How big is your hole?

Let us revisit Connor's hole at Corbin Fisher (Thanks Jim)

Connor is one of the top 5 guys I love at Corbin Fisher. The last time he was fucked by a guy was last February 2011. It was with Jarrett. His latest is a str8 scene (posted on ACS and Corbin's Coeds) where Corbin Fisher showed the current state of his hole :)


The scene ends with Olivia eating cum and sharing it with Connor. It would hot been hotter if Connor was sharing it with another guy.


Comparing the hole of Olivia with Connor

Connor_hole_01 Connor_hole_02 

Marc Dylan with Topher DiMaggio

I think Marc Dylan's popularity increased when QMN posted about his bareback past. His bareback past at TIM made him the talk of porn town. He became one of the most in demand porn star. A week would not be complete if no porn company will release a scene that included Marc Dylan.

This week, Men released his scene with Topher DiMaggio.


El Agujero, Le Trou, Das Loch, Ang Butas, el Furat, Delik, or in english The Hole - Marc Dylan :)


The hole of Noah Brooks

Noah Brooks did scenes where he was the top, even bareback, such as his scene at Twinks.


But, I've seen him more as a bottom.


The HOLE of Noah Brooks from 5 different porn studios - Twinks, Helix Studios, Bound in Public, Next Door Twink and Freshman X.

Noah_brooks_01 Noah_brooks_02 
Noah_brooks_05 Noah_brooks_06 

You can stalk follow Noah Brooks on twitter.

Thanks to Brian for the following information sent via email.

  • ONE Noah also used the name Brett Styles, where he was barebacked and had a bukkake experience.


  • TWO From his Sexy Job profile "My dream is to be the best versatile male pornstar in the industry. I am there when i am told to be, i get hard and stay hard, and i pop every time without watching any porn!!! :) i make it loud and i make it sexy."

Interview with Noah Brooks on what made him decide to do gay porn "Actually that's a pretty interesting question.  My godfather and I had always talked about ways to make money, and he was the only person who knew that I was gay.  So the topic of porn came up one day, and he always told me that if I ever did gay porn people would love me.  I wish I would have acted on it sooner.  I just had no idea how to get into it, so I just kept putting it off.  Until one day I decided I would put some legitimate effort into it.  Looked online and started turning in applications to various different web sites.  I finally heard back from,  which seemed appropriate. From there site after site started contacting me and here I am today!"

Something new I learned from Parry - Harry Louis got fucked by Lucas Rocha

Thank you to Parry for this info sent via email "I just found out that Harry Louis got fucked last April". It happened at Kristen Bjorn website from his Casting Coach (#177) with Lucas Rocha, which was a flip/flop scene.


He shot his load in that fuck position.


According to Harry Louis, who sent me a tweet, that this scene happened last July 2006. I do LOVE getting a tweet from porn stars.


Harry's upcoming movie is Passion from Lucas Entertainment to be released at the end of this month. It's a double penetration with Michael Lucas and Dean Monroe.


The hole of Harry Louis.