What's your Corbin Fisher fantasy?

Corbin Fisher is asking their fans to submit their fantasy for their guys to re-create in a scene to be released on July 2, 2016.


Fellow porn fan, Jason401, submitted this fantasy to Corbin Fisher "A scene where 4-Corbies over-drank,..and began sleep-walking into Corbin's bedroom,....tying all four of his limbs to each corner of the bed,...and FIST fuck him.... for being a naughty Sugar Daddy." I don't think this fantasy has a chance of winning :) 

Winner (run4miles) of Gay Hoopla's fan contest is Adam Wylde, who did str8 porn (tip @ Matt)

Today, Gay Hoopla shared on their site photos of the winner of their contest fucked by the supposedly most requested model of their site.




I did hope that the winner will not be like the Gay Room contest where the winners did porn. But, it's gay porn so the contest was rigged (?).

Looking at the dates (correct me if I am wrong), fan contest winner run4miles did live cam shows till February as Adam Wylde for Flirt 4 Free and at Voyeur Boys via Chaturbate.




Not only that, he did str8 porn for Dare Dorm.

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