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Power Professionals from Lucas Entetainment

The release date of Power Professionals from Lucas Entertainment is this coming Friday, June 10, 2011.

Rafael Carreras has a new look for this movie. Cock is still big but the hair style is different :)

Rafael_carreras_THENNOW_01 Rafael_carreras_THENNOW_02 

Big porn news this week were the first scenes of Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau as a bottom were released. Gabriel Lenfant as Gabriel Clark bottomed for Trent Diesel at Cocky Boys. While, Marko Lebeau bottomed for Trystal Bull. Both porn stars bottomed again for this movie.


The first scene of the movie with Adrian Long and Carsten Andersson can now be watched at Lucas Entertainment.

Power_professionals_01 Power_professionals_02

The last of the four scenes paired Adam Killian with Jesse Colter.


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Yahoo Groups on Lautrec twins, Harry Louis, Max Veneziano, Franceso D'Macho and more

Michael Lucas Fan Group
Ultimate Eric Hanson
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Max Venenziano Fan Group
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Pornstars/fan messages and new Yahoo Groups

Dillon Crow's Nest


Description: Group for Dillon Crow multi tattooed, bubble butt, MMA fighter who is now an Hot House exclusive.
Messages: Moderated. Retricted membership.

Fan Message: Ken Ryker and Ryan Idol from Classic Male Porn Stars Yahoo Group

Ryan_idol "This now defunct magazine was published in Toronto. I was at this photo shoot.... Sept 1996. Key Ryker was a lovely guy....very shy. Ryan Idol was diva attitude like you would expect. He spoke to the crowd at Woody's the night before (the Woody's in Toronto that Queer As Folk used as a model for their ersatz Woody's) He was great with the crowd... very sweet and gracious. Ken Ryker didn't address the crowd. I got to spend some time talking to Ryan on the day of the shoot. I thoroughly enjoyed his company. I've heard of many stories over the years about Ryan Idol and none of them reflected him in a good light. I saw no poor behaviour from Ryan Idol that weekend he was here. I wish him the best."

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Jackson Wild, Jason Adonis, Pavel Novotny, Julien Breeze, Barry Scott Yahoo Groups and more

Yahoo Groups - Gay Porn Stars

Jason Adonis Fans (Moderated. Restricted membership.)


Bruce Jennings (Moderated)

Trent Cougar (Moderated. Restricted membership.)

Gianfranco From Ultimate Sr8 Male Stars Yahoo Group an update on Gianfranco "Gianfranco used the money wisely from his porn and escort days and is now a certified chiropractor in West Hollywood. 33 year old Gianfranco used his Latino/Middle Eastern looks to market himself as Italian during his porn days in the mid 1990s. He was even detained briefly after September 11 as an Iranian in the US. Seems like all of that is behind him now as he's sighted working out at Gold's Gym Hollywood."

Dean Cox (Moderated. Restricted membership.)   

Jackson Wild (Moderated. Restricted membership.)

Jackson_wild From Jackson Wild Fans on a short hiatus from porn "I am posting this message to let you know I am thinking of you. I have recently taken a hiatus from the industry to better myself emotionally and physically. In the next coming months I will strive to make a better Jackson and truly benefit myself. I love you all and you guys definitely rock my world. Without you I would have no reason to ever keep doing this....its all about you baby :) I will keep you updated and will definitely have some new pix coming soon, IML is so soon and gonna be so exciting. THANK YOU ALL!!" 

Legendary Pavel Novotny (Un-moderated. Restricted membership.)

Brad_virtua Brad_virtua02

Julien Breeze (Moderated)

Ultimate Erik Rhodes (Un-moderated. Restricted membership.)


Yahoo Groups - Str8 Male Porn Stars

Rafe Fans (Un-moderated)

Barry Scott (Un-moderated)

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Jackson Wild Fans

Jackson_wild_01 Jackson_wild_02

Description: Jackoson Wild - Our newest bad boy.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Other Galleries: With Dillon Crow and with Kurt Wild

Logan McCree

Logan_mccree_01 Logan_mccree_02

Description: Welcom to the world of Logan McCree, one of Raging Stallion Studios' newest and brightest stars!
Messages: Moderated.
Info: Logan BURST onto the screen in "Ink Storm"... This film was a first for Logan in the US, and it was also Jake's directorial debut. Logan is distinguished not only by his rugged good looks and sexy persona, but also by his full-body tribal tattoo.

Vince_rockland Vince Rockland Yahoo Group - message "Vince is in discussion to participate in a 'Fairy Garden' photo shoot (non porn) later this Spring. He states that he may portray a buff Construction Worker or aspiring bodybuilder in the illustration for the coffee table book. The Construction Worker is extremely ironic because he IS a concrete construction worker, but currently unemployed due to the housing/constructio n recession."

Sent by Eddie Stone on his Yahoo Group - message "Radio & Television. I'm interning at a radio station and working at the front desk... so my foot is already in the door. take it easy, Eddie"

Chad Douglas Shrine

Chad_douglas Chad_douglas_02

Description: Group is open to fans of Chad Douglas. You are also ask to post your favorite pics and/or video clips of Chad Douglas to the group.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Ettore Tosi Fan Group

Ettore_tosi_01 Ettore_tosi_02

Description: Fans of Ettore Tosi

Tommy Blade

Tommy_blade_01 Tommy_blade_02

Description: This is ONLY for Tommy Blades's info/pics/posts
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Josh_harting Josh Harting Yahoo Group - Message "Porn wise I saw him working for a studio called peagasus on-line ! that was about two years ago. I also read about two years ago he was dating a well known movie/broadway producer in New York. He was an older guy that was spoiling Mr. Harting quite a bit ! That was reported in the Village Voice !! Any news on him since ?? I would love to see him make a couple of more major studio vids !! hot hot man"

Mike Henson Shrine

Description: this group is for fans of mike henson
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership..

Ross Hurston Fans Group

Ross_hurston_01 Ross_hurston_02

Description: This group is dedicated to Hot House U.S. Exclusive Ross Hurston.
Messages: Moderated.
Info: Ross works with Men At Play in Great Britain where he has a huge fan base. Under a unique arrangement, Hot House secured him as their first- ever U.S. Exclusive. Ross’s U.S. debut was in Head Hunters, Inc. Ross can also be seen with fellow Exclusive C.J. Knight in the newly released Stark Naked.

Pavel Novotny, Lukas Ridgeston, Matt Majors, Rukas Stone Yahoo Groups

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Pavel Novotny Fans

Brad_virtua Brad_virtua02

Description: Pavel Novotny- aka Max Orloff and Jan Dvorak among numerous other names under which he appears. Pavel was a adult actor from the Czech Republic who had appeared in gay male, bisexual, and straight adult movies. He debuted in the adult industry in 1999.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Yvan Cournoyer

Description: Dedicated to the hunk Yvan Cournoyer.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Matt Majors

Matt_majors_01 Matt_majors_02

Description: Dedicated to the career of ultra hot gay superstar, Matt Majors.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Info: Matt Majors has a major league, uncut, beer can-thick cock. He tends to top on film but describes himself as versatile outside of movies. He's about 6ft 2ins tall and has hazel eyes, was born a Pisces in 1974 in Illinois and learned Arabic while serving in the army.

Lukas Ridgeston Site

Lukas_in_love_part1 Lukas_stories_2

Description: Fans of Lukas Ridgeston
Messages: Un-moderated.

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Ruka Stone Club

Irving_hunter_rough_riders Irving_hunter_score

Description: This group is dedicated to Ruka Stone (1983, December 13th), Croatian hot stud.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Dale Dabone Fans

Description: New fan group for Dale Dabone(aka Rutter), the gorgeous multi-talented star of adult films.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Info: Dale is also an accomplished musician, stuntman,actor and athlete. He also recently started wrestling.

Vitor Assuncao

Description: Vitor Assuncao (aka Vitor Gaucho) - Brazilian Adult Video "Straight" Star
Messages: Moderated.

Kris Lord, Tommy Blade, Trevor Zen, Chase Stevens, and Alec Powers Yahoo Groups

Gay Porn Stars - Yahoo Groups

Kris Lord Fan

Kris_lord_01 Kris_lord

Description: 15 years later, Kris Lord is still hot as ever. Come pay homage to this hot Lord!
Messages: Un-moderated.

Tommy Blade

Tommy_blade_01 Tommy_blade_02

Description: Tommy Blade - Exclusively YOURS!
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Tommy_blade_2 Info: Gorgeous Tommy Blade was born in Bogota, Colombia, in 1980 but was adopted as a baby by a couple from Minnesota in the USA. He joined the Air Force after high school and was based in Germany before moving back to live in Florida, where he's worked as a manager at a fitness center. He's also been a personal trainer. He's a stunner with black hair, sideburns and an olive complexion. He got into the adult industry after sending his pictures to Falcon in October 2005. He was signed as an All Worlds exclusive in 2007 and has been in films by Falcon Studios, Channel 1 Releasing and Rascal Video. BLADE now calls Florida his home.

Chase Stevens

Chase_stevens_01 Chase_stevens_02

Description: Dedicated to beautiful blond stud, Chase
Messages: Moderated.

Alec Powers Fans 2

Alec_powers_01 Alec_powers_02

Description: This is a replacement group for the older Alec Powers group due to it being taken over by spammers.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Straight Male Porn Stars - Yahoo Groups

Trevor Zen

Description: Dedicated the incredibly handsome sexy and talented (AVN nominee for "Not a Romance") Trevor Zen one of the hottest men ever in adult films.
Messages: Un-moderated.