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Happy Valentine's Day from gay porn stars


Happy New Year & THANK YOU for 2017!

THANK YOU to the readers of this blog.

THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts in the comment section.

THANK YOU for the tips. It made this blog more interesting to read.

THANK YOU and Happy New Year to everyone!

Merry Christmas from gay porn stars!

Happy Thanksgiving from gay porn

Only 2 porn studios made a Thanksgiving themed porn scene this 2017.

The first one was Lucas Entertainment "Sean Xavier and Dakota Payne, who have recently become fuck buddies, decide to host an Orphan Thanksgiving for their lonely Russian friend, Ruslan Angelo. Ruslan has never experience the holiday before, so Sean and Dakota dress up in some Thanksgiving costumes to explain the roots of the holiday to Ruslan. Once they are done with that everyone strips down so the two American boys can show the Russian how a turkey is stuffed. Seanโ€™s 10-inch black bareback cock is perfect for this: Dakota and Ruslan take turns getting rammed up the ass with it!"






The second one was Family Dick "For a special Thanksgiving update, this handsome older daddy canโ€™t keep his hands off his younger, estranged stepson. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and he wants to get a taste of his boyโ€™s growing body. While the turkeyโ€™s in the oven and the tableโ€™s being set, he pulls him away to strip him down, lick his ass, and fuck him hard."






*** Family Dick @ $14.95 a month.

Happy Halloween from gay porn

Men had 2 series with a Halloween theme. The first one was called The Bayou (Tobias, Paul Canon, Damien Stone & Michael Roman), released a few days ago. The current one is called Paranormal (Paddy O'Brian, Nicolas Brooks, Theo Ford, Gabriel Cross & Diego Reyes) & the third scene was released today.



Lucas Entertainment had a threesome with Drae Axtell, James Castle and Sean Xavier called Bareback Halloween.



Cocky Boys had Diablo in Madrid, the first of a 4 part Anthology, where Allen King fucked Sean Ford.




Happy New Year!

Thank you for 2016! Thank you for the tips! Thank you for the comments! Thank you for taking time reading this blog! Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

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