Boyfriends or Brothers or Relatives

The bisexual Blake Mitchell is now dating a woman (tip @ Adam)

It was March of this year that Casey Tanner informed his fans on twitter that his relationship with Blake Mitchell was over.

And, Blake tweeted not to publicly talk about his dating life.

6 months later, Blake's recent tweets talked about his first kiss with the woman he is dating.

*** Blake Mitchell's profile on Helix Studios stated he was bisexual.


*** Blake and former lover, Casey, did have scenes [gallery 01 & 02] released by Helix Studios.


Brandon Jones is now a single man in his 30s (tip @ Trey)

Men of Montreal recently announced their new porn site called Jones Exposed, a site handled by their porn star Brandon Jones.


The site now has 14 scenes, where the first 13 scenes were all uploaded last March 1, 2016. And, the latest update is a solo of Samuel Stone.


Samuel & Brandon Jones had 3 scenes released where it talked about their love for one another. On Samuel's twitter, it says Brandon is his bf.


But in one of Brandon's social media account, posted last Sunday, he is once again a single man.


*** A broken condom for lovers Brandon Jones & Samuel Stone.

It's over for Damien Kyle & Paul Canon

Last April 2015, a month after Damien Kyle and Paul Canon left Broke Straight Boys, Paul included in his twitter profile that he was married to Damien. But, it was 3 months later that they announced their engagement.

There is a new development in their relationship. Damien tweeted last week that he was once again single.

Today, Damien had a lot to say about Paul.

 And, it ended with this tweet.

*** Tweet from Damien Kyle on "fairys"

*** You can taste Paul Canon even if you are "colored".

*** Paul Canon on BSB "Its empowering to leave a company and find out that spiteful things are said about me. Ur only encouraging my employment"

Lovers Aubrey & West of CM as mates at Bentley Race (tip @ Danny)

Aubrey was the first introduced by Chaos Men in June 2015. A month later, his boyfriend West was introduced. Both did serviced videos and the only hardcore scene the couple did was with one another.




Last November, Bentley Race was in Texas and did a shoot of the couple. Aubrey's solo was released last month as Brian York. While, West's solo as Chris Finch was released yesterday.



The two were described as mates and Bentley Race did not know the couple worked for Chaos Men "Chris was getting a little direction from Brian on the sidelines as he worked through his first nude photoshoot."

Atticus Fox with his BF as a gay & str8 live cam performer (tips @ John, ysd & smcoolsm)

He did porn in 2011 before he became Atticus Fox this year. He is currently an exclusive of Randy Blue.




Last Sunday, he had a live cam show with his boyfriend at Randy Blue.



Yesterday, he was again online with his boyfriend. This time as a str8 dude who fuck on camera via Chaturbate as Soccer Practice Guys.