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Whose foot is that? (Thanks Alon M)

The scene in question is a threesome between Brandon Bangs, Shane Frost, and Tyler Andrews released last year by Hot House.

Dude_show_part_2_03 Dude_show_part_2_04 
Dude_show_part_2_05 Dude_show_part_2_06 

Here are two screen captures Alon M sent me via email. There seems to be a foot that is incredibly impossible to belong to either Brandon, Tyler or Shane.


Answer? @devon_hunter & @harveywalker has a point. It belongs to Tyler Andrews. Check out the leg angle of the 4th picture. 

Male Porn Stuffs on the NET 5

Brodie Sinclair costs $1000 - Would you hire him knowing he will not reciprocate? Like his ads says "I'm a top, google me and whatever I do in my videos is what i will do with you" He does nothing and very little facial expression on all his videos - WASTE OF MONEY.

Perez Hilton - Separated at Birth: Francois Sagat and Kelly Osbourne


Queer Links for Nov. 14, 2007

Pornhalloween9_2 Blog I Like: Unzipped

Zach Randal to wed Derek Rivero
Top Holloween Costume - My favorite is Roman Heart (left picture).

Gay Porn Star Haus Weston Dies

Comment from a member on Blu Kennedy from his Yahoo Group on meeting him in person

"I have had the pleasure of meeting BLU... Last summer when he was a gogo stud on Fire Island, this year when he was bar tending there, and a day he was out for a leisurely lunch w/ friends at the beach. Plus... walking on our street (he lives on my block). He is not overly friendly (who would be w/ all the gawking he gets...). BUT NOT unfriendly either. As far as the issues, does any one not have a few issues...???"

Seen: Ryan Idol Relaxing After Work

CJ Wright Interview

Mr. Gay USA 2007 Porn Connection

The boyfriend of Brent Everett is competing as Mr. San Diego, who had 9 years experience as a Navy Corpsman.

Steve Pena
Date of Birth: 11/10/77 | Place of Birth: Kingsville, Tx
Height: 173cm / 5ft8in | Weight: 175lb/79 kg
Shoe size: 10' | Hair color: black | Eye color: brown



Christian Owen is Jeremy Taylor as Mr. Manchester.
Birth date:12/9/1981 | Place of birth: New Hampshire 
Height: 5'8'' / 173 cm Weight: 145lbs / 66 kg Show: 10


Men of Porn posts on Christian Owen

Roland Dane on Danny Roddick

Danny_roddick_2Message sent by Roland Dane via Hungarian Guys Yahoo Group on his encounter with Danny Roddick.

Roland Dane "I didn't know him very well, we spent only a week together last year when we shot Hostile.

What I could see he was a very professional, talented actor, very disciplined, full with endurance. He was very nice to all of us, seemed to be very close to his boyfriend Alex Chandler. He looked like a little boy to me a bit in his soul, much more sensitive than a regular 30 years old man. He was very intelligent and educated like most of the COLT men. He was very determined about his carreer also. He loved Hungarian cuisine. That's all I could tell about him. His death shocked all of us!"

Porn Stuffs on Chase Evans, Joey Stefano, Czech Rent Boys, Roland Dane and more

NO to Bareback Porn by Chase Evans Chase Evans "I have been in the industry for a little over 6 months and I have been approached by numerous studios to do Bareback Porn. I have turned them down on numerous occasions and thank god I have. My biggest piece of advice to models that are just coming into this industry is DO NOT DO BAREBACK PORN. You are playing Russian Roulette with your life."

Leon Martin_dejdar Ramazzotti

Gay for Pay Day: Czech Rent Boys

Interesting stuffs from the article

  • The city is home to a randy selection of often heterosexual men willing to toss aside labels and intimately deliver – in exchange for cash, that is.
  • A significant number of these boys find the scene a place where they can experiment with sexuality. The large majority, however, just don’t see the big deal in responding sexually with a man. It makes them money and gives them an easy orgasm.
  • Most of the boys, he says, identify themselves as what the sex industry describes as “gay-for-pay” – they’re willing to perform sexual acts with men, despite labeling themselves as heterosexual in their private lives, often having steady girlfriends.
  • As for the cost of a Czech boy rendezvous, a quickie with a typical hustler starts at 500K but can often reach 5,000K and beyond in many popular gay nightspots. And what, ahem, services does this fee cover? According to Homo Superior, anything – and everything – is on the menu. This can include playing either the passive or aggressive roles to their suitors.

Sasha_byazrov Tiziano_cortese Vilem_cage_01

Joey Stefano Interview @ YouTube

The Top 10 Things We Hate About Gay Porn Videos

10. Stop with the Plywood Gloryholes, Please!
9. Spare us the Shaved Man-Pussies
8. Not Enough Big Dicks
7. Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Porn Stars
6. No Kissing? No Touching? No Service, Dickwad!
5. It’s Why God Made Fluffers
4. Even Helen Keller Made The Effort
3. The Long Hello
2. Perfect is not Sexy
1. Tats and Pierced Everything

Cocky_boys_01 Cocky_boys_02_2 Cocky_boys_03_2

Gay tourism claims may be exaggerated "With all the movies shot in Prague and porn star providing escort, it will be a gay mecca."

RJ Danvers Yahoo Group

Member Question "On his blog, Steve Cruz says that you are a "dirty, dirty boy." What did you do to get such a big compliment from him?"
RJ Danver's reply "Hehe! I guess I'm getting a rep already! I'm sure he is referring to when I gave Dominic Sol the biggest facial ever and licked every drop off his face. Does that count as dirty???? :)"

Site I Like: Chronicles of Pornia

Corbin_fisher_01_2 Corbin_fisher_02_2 Corbin_fisher_03_2

Controversial Film: Passio: The Gospel According to Matthias von Fistenberg  “Passio depicts a selection of incidents from the life of Jesus,” von Fistenberg explains. “The Latin word ‘passio’ means ‘suffering,’ and commonly it’s translated into English as ‘gospel.’ The original Passio texts tell the story of Jesus according to his Disciples – one of them being Matthias. Since my name is also Matthias, this movie is a gospel – a Passio. A version of the story according to me.

Do Gay Porn Studios Exploit Models? "Did the studios exploit him (Danny Roddick) by putting out a press release that also promoted movies in which he appeared?... When Andy Dill died last year I was one of the first to know because he was my neighbor. While I debated the possible exploitation of a tragedy by spreading gossip, I started to receive press releases about it from other sources, so I finally put in my two cents. Even after careful thought and consideration, I still got negative comments for doing it."

Ericrhodes Romanheart Ryanwade

Exporting Steele to Singapore "There probably isn't a lot retired porn star Chris Steele hasn't done, but believe it or not he's about to enter virgin territory... not only for himself but for gay men as well... He will be appearing at the grand opening of Gorgeous Solarium in Singapore. Neither a club nor a bathhouse, Gorgeous Solarium is another hot spot among the queer set: a tanning salon. At the opening, Steele will be answering questions and one lucky fan will even win a date with him."

From Roland Dane (courtesy of Beautiful Julian Vincenzo group) "Yes,the 3rd Olympus movie will come out in October,the title is BODYGUARDS. Julian plays a businessman in it, he wears black formal suit, which looks amazing on him and he has a wild scene with two huge body-buliders, the perfect bottom Fernand Nielsen and the bald beauty Win Diezel. This movie is a big comeback of Fernando and he really enjoyed the scene with Julian and Win. He loved to be fucked by the two huge cannons."

Free Galleries from Czech Boys If I have to choose only one, it would be Jiri (the guy below the first picture, who I know as Zdeno Reif).

Filip_cech_2 Honzek_2 Jan_mur_2
Jiri_sat Karel_rok Lubos_2
Jiri_stal Lukas_cerry Martin_ceps
Modrav Pavel_matous Pepa_strom
Radek Stanislav Milan_mist

Porn Stuffs: Pierre Fitch, Brad Star, Victor Racek, Ryan Wade, Danny Roddick, Mark Dalton, Johnny Castle and more

Ralph Woods and Pierre Fitch officially separated - "I want to address several rumors that are beginning to appear on the net and I want you to hear this from me and not from rumors or gossip. Many of you probably suspected, or won’t be totally surprised to hear, that last month Ralph and I separated after 3 years together...This has been a challenging and painful time for me, as all such things would be to any of you... I ask that you respect my privacy as I would respect yours. I will not answer questions regarding this, as it is still something personal to deal with for me."

Pierre_fitch_borntobebad Pierre_fitch_longshot
Pictures open to the video gallery of Born to be Bad and Long Shot.

Tony Tedeschi's New Job - From his Yahoo Group "Working at another job right now to keep busy (not in the adult industry) as a chef. It's a cafe, flat bread pizzas, sandwiches - that kind of thing and then there is a restaurant upstairs - not sure what kind of food the restaurant upstairs has. He's been learning the whole job, going to the restaurant supply store, buying the food at the farmers market, (you guys are so lucky to have so many farmers markets out there - here there a very few) so this is good, you're right - good to have a second job while things are slow right now. It's slow with everyone but you still have to live."

Brad Star in the slammer…briefly. "After running a check, Lilli Law discovered that Mr. Star had an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license, so they threw the guy into the slammer. 750 bucks and a few hours later, Brad was again a free man. Aah, young love."

Sig_bradstar1_004 Brad_star_02
The old and new (right picture) of Brad Star.

The Crucible Tease Show - Youtube video inviting fans to watch their shows which includes gay porn stars such as Brent Everett

Free live chat with Jason Hawke! From Jason Hawke's Yahoo Group "He holds a free chat for his fans every so often, so if you like Jason, get in on this chat if you can, because there's no guarantee there will be another one anytime soon."

Jason_hawke_quarterback_sack Jason_hawke_sex_pigs
Pictures open to the video gallery of Quarterback Sack and Sex Pigs

Victor Racek as Escort From his Yahoo Group "I believe he's still in Miami. It is really him. Hot and handsome. He kisses, does oral, fully versatile. I was more than satisfied. I am going to Miami next month and I'm calling him again :)"

Victor_racek_american_holidays Victor_racek_flucht_in_ketten
Pictures open to the video gallery of American Holidays and Flucht in Ketten

Lucas Entertainment is seeking EXTRAS for its new mainline feature, shooting October 2-8 in Manhattan. All types and ages welcome for NON-SEXUAL roles, including restaurants, patrons, policemen, party-goers and more. Send contact info, recent photo, and dates of availability to

Lucas_ent_ladolcevitadcc Lucas_ent_uncutcockdcc
Pictures open to the video gallery of La Dolce Vita and Incut Cock Pool Party

Mark Dalton Parole Revoked "Bad news for Mark Dalton and his hungry fans. The Texas Department of Corrections revoked his parole as of August 30, which means the blond hunk is headed back to prison once he serves out his current 45-day sentence in the Denton County Jail."

Mark_dalton_prickteasec Mark_dalton_ranchhandmusclc
Pictures open to the video gallery of Prick Tease and Ranch Hand Muscle

Vote for Man of The Year

Meeting Ryan Wade From his Yahoo Group "It was the weekend of Halsted Street Market Days in Chicago and I had to make a stopover at a friends place. Low and behold, Ryan was sitting on the couch with a buddy at my friends place. I couldn't believe it and had to ask if my friends were playing a joke! Anyway, he seemed a little shy, but goes hand in hand when you are meeting a complete stranger. He's HOT as HELL with boyish looks. We chatted for about 10 minutes and then I had to run. I hated having to take off, but friends were waiting on me and I was already late as hell. He did leave a lasting impression on me when he followed me into the kitchen and kissed me goodbye, not just a peck either."

Ryan Wade in new video called "Ivy League" where he is paired with Jason Adonis"

Aaron Tyler: HIV negative and regretful of bareback past "Amidst swirling rumors that he is HIV positive, former 8Teen Boy Exclusive Aaron Tyler has set the record straight on his myspace blog, where he not only declares that he is HIV-, but also that he regrets making any bareback movies, and it is not anything he will be doing again, and it isn't something to be done at home. He says that he initially did bareback for the money (only $100 extra) and that the public should be distrustful of the whole "only filming real-life couples doing bareback" practice because it is deceptive."

Johnny Castle Interview

M: Would you ever consider doing it with another guy on film?
Johnny Castle: No.

M: There’s not any amount of money that would  convince you to do this?
ohnny Castle:  (long pause)  I probably wouldn’t.  I do well enough just on my own. My philosophy is, leave them wanting more.

M:  Well, Johnny, you should at least say “Maybe.” Give me hope.
M:  Are most of your fans gay?
ohnny Castle: I’d say at least 90% of them are gay.

M: When you got into the business, did you realize that it was going to be like this?
ohnny Castle: I didn’t realize that I would be so popular with gays. I wasn’t aware that I would fit that “look.”  There are a lot of great looking guys out there, many of whom are much bigger than me. I guess I didn’t realize there would be such an attraction.

Johnny_castle_01 Johnny_castle_02_2

Johnny Castle STRIP Tour

Hiring Str8 Male Porn Stars - It says in the website the they are for couples and women only. Anybody hired them for some guy on guy action?

Erik Rhodes Fan Site

COLT Studio Group - "COLT Studio Group announced that it has learned that Buckshot Man and good friend, Danny Roddick passed away on September 13, 2007." There was no mention of the cause of death.

Danny_roddick_01 Danny_roddick_02

Johan Volny's new car

It really pays to be a male porn star from Czech Republic. Johan Volny sharing pictures of him and his new car sent to his Yahoo Group with the message "Hi guys, I look today of this group and I like it.It is very fantastic!!! I add some new pictures of my car for you. So nice fun and lot of beautiful cumshots :))"



List of Johan Volny's videos - He is mostly TOP. But, he did bottom in College Cumfest, Hard Riders, and Team Training.