The model & escort of new guy of Lucas Entertainment (tip @ Matt)

Two weeks ago, Lucas Entertainment shared photos of their models who attended Folsom East Street Fair.


One of them, 2nd guy from the left, is from Russia, who was not yet given a porn name. He is currently escorting (?) as Alexandr in New York while filming (?) scenes for Lucas Entertainment.


Searching the images from his Renboy profile on Google will lead you to his model portfolio at

photos @ Eugene Kabodko and Marc Henderson


His age at Rentboy was listed as 26 while he was 28 years of age according to his model profile.

Chase of Corbin Fisher escorting in Las Vegas (tip @ Jason401)

In 2013, he was known as Chase Jackson at Chaos Men. The following year, he had scenes released by MenPOV [gallery] and Man Royale [gallery]. This year, he was only known as Chase at Corbin Fisher, where his most recent scene was released last April.


He will be in Las Vegas this coming Tuesday till Sunday. Will he film a scene at Corbin Fisher while escorting (with condom use) on the side?


*** assuming the escort page is real ***

You can ride Tom Faulk and his motorcycle (tip @ Robert)

Tom Faulk has been buying and selling motorcycles that he earned from doing porn.

As part of his escorting package, you can ride a motorcycle with him, get a drink and see if you can be best buds. But, he has to fly to you, which makes it more expensive.


Tom Faulk's exclusive contract with MEN has expired. It is the reason you are seeing him doing porn for other porn sites.

*updated* You can taste Sebastian Kross for yourself (tip @ John)

Last February, a fan asked Sebastian Kross about escorting but Sebastian was not sure yet if he wanted to do it.

There is an escort ad (with Tumblr) just recently posted of Sebastian but under a different name (fake?).


Update Sebastian Kross confirmed on twitter that the escort ad was fake.