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Was Jess too horny for Peter? (tip @ Bo)

This was the email I got from Bo regarding the scene of Jess with Peter.

Today's SC features the return of Jess whose dick and Peter's dick are both enormous (they compare) and in what may be a first, Jess breeds Peter three times - twice in the video and one in the BTS which was, apparently, the practice scene. But from what I can gather, Peter was so tight that Jess came almost as soon as he penetrated Peter. In fact, the cameraman says "I've been around here for a long time and I've never seen anyone come from a penetration shot…how tight are you?" 


Two hot guys in one scene - Michael Evans and Cole Money

I think Gay Hoopla is doing the right moves in gay porn right now. It makes me want to check the porn site every now and then, wanting to know what they are up to. Today, they released the scene of Cole Money (aka Cole of Fratmen), as the bottom to Michael Evans. 


Cole is still doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free.

FYI Gay Hoopla did minor tweaks with their front page.

Hotguys_michael_evans_cole_money_07 Hotguys_michael_evans_cole_money_08