Boyfriends or Brothers or Relatives

Where's the love?

On twitter, the last thing Joey D does before going to bed is kiss his two boyfriends, Johnny V and Luke Adams.

But, the photos shared on twitter by American Muscle Hunks on their latest scene with the porn sites owners did not show Joey D kiss or suck Johnny V's cock.





*updated* Zuska aka Belucci aka Vargas brothers are not into kissing

As Belucci brothers at Belami Online, the brothers did kiss.


As Zuska brothers at William Higgins, the brothers did more than kiss one another.






According to Staxus, who created the twitter account of the brothers as Joel & Nick Vargas, they don't like kissing one another.

UPDATE The twitter account was made by a fan of the brothers. I was told that the brothers did say they were not into kissing when they were interviewed by Czech Hunter (#177).

Just the kissing? How about the sucking of your brother's cock or fucking your brother's hole?

BA vs WH with the Belucci aka Zuska brothers (tip @ Philby)

The latest scene today at Belami Online is a threesome scene of the Belucci brothers (Lino and Aldo) paired with Roald Ekberg. There was no diss this time from BA with regards to their models' previous work "Today we are happy to properly introduce you to the Belucci brothers, Lino and Aldo. Some of you may recognise them from some other websites under different names. For a while we had Lino under an exclusive contract, but since the word 'exclusive' didn't seem to be in his vocabulary, we ended up releasing him from the contract and now film with both of them on an ad-hoc basis. Today their lucky scene partner is Roald Ekberg."






The William Higgins' threesome version included a supposedly 3rd brother - Rado Zuska.





The Zuska brothers has also done a duo, foursome and an orgy at William Higgins.

They did have a foursome at Czech Hunter. And, they are also known as Joel and Nick Vargas at Staxus.


Legend of Latin Boyz is now Aiden Garcia of Helix Studios (tip @ Nico)

Two months ago, Latin Boyz introduced an uncut big dicked Latin boy named Legend "He's a versatile top (which is good because he has a cute butt, too) and was born in Colombia and raised in Florida. Sexually he loves fucking and sometimes getting fucked but says he can rarely find anyone that can swallow that huge dick so doesn't really get off on getting head. We can understand that but it would sure be fun trying."



He is now an exclusive of Helix Studios under the name Aiden Garcia [twitter] "I'm 19 years old from Miami! I love volleyball, video games and lots of sushi. Usually super chill and easy going. I just love to have fun and to enjoy life to the fullest!" He is in a relationship with Elliot Grey [twitter]. The couple's bareback scene was released today.






*updated* Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue separated? (tip @ Timothy)

Last December 2013, Logan Rogue tweeted a photo on their 4th year anniversary as a married couple.

They were still going strong last February 2015. Tomas Brand shared a photo with his lovely husband.

Last May, Logan had an amazing time out in the sun with hubby Tomas.

Last June, Logan Rogue shared that it has been 1.5 years since he and Tomas filmed a scene.

On twitter, the reference to being married with one another is not anymore included in their profiles.


This was noticed by tipster Timothy "I noticed a while back that Logan Rogue stopped listing "Married to Tomas Brand" on his twitter account. But as of about a week ago Tomas was still listing Logan as his husband. I noticed today that was gone. Neither one of them lists each other as a spouse. Nor do they tweet very often about each other aside from their porn work. They used to do this quite often."

FYI Their threesome scene with Drae Axtell was released last week by Lucas Entertainment.


UPDATE On twitter, Logan confirmed the break up (via DM).

Is it really a throuple?

Almost 20 days ago, I made a post about Luke Adams being part of the Johnny V and Joey D relationship.


Today, Joey D mentioned on twitter that Luke is one of his boyfriends.

But, in the latest interview with Johnny V at Man Crush posted yesterday, it seems Johnny has forgotten Luke Adams. He could have corrected the questions and mentioned Luke is now part of the relationship.

What male, besides your boyfriend, do you have a man crush on right now? Alex Mecum.

Most people know about your boyfriend, Joey D. How do you keep the porn scenes and having to perform with other models from interfering with your relationship? It is strictly work. We can both separate sex from love, and we definitely LOVE each other.

Real life lovers West & Aubrey at Chaos Men (tip @ Yeremia)

According to Chaos Men on Aubrey "He came in with his boyfriend, who was also interested in doing some video work. But Aubrey was the one spear-heading their porn adventure and he was the one ready to play. Pretty sure the boyfriend will back, but his pubes were a little short, so going to wait a week or two. Overall, it was really productive day!"


Aubrey's boyfriend, West, had to comeback after two weeks (based on the production date) for his pubes to grow "We waited a couple weeks for his pubes to come back a bit more. For those of you who get mad at me about the pubic shaving, often scolding me that NO ONE is shaving their pubes anymore, well I beg to differ. Gay or Straight, I constantly have to wait for them to grow back, and even deduct pay if they show up without them."


Both guys have been paired with other guys at Chaos Men.


Will you watch the lovers have sex on camera?

ENGAGED! Paul Canon and Damien Kyle

29 minutes ago, Damien Kyle shared the news on twitter that Paul Canon proposed to him and he said yes.

The ring.