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From Derek to Davis

Davis_02 I though it was only in Europe where male porn stars must change their names when they move to another Studio. It's also happening with America for supposedly "amateur men doing gay porn for cash". There have been a increased amount of "amateur guys" moving from "amateur site" to another. I am focusing on Derek of Corbin Fisher to Davis of Chaos Men since he is one of my all time favorite "amateur porn star". I just love seeing him get fucked with his legs up in the air.

Supposedly "amateur sites" starts with a solo, then the "amateur guy" tries gay sex either by getting sucked or fucking another guy, finally the "amateur guy" becomes the bottom. But,
Chaos Men is a bit different. Davis was fucked barebacked.

Gallery of Davis' transformation at Chaos Man - solo to topping a guy and finally getting fucked barebacked.

Matthew Rush at YouTube

Matthew_rush_taking_flight_3 Here are two clips of Matthew Rush I found on YouTube. The first clip, Matthew as Greg Grove, the body builder. The second clip is an interview about his play entitled "Making Porn" last January of this year. You know what I noticed? The voice of Matthew Rush. The Greg Grove video is much different that the Matthew Rush interview.

Matthew Rush as Greg Grove. I particularly got aroused when Matthew said "Muscle worship is very erotic, you get to be a part of someone's sexual fantasy.... it is my job to seduce... I put my myself in a mind frame that I am having sex with that person...."

Making Porn Interview with Mathew Rush. In that interview, Matthew Rush said that his grandmother watched his play. It was kinda weird playing the porn part knowing your grandmother was in the audience. Also, Matthew Rush would someday want to produce his own gay porn movie.

Links to Matthew Rush's free stuffs

Matthew Rush's profile at BigMuscle

  • STATS Age: 34 years old. | Height: 6 ' 0 "/182.9 cm
    Weight: 217 lbs/98.431 kg | Waist: 30 inches/76.2 cm
    Chest: 45.0/114.30 cm | Arms: 18.5 inches/46.99 cm
    Thigh: 24.5 inches/62.23 cm | BodyFat: 6.7 %
  • AOL Instant Messenger: MatthewRushxxx

Official Website of Matthew Rush

Rear stable, Hairy Boyz Vids...

Free videos from Rear Stable, Hairyboyz for January 2007

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Manifesto - Justin Christopher and Huessein

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Brandon Phillip, Craig Braxton, Lincoln, Angel, Kyle Lee, Clinton and Christian Saint

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Eric Hunter, Ken Braun, Danny Mann and Nick Piston

Falcon Video Clips

Jasonandmatthew_live Here are some video clips from Falcon Studios. These are just short clips but they are totally free. I particularly like the Longshot clip since I am a fan of Barrett Long. I know he not the best actor out there but I really find him very sexy. I just like my man who looks clean and lean. Barrett bottomed in Playing with Fire and The Bachelor, where he was the star of the movie. Since making those two films, he hasn't bottomed again.

Free Video Clip 01 - Live and Raw of Andy Hunter, Jay Armstrong, Arpad Miklos & Pete Ross
Free Video Clip 02 - Scenes from Velvet Mafia of Fox Ryder with Erik Rhodes, and Derrick Vinyard with Omer
Free Video Clip 03 - Quarterback Sack and Longshot...Making The Game
Free Video Clip 04 - Live and Raw of Matthew Rush with Jason Ridge, and Trent Atkins with Trevor Knight
Free Video Clip 05 - Velvet Mafia clips of Matthew Rush with Jason Ridge  and Brock Penn & Trent Atkins