Cum Eating

Would you eat your own cum?

I've eaten my own cum. But, what if the cum came from the hole you just creampied? Would you still eat it?


In the latest scene at Sean Cody that paired Blake & Joey, Blake reached out his hand hand on Joey's hole to get some drops of his own cum.


Then, ate it.


Not satisfied, he licked Joey's hole.


The scene ended with a kiss.


*** This is Joey's first scene at Sean Cody this 2016.

Corbin Fisher with 100% bareback and cum eating with Cain and Jon

Normally Corbin Fisher tries a few seconds of bareback then the top puts on a condom. But, there were times were the condom broke and only the ring was left. The scene with Cain and Jon had no condoms in sight from start to finish.


It's normal in gay porn for the cum eater to slowly spit out all the cum that went inside his mouth. But, Jon SWALLOWED all of Cain's cum. No cum of Cain in sight were seen :)


I love an ending where the porn stars kissed after a meal cum eating - the dessert at the end of a meal.


Tidbit According to Alias74, the last scene with 100% bareback was with Dawson and Kody which was released last 2006.

Thanks to Steve and Alias74 for informing me about Corbin Fisher's 100% bareback scene.