Andrew Stark now doing live cam shows (tips @ Matt & Deran)

No scene of Andrew Stark (aka Ty of CF) was released this year. If you missed him, he does live cam shows at Charturbate as Tooawkwardtobesexy.




There are times that Andrew does a live cam show with a woman (his wife?).



According to tipster Matt "He said he's not retired. He was suppose to be in the Men Capt America parody as Bucky Barnes but there was a scheduling conflict."

UPDATE Comment from Andrew Stark "Wow, the hate on here is strong!! I have always been open about my sexuality since day one and anyone saying otherwise is mistaken. I love performing, I love the adult industry, and I have always been for the LBGT community regardless of what I may do in my personal life. Gay, straight, or whatever, if you're not open minded than you're no better than the homophobic counterparts. But even if I was 100% gay, I would be deeply ashamed to call myself one with the way threads like this speak about other human beings. And, to be clear, I don't promote myself as "Andrew stark gay pornstar" on cam. I just want to be another face in the crowd."

Then & now on Kevin Ateah (tip @ JJ)

In 2013, I made a post of Kevin Ateah with regards to his work with studios [gallery 01, 02 & 03] such as Belami Online & the use of the porn name Silvestr Paty at William Higgins.







He was online today at Flirt 4 Free.


From tipster JJ on chatting with Kevin.

I checked him out. He was on his bed naked and jerking off. He is still cute but looks a little older. His body was slim and toned. I was only there for a few minutes until my time expired. I greeted him. Then, I mentioned that he was a BA boy and shortly afterwards just after I hit the enter button to send my next post, this message appeared in place of my post

ERROR: [195] The client has noted that you've typed web protocols, domain names or excessive punctuation/spacing within the past couple entries. This is seen as spam and could result in a temporary ban!

I could not help but think that he was unhappy with my posting about his Bel Ami past.

Clayton of Military Classified is Matt Grant at Chaturbate (tip @ GoGo)

Clayton was one of the new recruits last month at Military Classified "...this former Navy Seabee has found his way in the hands of Rob Navarro. He's a clean cut, good looking conservative straight boy who has allowed Rob to handle his meat for the first time in his life."



He does live cam shows as Matt Grant at Chaturbate where he stated he wanted to be a porn actor.




Fan contest winner run4miles as porn star Miles Taylor

The latest update at Guys In Sweatpants is the bareback scene of Miles Taylor with the owner of the site.



Miles was the "fan" aka run4miles who won the Gay Hoopla contest back in December.


He was also known as Adam Wylde at Flirt 4 Free and at Chaturbate (via Voyeur Boys).



If you want to watch him in str8 porn, he was at


New guy Mike Hollister of Active Duty does live cam shows

Mike Hollister is the new guy [gallery] this week at Active Duty.


His scenes are out of sequence since last month his hardcore scene [gallery] was released "This is the amazing Mike Hollister with Dominic, both of whom I'm sure you'll recall."



He does live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free using the same name. He was last online 9 days ago.


Does it dilute the Active Duty brand if their model does live cam shows?