Allen King enjoyed his scene with Vadim Black

The most recent scene released on the controversial Vadim Black is his pair up with Allen King at Men.




So, I asked Allen about his experience with Vadim.

How was Vadim as a co-worker?

He was an awesome partner. He's really easy to work with and that showed in that amazing scene.

Did you enjoy filming your sex scene with him?

How is it possible not to enjoy a scene with Vadim? He's simple one of the hottest guys right now in porn!



Anything interesting or memorable about Vadim?

Beside him being an incredible top, he's actually a pretty sweet guy.

Would you want to be paired with him again?

I would love to!

Vadim seems to feel the same way.


Up next for Allen at Men is his scene with Jessy Ares. While, Vadim will have a scene with Trenton Ducati.



Theo Ford interviewed by The Daily Telegraph (tip @ Chris)

Theo Ford shared the following on The Daily Telegraph.

  • His family knows he does porn.
  • Never slept with a woman.
  • Money is not his motivation but self discovery.
  • Not ashamed of his profession.
  • US rates for a porn shoot ranges from $500 to $2000 for 2 to 10 hours of work.


  • Big chunk of his income comes from escorting. An average of 12 clients a week for $400 an hour.
  • He has three degrees -  international relations, fashion design & creative writing.


 His first porn shoot was with French Twinks 3 years ago. "My first scene I think was the most difficult experience because I was dying of stress. I didn’t know what I was doing. I felt so exposed and I didn’t know how to handle the camera. Now I know how to open up my body to the camera and not look at it directly. Always making sure the camera sees everything that is happening during the scene."

3 questions with Fuller of Sean Cody

Fuller sent me an email a few days ago requesting to remove 2 photos in this post, which I did. I asked him just 3 questions so there was a bigger chance that he might answer them, which he did.

How was it working for Sean Cody? Sean Cody was a professional company and always treated me good, it was an interesting experience for me.



What have you been doing after Sean Cody? I've been staying busy with a few different businesses I'm involved in but I keep those private because they have nothing to do with modeling or adult work.


If asked, will you work again for Sean Cody? No, while it was an interesting experience I've moved on from the adult film and have no interest in doing actual film again for Sean Cody nor any other companies. I do appreciate all my fans from Sean Cody and Flirt4Free. You may see me from time to time on flirt whenever I have free time and I'm not working but in regards to my adult "career" it's been done for 6 years and will not be making a return. 

*** I did ask for a photo as proof but he declined because he was trying to get away from adult life ***

Adam Bryant on his upcoming scene & situation

The next scene to be released of Adam Bryant from Men is this coming Sunday with his pair up with Alex Mecum. According to him "Working with Alex was awesome. He is a great guy and the sex was hot."






With regards to the post I made on him being an exclusive of Men and asking for financial help via Go Fund Me, this was his reply to the post and the comments you sent.

Hey. So I can only speak for myself and not any of the other models at men. The pay is to be completely honest is just a enough for me to cover the rent and bills. As a contract I am guaranteed at least 1 scene a month. I don't escort nor will I. I also go to school studying trying to make up for my past. I don't live a life of luxury. I struggle everyday. I can't drive I rely on friends or family to do that. So when I do post selfies of me in a car that is me in the passenger side. Also I post selfies of what I do on a daily bases. I could post naked selfies and all that all the time but I believe my followers wanna see more. Also about my past. That just it yeah I was a bad kid but I am trying to show I am real and moving forward. I've had this problem my who teen years and now into my 20's. I will show who ever and whatever proof that I am not a scam artist. Also I do have insurance. But they only cover a portion of the surgery and not the whole thing. That amount I am asking for is for the surgery of both eyes as well as recovery time as I will be out of commission for 4-5 months. Once all is taken care of yes I plan on getting a job out side of Porn. But as of right now I am legally blind. I read the comments of the post last night and I'll be honest it upset me. I never once told people not to contact me if they wanted to know wants going on. I offered to answer any questions. I hope this answers any questions. And I hope as a lover and writer of porn you try and help. Thank you.

As for the term legally blind used by Adam, it meant "I can see yes. But my eyes strain and things go blurry faster. When I meant legally it means by law I am unable to drive Adam Bryant or able to focus again with out getting headaches and again strain"

One (?) fan asking the same questions to porn stars via

I noticed lately that gay porn stars with an with fans have been answering the same questions.

  Are you an exibitionist (misspelled)?


I know what you are going to say, that is a common question. What about this one?

  Sex on the beach or Tequila Sunrise?


Or, this one.

  Did you ever had sex in the airplane?


I think this is the most asked question (not just on to gay porn stars.


It was the real Blake of SC who sent the comment & I asked him 4 questions

Here is the proof that it was Blake of Sean Cody who sent the comment on this blog.


I asked him 4 questions and this was the first line of his reply "Sorry for the shitty picture, I'm definitely no Brandon/Jeff. Lol."

1. How did you apply at Sean Cody?

I was recruited via Model Mayhem to do a solo masturbation shoot, the only thing was that they said they were going to cut my hair which was down to the middle of my back at that time. And to this day every time I see my solo page I am reminded of that horrible haircut they gave me.


2. How was your first time? Did you enjoy it?

My first sex scene that was with Jaden I was a nervous wreck. Lights/Camera/Action and sex was the last thing on my mind. But as the day went on I became more comfortable with the situation and had a good time.


3. How was the experience working with Sean Cody before it was bought by another company? How is the experience now with the new company?

Working for SC before and after it has been bought I would say there has been little to no changes on the model's level, at least for me everything is just about the same.

4. Will you do more porn outside Sean Cody?

Will I do Porn after Sean Cody? I don't know. I am beyond grateful for being given the opportunity to work with Sean Cody and the positive ways it has affected my life. I was stuck in a monotonous/redundant/mind numbing retail job with no escape in sight besides continuing to work full time while spending my free time going to school. Since I began working for SC I have been the happiest in my life and have grown as a person in many ways. I am going to school and will finish with no student loans. So after Sean Cody I plan to put my education to use, but who knows what the future holds.

Brute Club replied to readers of Men of Porn

With 60+ comments on the second explanation of Brute Club regarding his sexuality, he made another post to address the comments you sent.



I also asked him a few questions.

1. Have you dated men and/or women in the past?

Yes. I've dated men and women.

2. Have you had a long term relationship with a man, woman or both? How was the relationship?

I've had one long term relationship with a man. Although he may as well have been a woman. Literally.

3. Are you sexually attracted to men or women or both?

Brute likes men. My attraction to men is mainly physical but lacks emotional attraction. I love an arse, a hole, a nice face.

3a. What is it in men that turns you on?

Stubble is sexy as fuck. But then I have zero interest in cocks which is the main anatomy of a man.

3b. What is it in women that turns you on?

I find a much deeper emotional attraction to women.

4. Are you currently single or in a relationship with a man and/or woman?

Single. I'm a lone wolf type. I'm not remotely co-dependant.

People think the oral thing will hold me back in life, but in the bedroom has never been an issue with men; it's more the emotional conflict.

I'm very much 'the man' and this leaves little room for another man in the dynamic.

I'm a great boyfriend, though. Incredibly loving when it does happen. Definitely the type that would take a bullet for you.

5. Do you see yourself getting married to a man, woman or both?

I can't foresee the future so I really don't know on marriage. I wouldn't care who it is as long as it's right.

I'm not really a big wedding type so I imagine it would be a more intimate and heat of the moment Vegas-type wedding.

Brute Club on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr &

A few questions with cross over porn star Sergeant Miles

You may have recognized Sergeant Miles for his work at Dirty Tony and its sister company All American Heroes. He is now an exclusive of Lucas Entertainment and his latest scene was released yesterday.


Sergeant Miles read the comments about him being gay 4 pay and told Michael Lucas this "Why is it so hard for people to accept the fact that I'm bi sexual? I started in the straight side because the studio is local and didn't know how to get into the gay side. Why is the gay community so unaccepting? Do you think I look uncomfortable or forced in my scenes?"

You read it right. He started in str8 porn. In a tip I got from Bo and YouKnowWho, he worked for str8 porn sites such as xxxtremecomixxx, tabooddhist, and shrinxxx.


I reached out to Sergeant Miles via twitter to ask him about his work as a str8 and a gay porn star.

1. You are being labelled gay4pay due to your str8 porn work. But, you identify yourself as bisexual, right?

I'm being labeled as Gay4Pay from those who doubt my sexuality. I am bisexual and never claimed to be homosexual. I enjoy the fluidity of discovering new things. I don't like to box myself into one thing.

2. What made you decide to work in str8 porn [gallery 01 & 02]? How was the experience?

A local studio reached out to me to be a part of their team on social media. I'd never done porn before that, and was unaware of how to contact companies to apply as talent. I enjoyed the experience, got to meet a lot of interesting people and become more confident on camera. Though my first few scenes I often had trouble with performance issues. I've also worked for, where I've explored straight submissive roles, where in my personal life I tend to be the dominant partner.


3. Done with str8 porn?

I like to leave all doors open. I have a very good relationship with all the studios I've worked for - gay or straight. I am shifting my focus away from the local studio to focus on productions with Michael Lucas.

4. What made you decide to cross over to gay porn? So far, how was the experience?

I decided to do gay porn because I have always enjoyed my encounters with men and figured if I was going to acting out my sexuality I should do both sides of it.  It was only a few months after filming my first straight scenes I contacted All American Heroes and traveled to San Diego to shoot with Dirty Tony. I really enjoyed the camaraderie of working with other service men and veterans. It gave me a commonality that allowed me to be comfortable in front of the camera. I still struggled with erectile problems, but enjoyed myself immensely.


5. Besides the scene partners, what are the differences between working in str8 and gay porn?

The straight scenes I've got have been heavily fetish, kink and BDSM focused, sometimes no sex at all is shot in the scenes, where as the gay porn I've done has been revolved purely around sex and passion.

6. What is next for Sergeant Miles? Michael Lucas mentioned to me in an email that you will be a big performer in a short amount of time.

I will be jet setting off to Berlin for my first of many shoots as an exclusive model with Michael Lucas and his team. I'm looking forward to working with his company and having many new adventures.

*** From Sergeant Miles "Just so I am clear on questions 2 and 4 I started in the straight side and had performance issues and wasn't always as hard as I could be. This was because I was nervous, but when I to work with All American Heros I still had really bad nerves being infront of the camera but found that performing with other veterans and the camaraderie between us made it easier to stay hard.  Now that I am more comfortable and confident infront of the camera I don't have any issues."