You can ride Tom Faulk and his motorcycle (tip @ Robert)

Tom Faulk has been buying and selling motorcycles that he earned from doing porn.

As part of his escorting package, you can ride a motorcycle with him, get a drink and see if you can be best buds. But, he has to fly to you, which makes it more expensive.


Tom Faulk's exclusive contract with MEN has expired. It is the reason you are seeing him doing porn for other porn sites.

*updated* You can taste Sebastian Kross for yourself (tip @ John)

Last February, a fan asked Sebastian Kross about escorting but Sebastian was not sure yet if he wanted to do it.

There is an escort ad (with Tumblr) just recently posted of Sebastian but under a different name (fake?).


Update Sebastian Kross confirmed on twitter that the escort ad was fake.

Aidan of Sean Cody is now known as Tryp Bates (tip @ Fatal)

Aidan's scenes were released by Sean Cody from August 2012 to June 2013.


After that, he escorted using the name Aidan.

He is now known as Tryp Bates [twitter] and he recently shot a scene for Kink Men.


Solomon Aspen considers himself as an ex porn star (tip @ Fatal)

Solomon Aspen is more known for his bareback work at Chaos Men from 2011 to 2014. His first condom scene [gallery] was released this year. The latest on him were scenes released by Gay Room last month and this month.


According to his Rentboy profile as Aspen Jenkins, he is an ex porn star. But, he also said he is a porn star represented by Fabscout.


The friend Teddy of Sean Cody would bring if you book a party (tip @ John)

Teddy was introduced by Sean Cody last month. And, his latest scene was released a few days ago.


He had an ad posted for his services last week. It included a friend if you were interested "If you'd like to book for a party or something of that sort ask about my friend that I can bring as well!"


I think this is the friend Teddy was referring. Both their videos were shot in the same place.


Unfortunately, his friend only accepts women as clients. Not to worry, we are trained by gay porn in this type of situation. Bait Buddies has the guidelines or turn him from str8 to gay or bait him with a bus :)

Q & A with Chris Noxx from his fans

Chris Noxx [gallery 01 & 02] is currently an exclusive of Next Door.


Hours ago, he started a Q & A with his fans.

Top or bottom? Gay or straight? - Bareback or Condom? Bottom! Bi-sexual, condom!

How long have you been doing porn? - I've only been doing porn for about 6 months!

Does your family know you do porn? - Yes they do! They found out because the kids in the town I grew up in posted the link on my parents Facebook... Pretty shitty way to find out but that's the shitty people I grew up with

What is your best advice for someone going into the business who as never bottomed? - Just relax. Some people get nervous. I still do. Idk why because I have no problem being the center of attention at a club or something.

Do you enjoy more as a top a bottom? - Bottom!

Since you consider yourself bi, do you enjoy girls or guys more? - It's different. Cause I normally always bottom so it's a pleasure taking it. But with a girl it's a pleasure fucking.

If one of your fans ask you to let them just suck you. Would you let them? - Prolly lol!

What advice do u have for someone who's never bottomed - Just relax lol! Don't tense up

Have you had any past relationships with girls? - Besides one night stands Yes.

Do you ever regret the porn life? - No! I think it'll be hard to explain to my kids when I'm older, but I don't regret anything I do in life! Life is about learning and having experiences!

How old were you when you came out? - 18

How old were you when you lost your virginity with a guy and a girl - 13, to a 17 year old girl on a park bench in the middle of the day lmfao!

What are your experiences like on rent boy ? Do u enjoy doing what u do ? Anything u won't do there ? - I mean it's fun lol! I get a lot of flakes but that to be expected! Same things I won't do in porn pretty much, I won't eat ass, not to much into bondage stuff.

You mentioned kids in a u see yourself having kids with a man or woman one day ? - Idk yet. I'm still really young so I'm still kinda finding myself

If you want to taste him personally, he is on Rentboy.

Chris on Twitter and Instagram