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Martin Klic, Jeff Stryker, Ryan Idol, Aaron James and Evan Seinfeld Yahoo Groups

Aaron James

Description: This group is for the rising, sexy adult entertainment star Aaron James.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Current News: He will appear in MTV's TrueLife on Wednesday, Feb. 27

Aaron_james_01 Aaron_james_02

Extreme Ryan Idol

Description: After being a member of several other Ryan Idol groups that were a collection of a few pictures and plenty of spam, I decided to start my own group. All are welcome and please enjoy the collection. I think this is the only Ryan Idol group you will ever need to belong to, and I promise, absolutley no spam. at all.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Interview by Vincent Lambert 

Ryan_idol_best_matt_sterling_01 Ryan_idol_best_matt_sterling_02

Martin Klic

Description: New adult model from Czech Rep., also named Boris Sacharov or Martin Terk.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Current News: His new movie is Czech Tales Part 2 (gallery). He was also in the first part (gallery) of the said movie.

Martin_klic Martin_klic_02

Jeff Stryker Fans

Description: This is a group just for Jeff Stryker without the spam
Moderated. Restricted membership.
News: He produced his last video which included Ken Ryker.
Interview by Vincent Lambert

Jeff_styker_best_matt_sterling_01 Jeff_styker_best_matt_sterling_02

Evan Seinfeld

Description: This group is dedicated to Evan Seinfeld, ex-Biohazard, actual adult film star (aka Spyder Jonez) and heavy metal vocalist in The Spyderz. Jaz Hoyt in HBO tv show OZ. Heยดs married to Tera Patrick, the adult film star.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Marc Vidal, Blake Harper, Gavin Braun, Ion Davidov, Chris Rockway, Derrick Pierce Yahoo/Google Groups and more

Marc_vidal_pillowtalk Marc Vidal

Description: This group is intended for Marc Vidal's fans to share pictures, video clips, links, and any information about this cute little horny devil.
Messages: Moderated.

Blake Harper, Jason Branch and Colton Ford

Description: This group honors the collective work of gay male video stars Blake Harper, Jason Branch and Colton Ford - three of the most popular and interesting men working in this industry today
Messages: Moderated.

Gavin_braun_cruising_2 Gavin Braun

Description: You found Gavin Braun, the "blond bad boy" of the gay adult entertainment industry! Welcome to my new group, please join and be notified of updates in my budding career.
Messages: Moderated.

1 Guide to Gay Stars

Description: This group is all about finding, and helping others find, links to those gay adult film porn stars.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Zachary Scott

Description: Fans of Zachary Scott
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Ion_davidov_3 Ion Davidov

Description: This is a gay group about (and for fans of) Bel Ami star Ion Davidov.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Tom Chase

Description: Yahoo group dedicated to Colt Man Tom Chase
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Chris Rockway Fan

Description:  Chris Rockway Fan
Messages: Un-moderated.

Gay Starz 5

Description: The newest addition to my Gay Starz Conglomeration. Hot Gay Adult Film Stars from all over Europe.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Str8 Porn Star - Yahoo Group

Derrick Pierce

Description: Fan club for tall sexy adult film star, Derrick Pierce
Messages: Un-moderated.

Gay Porn Stars - Google Group

Falcon's Men

Fernando Nielsen, Roman Heart, Derek Russo, Mark Dalton and Damian Yahoo Groups

Fernando Nielsen

Description: This yahoo fan group is dedicated to the new COLT Studio Group Model Fernando Nielsen
Messages: Moderated. Restricted Membership.

Fernando_nielsen_colt_01 Fernando_nielsen_colt_02

Roman Heart Fans

Description: Roman Heart - Voted the Best Newcomer of the Year for 2006, versatile Roman Heart has made huge waves in the industry in a very short time.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted Membership.

Roman_heart_01 Roman_heart_02

Derek Russo

Description: Derek Russo - A Fan of the Man's Group.
Messages: Moderated.

Derek_russo_manifest_01_2 Derek_russo_manifest_02_2

Mark Dalton is hot

Description: This group is dedicated to one of the hottest guys on the net Mark Dalton
Messages: Moderated.

Mark_dalton_01 Mark_dalton_02


Description: The only Damian Internet Fan Club
Messages: Moderated.

Jean Franco, Austin Rogers, Ty LeBeouf, Samuel Hoffman, Julio Carillo, and Kevin Elola Yahoo Groups

Jean Franco

Description: Fans of Jean Franco
Messages: Un-moderated.

Jean_franco_lucaskazan_01 Jean_franco_menatplay

Austin Rogers

Description: Group for beautiful guy Austin Roger
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Austin_rogers_poolside Austin_rogers_ransom

Ty LeBeouf Fans Group

Description: This is a fan's group dedicated to Hot House Exclusive Ty LeBeouf.
Messages: Moderated.

Ty_lebeouf_playgirl_01 Ty_lebeouf_playgirl_01a

Samuel Hoffman

Description: This Yahoo-group is dedicated to the mega cute Czech gay twink porn star Samuel Hoffman.
Messages: Moderated.

Samuel_hoffman_higgins_01 Samuel_hoffman_higgins_02

Kevin_elola_graffiti Kevin Elola

Description: We Love Kevin Elola from Bel Ami
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Julio Carillo

Description: For those guys wanting to share their favorite pics of julio carillo with the group.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Yahoo Groups on Kurt Wild, Frank Towers, Malik Sharif, Brodie Sinclair, Criss Strokes, Johnny Sins and more

Kurt Wild

Kurt_wild_01a Kurt_wild_02a_2
Kurt_wild_03 Kurt_wild_04

Description: Kurt Wild can be called a porn star. He has done soon to be released movies from major porn studios. Kurt is a member, moderator, and an active part of the group.
Messages: Moderated.
Info on Kurt:
Kurt has Brownish-red hair, chiseled abs, an adorable smile, and a nice wholesomeness about his thick tool. Kurt hails from Missouri, he's 5'8, 135 Lbs, blue eyes, and 8.5 Cut.

Malik Sharif

Description: Group dedicated to Malik Sharif.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Frank Towers Fans

Mark_slade_cadet Mark_slade_twisted

Description: New Yahoo fan group for Frank Towers
Messages: Un-moderated.
Info on Frank Towers: aka Mark Slade,
born September 25, 1968. Frank is a world-famous adult film star. Frank got his start originally 1993. An encounter with international icon Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1986 changed his life. At the time, he was a self-described spindly 150-pound weakling. Inspired by Arnie, he embarked on a rigorous bodybuilding regimen that had his 6 ft 4 in frame filled out to 240 pounds within a few years. His well-honed muscles of steel and fantastic physique served him well once he decided to take the adult film plunge in 1993.

My Gay Group Star

Description: All about gay porn stars.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Brodie Sinclair Fans

Brodie_sinclair_cocky Brodie_sinclair_college_2
Brodie_sinclair_jakecruise_2 Brodie_sinclair_randyblue_2

Description: Whichever name you know him by, and doing it with guys or girls (or hopefully both at the same time soon), there is no denying that Brodie Sinclair aka Derek Brodie is the hottest thing to come along in the adult entertainment industry in awhile.
Messages: Moderated.

Criss Strokes

Chriss_strokes_sg4ge Criss_strokes_next_buddies
Criss_strokes_next_door Criss_strokes_next_door_01

Description: Criss Strokes (aka Braden, Chris Strokes, Chris Holmes) is a stud to the core. Blowing huge loads all over his partners, as is appropriate for such a big guy. Watching that big dick of his go to work is almost mesmerizing. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't insanely jealous of the lucky coed taking on that big donkey-dick.
Messages: Moderated.
Info on Criss Strokes: Age: 21
, Height: 6'3" (191 cm), Weight: 195 lbs. (88 kg), Waist: 30 (??), Shoes: 13.5 (46), Schlong: 10" (26 cm), Hair Color: Brown, Eye Color: Blue

right shoulder - "Criss"
left shoulder - "Chandler"
left lower arm - Intricate cross
left bicep - Lettering

Straight Male Porn Stars - Yahoo Groups

Johnny Sins

Description: Johnny Sins is a major stud from head to toe. When he drops his pants, he shows a schlong that many donkey would be envious of. Johnny's dick will blow your mind and make you fall to your knees, mouth wide open.
Messages: Moderated.

Yahoo Groups on Joe Foster, Bo Dixon, CJ Knight, Thomas Dyk, Alan Capier, Thom Jefferson and Marty Braun

Joe Foster

Description: This group is dedicated to the hot Australian gay star that has been in several falcon videos. Please post videos, pictures, and any information you have about this hot star.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.

Bo Dixon

Description: Yahoo Group dedicated to adult model Bo Dixon.
Messages: Moderated . Restricted membership.

CJ Knight Group

Desciption: Group dedicated to Florida native C.J Knight ,the hot bottom with a smokin hot bottom for Hothouse.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Thomas Dyk

Desciption: Thomas Dyk - Czech gay mega star and one of the nicest man on Earth
Messages: Un-moderated.

Thom Jefferson

Desciption: Site for Thomas Jefferson fans.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Alan Capier

Desciption: Fans of Alan Capier
Messages: Un-moderated.

Marty Braun

Desciption: Marty Braun is a member of the group.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Yahoo Groups on Johnny Castle, Alex LeMonde, CJ Wright, Joe Blow and Scott Peterson

Johnny Castle Fan

Description: Welcome to fan club for Johnny Castle, the extremely popular, nice, sexy, sweet, handsome adorable adult film star, model and Advocate Men's Man of the Year.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Johnny Castle My Friend

Description: Friends of Johnny Castle
Messages: Un-moderated.

Alex LeMonde Fans

Description: This is a brand new (and very comprehensive if I do say so myself) group for Alex LeMonde.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

CJ Wright

Description: The next big thing - CJ Wright
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Joe Blow

Description: Fan Group for new adult star Joe Blow
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Scott Peterson Fans

Description: Beautiful Playgirl model Scott Peterson.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Archives of Google and Yahoo Groups from Men of Porn

Yahoo Groups on Chad Knight, Stefan Stano, Steve Cruz, PhatZane, Justin Magnu and more

Handsome and Hottest

Description: Some of the most beautiful guys of the world. It includes: Ryan Zane, Dean Coulter, Zack Spears, Alex Wilcox Eric Hanson and more, even Chris Meloni (law and order).
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.

Eric Manchester

Description: The No. 1 Eric Manchester Fan Club
Messages: Moderated.

Englishlads_01 Englishlads_02

Chad Knight

Description: The No. 1 Chad Knight Fan Club
Messages: Moderated.

Blair Mason

Description: Blair Mason's Group
Messages: Moderated.

Corbin_brent_jeff_01 Corbin_brent_jeff_02

Stefan Stano

Description: Stefan Stano ( or Andrej Kulavskij / Rezso Farkas / Roberto Kereches / Peter Tomanek / Robert P. / Mark ...) is a top Hungarian born November 1973.

Alex Baresi

Description: Enter here to worship Italian gay adult film star Alex Baresi (TitanMen), aka Alex Corsi (Raging Stallion Studios.)
Un-moderated. Restricted membership.

Bukbuddies_01 Bukbuddies_02

Steve Cruz

Description: Welcome to the Official Yahoo Fan Group for Steve Cruz. Yes, Steve is an active member, and Moderator of this Group, here is a personal message from Steve:
Messages: Moderated.

All Time Male Stars

Description: A new group celebrating the great male adult stars,straight, gay and bi.

Menatplay_01 Menatplay_02


Description: Fans of Phat Zane
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.

Justin Magnum

Description: Str8 stud Justin is one of the new breed of 90s hunks -- a good looking, well-muscled hunk who would look as at home in a fashion magazine as in the scene.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Chaosmen_tagteam4_hires_01 Chaosmen_tagteam4_hires_03

Mr. Pete Pics

Description: This is a group dedicated to the uncut stud Mr. Pete. Feel free to post any pics of him at any time.
Messages: Un-moderated.