Will bloggers post the Josh (Rider) Moore scene from Tim Tales?

It started last November 2016 when Josh Moore (aka Josh Rider) accused Lucas Entertainment on putting his health at risk. The two parted ways. But, Lucas Entertainment insisted Josh was still under their contract. Josh went to work for other gay porn studios. When his solo at UK Hot Jocks was released, a blogger posted it on his blog but deleted it afterwards upon the request of Lucas Entertainment.


Now, another scene of Josh was released. It's with Tim Kruger for Tim Tales, filmed last month.


Will gay porn bloggers shy away from posting this scene on their blog? Normally, a day after a Tim Tales scene has been released, there should already be a handful of bloggers who tagged Tim Kruger on Twitter about their latest scene. But, I only saw 1 blogger who tagged Tim with regards to Josh Moore.

If this post gets deleted, you know why πŸ˜€

Will Cameron Diggs bareback for the first time at Sketchy Sex?

The latest scene at Sketchy Sex had Cameron Diggs stand in line waiting for his turn.


He had to leave the scene since he had "to go to work" according to Sketchy Sex.

But, Sketchy Sex mentioned in an email I received from them that there will be more of Cameron in the future "stay tuned I'm sure there will be more action".

The big news on Cameron this week is a SWAT raid that lead to his arrest, a tip sent to Str8UpGayPorn via twitter.


From James Castle "The world knows and u both knew my HIV status"

Lucas Entertainment released a scene of Josh Rider with James Castle last June 2016.


James Castle was part of the video released last September by GMFA on 11 guys living with HIV "GMFA is continuing its strong run of work tackling HIV stigma with a new video which shows gay men who don't and won't allow stigma to affect their lives. Despite their status they are living their lives to the fullest."

A few days ago, Josh Rider tweeted (now deleted) that he has severed his ties with Lucas Entertainment due to health risks.



It seems the health risk was about James Castle. But, James said in a tweet that Josh knew of his status.


Lucas Entertainment did mention in a post by AVN in 2013 that they don't pair sero-discordant models in condom free shoots.


Alexander Gustavo VS Sebastian Kross (tip @ Adam)


I did a post on Sebastian Kross & Alexander Gustavo last June about the two in a threesome with Gustavo's girlfriend. Their sex based friendship just turned sour.


Alexander likes to share his women with Sebastian but Sebastian does not. So, Alexander sent a video to Sebastian of him banging Sebastian's woman. Ryan Rose took defense in behalf of Sebastian.



*** Sebastian with Alexander [gallery].

Josh Rider versus Lucas Entertainment due to health risk

Last May, it was mentioned by Lucas Entertainment that Josh Rider was their exclusive.


He now has 9 scenes listed on the site.


Naked Sword wanted to hire Josh Rider. But, he is still under an exclusive contract with Lucas Entertainment.


Josh tweeted that he was not under contract with Lucas Entertainment. His lover, Logan Moore, tweeted that Josh's contract was now invalid.



CF's Corbin's Campus seized by the US government hacked (tip @ DLK)

UPDATE (October 20, 2016) Corbin's Campus website was hacked. The site is now under going maintenance and it re-directs to the Corbin Fisher main site.


At the bottom of the Corbin Fisher website, under Connect With Us, you will see a link to Corbin's Campus.


That link, when clicked, will open to a website where it said that the domain name has been seized by the United States Global Illicit Financial Team in accordance with a seizure warrant.


The reason for the seizure is 18 U.S.C 982(a)(1).


The seizure was recent since Bing, unlike Google, has not updated their database on the new change.



And, the most recent screen shot of Corbin's Campus by Wayback machine was October 03, 2016.


The effect of Trimix on Bennett Anthony's cock

Yesterday, Bennett Anthony shot a scene with Caleb Daniels for Raging Stallion.

I believe this is the #pornproblems Bennett referred to in a tweet when he said his cock was still hard after using Trimix.