more Fans Only scenes?

From condom to bareback for Hot House

In a poll last March, majority voted NO when asked if they were willing to join Raging Stallion now that it filmed their first bareback scene. What if it was Hot House who went bareback?

Are you ready to join the site? Or, wait if Hot House, who has not had an update for 2 months, will revert back to condom scenes like what their sister site, Raging Stallion, has done.

The gay men at English Lads this 2018

Just like William Higgins, English Lads uses the word straight very frequently. English Lads includes the sexuality of their guys in the model's web page. This 2018, out of the 28 guys introduced, there are 3 gay men.

The first one was Caeden Pearce who was introduced last June.


The other two are real life lovers, Josh Banham & Rowan Watson, who are the latest addition to English Lads.