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Brent Everett got fucked in his upcoming movie Twintastic

From Jesse and Joshua at Fratmen, to Corbin Fisher as Liam and Luca where they shared their experience side by side, and now as Luco Rosso and Liam Russo for Channel 1 Releasing. The twins just finished their scene with Brent Everrett in the upcoming movie Twintastic, which you can watch at C1r's Cockwatch.

It's not often that we see Brent Everett as a bottom. Lets all savor this moment.

Brent_everett_twins_01 Brent_everett_twins_02
Brent_everett_twins_03 Brent_everett_twins_04
Brent_everett_twins_06 Brent_everett_twins_07

 It was said at Corbin Fisher that Joshua/Liam was straight while his twin brother Jesse/Luca was gay. If they haven't changed their hairstyle, it's Jesse/Luca fucking Brent while Brent is fucking his straight twin brother Joshua/Liam.

Will you watch the movie Twintastic from C1R?

Lets help a gay porn star make it to Ford Model Search 2008

Rj_danvers_01 Fans of gay porn, RJ Danvers needs your votes. From his blog "My friend David tipped me off to Ford Models 2008 Model Search. I decided on a whim to make a profile, and see if I could make a dent in the competition. The winner of the competition wins a contract with Ford Model agency and the cover of VMAN11 magazine.

Click here to vote for me for Ford Models 2008 Model Search. You can vote once per day, so if you can remember, vote everyday! :-)"

Again, VOTE HERE. Just in case, the link to Vote for Me is on the left side found in the middle of the web page.

Aaron James thinks being straight is an on/off switch

It's common for "str8 guys" to claim that they are straight and just doing porn for the money and curious about gay sex. Aaron James is one of them.

In the "I Work In The Sex Industry" episode of MTV's True Life, Aaron kept on saying he is straight and this was just his job and he was doing it for the money.

Aaraon_james_mtv_shot_landon_2Strangely enough, his MySpace profile states  "...As of right now, I am straight. The twist on my story is that I am attracted very much to certain men. Unfortunately, so far the men I have met in my life that I attracted lead a life style that is a turn off to me... Eventually I will meet a man who is attractive, leads a responsible life style, and shows me respect. Until then, I am a straight guy waiting to become a bi/gay gay..."

At least we know he only likes attractive men who leads a lifestyle that is not a turn off. And, currently he is straight.

Update on Aaron James: Judging from the pictures of his upcoming movie Hollywood Sex Club, Aaron gets fucked. It looks like the scene is about Aaron so drunk that he is taken advantaged by getting sucked and fucked.

Aaron_james_bottoms_01 Aaron_james_bottoms_02

Another movie coming out for Aaron is Ass Crusin with Aaron James where he is on every scene. All movies are from Jet Set Studio where he has an exclusive contract.

Galleries of Aaron James at CollegeDudes 24/7: Jock fucks a geek, Jock ass play fuck, Jock fucks muscle twink, and Jock fucks jock.

Aaron James' Yahoo Group.

Interesting article from Queer Me Now on Aaron James: Aaron James’ TrueLife: I’m in the Sex Industry Episode Recap

Eddie Stone back in school in Toronto

Eddie_stone_jetsetmen January 17 issue of Xtra! (a gay newspaper from Toronto) "Pornstar Eddie Stone has returned to his roots. A popular filly in Chi Chi La Rue's sexy stable with a fan base almost as big as his cock, Stone told me he's fairly over the LA sex flick life (but not in a begrudging way) and has returned to Toronto for a fresh start that includes heading back to school. Busting the dumb porn star stereotype to bits, Stone was even carrying a Charles Dickens classic in paperback when we chatted. Smart and hung? Yum. Welcome home."

Galleries on Eddie Stone from Men of Porn - Eddie pile drives Alex Dade and Looking for Trouble with Brent Everett.

Eddie Stone Yahoo Group (Eddie was a member)

Tristan Jaxx - porn star and disc jockey

Tristan Jaxx is now a Falcon Studio exclusive model. His new movie is Endless Crush along with the Jarics lovers.

Tristan will be a guest DJ at the Endless Crush DVD Release Party on Nov. 21, 2007 according to the Falcon blog.

Tristan does resemble a little bit of Mike Branson.


The sad thing about Tristan Jaxx is that he is a TOP according to his profile. Will he bottom in the future?

Tristan Jaxx's XXX Gallery in Endless Crush.

Str8 Porn Star Jack Venice Wanted on Rape Charges

First, thanks to Mike of NY for sending me the link on Jack Venice.

Update: According to a phone interview, Jack said "I'm going to be in police custody in 24 hours"

Jack_venice_mugshot_2 According to "25-year-old Christopher Reid is wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a woman at a WSU sorority."

We all know him as Jack Venice.

According to the Pullman Mayor interviewed by "He might be heading towards Canada. He may be coming back from Canada. He still might be in Western Washington, we don't know. At this point, we have an arrest warrant that's being issued for him and that will have a number of agencies looking for him"

I can't wait for the mugshot.

The video news on Jack Venice (Note: Click play. The AD will show up first. Then, click play again. The news video will appear)

Interview with Jack Venice last June 2007.  "Jack Venice - Absolutely not. I am 100% comfortable with having gay fans and I email them back and forth everyday but I am not gay and never will be for any price. It's just not my thing and I think it's funny when guys do it for money..."

Gossips and News on Cody Cash, Max Shutler, Johnny Castle and more.

Cody Cash released from Prison - "Talent agent David Forest has announced that porn star Cody Cash was paroled this week from Shafter Community Correctional Facility, near Bakersfield, California. Cash, 27, has been incarcerated for nearly 20 months on a three-year drug-related sentence. Forest said that Cash looks “tan, hard and even better than when he first began doing XXX work. He looks like he just got back from a long vacation on some tropical island!”"

Cody_cash_01_grand_opening Cody_cash_01_rough_trade
Pictures open to the video captures of Grand Opening and Rough Trade.

Adam Hart Missed Porn - "Adam Hart is looking to make a comeback.  The hunky guy, who now has even more hunkiness, is a professional photographer in Las Vegas in his real life. Adam is back in the Forest, as they say, weighing in at a muscular 245 pounds, and is, David says, “real hard and solid.”  I like the “hard” part.  The 33 year-old Adam wants to do a “couple” of movies, as an anal or oral top, and wouldn’t mind returning to the gay dance circuit.  Let’s see where he lands."

Adam_heart_inside_porn Adam_heart_nights_in_eden
Pictures open to the video captures of Inside Porn and Nights in Eden

Kurt Lockwoord Retires... For Now - "Though he says he may consider accepting offers from companies who fly him back to America for work now and then, for the moment award-winning straight male porn God Kurt Lockwood is through with the porn biz and through with America as he heads to Spain where he'll live with his girlfriend who is expecting his first child."

Picture open to the gallery

Jason Ridge on Howard Stern - "It's a rare occurance that "The Howard Stern Show" welcomes gay porn performers. It's only happened with a select few legends in the history of the shock jock's popular show. It will happen again this Thursday, September 6th when gay porn superstar, Jason Ridge takes to the air waves at Sirius Satellite Radio."

Howard Strern Show Comment from Jason Ridge's Yahoo Group
"I am a longtime Stern listener and have to be honest- I had no idea who Jason Ridge was- but after listening to the radio segment (and watching one of Jason's movies ) damn! That is one fine man. I would love to see Jason pair up with some hot daddy/bears. He is as handsome and sexy as they come -that facial profile shot of him is breath taking. If anyone can cross-over to mainstream -it is he- I just can't take my eyes off that guy."

Max Schutler / Jorge Schmeda Is Mr. Gay Argentina - "I’ve never paid attention to Mister Gay International competition before. But I’ve changed my mind since I saw one of this year delegates. He’s Mr. Gay Argentina or Jorge Schmeda who’s smoking hot and I will be surprised if he not win any titles. And it’s even hotter when you can watch this hot guy takes big cock up his ass cause he’s also porn star Max Schutler."

Picture open to the gallery of Max getting fucked

Where is Alexei Gromoff? (From his Yahoo Group)
A member of the Yahoo Group "Actually he is 32. He worked in London and Berlin as an escort. Alexei is not his real name, it sounds more like a Russian name, not Hungarian. I know his name but I would not like to share it with the group, still I can ask him if he is interested to join this group. I met him as an escort, this is how I know all this. I think he is married, but this is something I know from one of his "colleagues"."

Alexei_gromoff_comrades_inarms_01 Alexei_gromoff_manwatcher_2
Pictures open to the video captures of Comrades in Arms and Manwatcher

Joe Landon: Where is he now? (From his Yahoo Group)
From a member of the group "Joe no longer does porn the public or studios, but may still show up with his bf in Chicago. He recently broke up with a bf of about 4 years and now is seeing/dating/enjoying a new great guy. I think that's about 3 months and running. He seems very happy and i don't think "Joe" has any interest in returning to the scene -- but I'd certainly love to see his much improved body in action. woof!"

Joe_landon_apprentice2 Joe_landon_apprentice2_02
Pictures open to the video captures of Apprentice 2

Porn Star Sightings: Johnny Castle - (From a Yahoo Group)
From a member of the group "I have seen him twice in the last three weeks, entering or exiting Crunch Gym on Braodway/W.95th Street. New York, NY. He is more beautiful in person than in pictures. I was too shy to say anything."

Picture open to the gallery of Hustle and Cruise

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