Then and Now

Then & now on Seth Knight (tip @ Adrian)

When I think of Seth Knight, his short lived relationship in 2013 with Jake Genesis, who left porn to reconcile with God, comes to mind.


Seth has moved on from Jake.

This is him now.

And, he loves pussy but fucked his partner's hole.

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Darius Ferdynand got bigger

An old scene of Darius Ferdynand was released by Phoenixxx last January. 



He is much bigger now. This was him in his 2016 scenes released by Men.





And, he got bigger this year.

He is out of gay porn since he changed his gay porn Twitter name that retained his porn followers but deleted all things related to porn.

*** Darius, the model & actor, was spotted on the 2011 movie The Rite and on the set of X-Men in 2015.

Booty 2.0 of Dallas Steele now at work in gay porn (tip @ genesis157)

Last October 2016, Dallas Steele had a booty make over and explained why he did it "...because of genetic limitations, sometimes some of our body parts don't change or don't grow nearly as much as we'd like them to no matter how much hard work we put into them. Such is the case with my ass..."


He is the latest update at Titan Men & you can watch his new booty at work.






The transformation of Jax Alexander (tip @ Adrian)

Jax Alexander is new in gay porn. So far, I've only seen him on Hot Older Male.


He shared 2 versions of himself in the past as compared to how big he is now.

Did he get bigger since his shoot at Hot Older Male?

Sean's cock is not the only one that is big anymore and he is out of Sean Cody (tip @ Alias74)

This was Sean when he was introduced by Sean Cody in 2015.


This is him in his latest scene at Sean Cody released last month.


This is him now.

Sean is doing a Q & A with his fans where he confirmed that he was out of Sean Cody.

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