Favorite Amateur Guy

Tanner with Sawyer at Active Duty

Tanner is currently my favorite at Active Duty. In his scene with Sawyer, he took a more active role where his sexy voice was in charge of the conversation.

SHOULD BE BANNED IN GAY PORN The sad part at the beginning of the scene was that they were watching str8 porn to get a hard on. But, it was only Sawyer who had a hard on.


Sawyer showed more enthusiasm in sucking cock.


The scene was a flip fuck and Sawyer, his first time as a bottom, was hard while getting pounded by Tanner.


Tanner talked about body hair where he complained that it all went up to his ass. No complaints from me :)

Tanner_sawyer_active_duty_05 Tanner_sawyer_active_duty_06

Normal cum shot, just on the stomach of Tanner. I wish they included the facial experessions.

Tanner_sawyer_active_duty_07 Tanner_sawyer_active_duty_08

Which new guy do you like best?

Just recently released photos on new (amateur) guys doing porn. From top to bottom, first is Travis Michael from Randy Blue, second is Rick from Sean Cody, third is Chaz (who looks like Chase Crawford from Gossip Girl) from Corbin Fisher and last is Tim Vander from College Dudes 24/7. Which one is your favorite, mine is Travis Michael?

Travis_michael_01  Travis_michael_02

Rick_sean_cody_01  Rick_sean_cody_02

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New Hot Guy: Troy Gabriel


From Troy Gabriel at College Dudes 24/7 "I was really nervous at first, but only for a little while. Now I am just am taking it all in stride, and having some fun with the other dudes. About me, well, I am 20 and have always loved showing off. I like partying, but I also do my fair share of nose down studying. I am straight but I have some close bi and gay friends, and we are all a pretty wild bunch. It is all copecetic, as they say."

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