Boyfriends or Brothers or Relatives

Kristofer Weston aka Kristopher Westin (tip @ Bo)

Kristofer Weston & Tyler Rush first had a bareback scene released by Nasty Daddy.


It was followed today by their condom scene [gallery] at Dylan Lucas, where Kristofer Weston was given the name Kristopher Westin.



He is more known as Kristofer Weston [Twitter], the creator of Bound Jocks.

Up next for Kristofer is his movie with Icon Male.


And, his scenes at Mormon Boyz.


If I am not mistaken, Kristofer & Tyler Rush are in a thruple (?).

Zach Covington πŸ’“ Landon Wells of Broke Straight Boys (tip @ Cody)

Zach Covington first worked in gay porn via Broke Straight Boys. He is now filming for other porn studios.



He wasn't "gay or anything in that matter" when he worked for Broke Straight Boys.

Now that he is out of Broke Straight Boys, he asked his fans if they would watch his scenes even if he was gay.

And, he recently shared a photo of his boyfriend, Landon Wells, a newbie from Broke Straight Boys.


The current boyfriend of Pierre Fitch

Ryan Jaxx had a scene with Jessy Carson released in 2009 by Video Boys.



He is now known as Ethan Chase where he had 2 scenes released by Men.





Ethan is currently the boyfriend of Pierre Fitch. 

Pierre Fitch has retired from gay porn last year. And, he is making a comeback this year.

I am guessing the two will be paired by Men or Cocky Boys. Pierre did have sex in front of the camera with his former boyfriends - Ralph Woods & Anthony Fitch.

Antonio Miracle to marry another gay porn star (tip @ GayGayporn2015)

In 2014, Antonio Miracle shared on twitter his marriage to fellow gay porn star Mario Domenech.

Antonio & Mario had a love scene at Kristen Bjorn via Lover's Lane.


In less than 60 days, Antonio Miracle will get married again. This time to another gay porn star - Stephen Raw.

Antonio & Stephan had a love scene at Fucker Mate via FuckerParners Session.


Damien Kyle & Paul Canon paired once again (tip @ Unrepentant)

Damien Kyle & Paul Canon were included in 4 scenes released by Broke Straight Boys but the 2 only had 1 duo scene released back in April 2013.



They were once engaged but broke up last February 2016. Damien had tweets months later that he missed Paul, the love of his life.


After their break up, it was only Paul who continued filming for gay porn. Damien has not had a scene released since he left Broke Straight Boys in 2015.


Then, last October 2016, Damien shared a photo of him and Paul sharing a bathroom.

If you missed the two in action, Men will release their scene next month.


Damien has bulked up since their scene was filmed by Men.

Real life lovers, Deacon & Asher, in a flip fuck

Deacon & Asher were introduced by Sean Cody this month. The two have been lovers for two years.



They've been together for 2 years, which we've mentioned is a lot in gay years!

Their story is classic: they bumped into each other at a bar, and the rest is history!

So, why Sean Cody?

Asher started, "We just thought it'd be a fun adventure, you know, something that we've never done…"

Deacon added to it, "Yeah, we wanted something to bind us together, and marriage just wasn't enough so…"

They both laughed. "The internet is forever!"

For their first scene at Sean Cody, the two were paired in a flip fuck scene.






This scene will be released in a few hours.

A change of name for Jack Green & Josh Rider for ❀️ (tip @ Bern)

Two porn stars recently changed their last porn name, all for love.

The first one was Jack Green. He took the last name of his fiancee Mickey Taylor. He is now known as Jack Taylor.


*** The two have been paired more than once in gay porn.



The second one was Josh Rider. He took the last name of his boyfriend Logan Moore. He is now known as Josh Moore.


*** The two had their sex tape posted on Leaked & Loaded.


The bisexual Blake Mitchell is now dating a woman (tip @ Adam)

It was March of this year that Casey Tanner informed his fans on twitter that his relationship with Blake Mitchell was over.

And, Blake tweeted not to publicly talk about his dating life.

6 months later, Blake's recent tweets talked about his first kiss with the woman he is dating.

*** Blake Mitchell's profile on Helix Studios stated he was bisexual.


*** Blake and former lover, Casey, did have scenes [gallery 01 & 02] released by Helix Studios.