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Miscellaneous stuff

- Reader (Yeremia) of this blog would like to know the name of the guy getting sucked in the photos below.



- Josh Logan, who is in jail for 3 years now, was on the Washington Post with regards to his murder case.



- Like or dislike? Bondage at Spunk Worthy (tip @ quipmstr).



- Tweets on the fake death of Killian James.

It started with a tweet from Ian Greene (deleted) that Killian has died.

It was followed by condolences from porn stars like Tom Faulk.

Ian showed proof.

Seth Knight confirmed Killian was not dead.

The reaction of Ian to the news of Killian's fake death.

Miscellaneous stuff 3

--- Jed Athens has retired from gay porn according to Raw Fuck Club "This is Jed Athen's final porn scene."

Jed was very vocal about his dislike on some porn stars like Rocco Reed & Boomer Banks. He did post about his experiences with scene his partners "[on Derek Parker] Love the guy very sweet, use to see him all the time at golds gym. When it came to the shoot  he wasn't cleaned out so he didn't bottom like he was suppose to be. He also was on something so he wasn't really present when shooting with him."


-- Just an added income or will models of Sean Cody do live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free?


-- Eastern European porn stars like Peter Andre (aka Dom Ully etc) & Martin Gajda (aka Andrew Gonzales etc) with mature women.



-- Tweets from gay porn stars.

  • Can you spare Kyle Dean $50?
    • UPDATE 1 A comment on Kyle re his Skype shows "Don't pay for a show with Kyle Dean or give him money. He offered a "discount" Skype show for $100. After he added me on Skype I paid and then he blocked me on all those mediums."
    • UPDATE 2 Kyle Dean's response on twitter "Look at more people trying to bring me down and lie about some shit I would never do. Smh" & "and it shows NO proof".
    • UPDATE 3 A proof from a fan.

  • Ace Era was bred and filled with piss by his boyfriend.

  • The photo that got Roman Todd into gay porn.

Miscellaneous stuff 2

*** The following were sent by readers of this blog.

-- Elder Farnsworth of Mormon Boyz could pass as the doppelgΓ€nger (or younger brother?) of Thom of Sean Cody (from Deran)



-- From Tony "Ages ago, All American Heroes had a model "Navy Corpsman Travis." Have you seen his videos? That guy looks for all the world like Sean William Scott. Any way you can determine whether that is indeed him?"




-- Max Henry had a scene [gallery] released by Dylan Lucas. M wants to know of his other porn names.


-- From Times Union "A Schenectady police sergeant who admitted making pornographic movies with his live-in boyfriend has been suspended as the department investigates the pair's business dealings and their alleged attempt last month to use a counterfeit check to buy an expensive sports car."


Could the cop be the one wearing sunglasses in these two (Swole Bottom Bro & Frat Bro Fucked) scenes from Fraternity X? (from Flygal)




*** Live cam shows this week

-- Cliff Jensen mentioned in his live cam show at Chaturbate that he will start filming in gay porn next month.


-- Truman of Corbin Fisher did live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free. He is now known as Chris Blades and he was back this week on live cam via Chaturbate.



Miscellaneous Stuff

- A Q & A with Jake Orion with his fans

- Marc Dylan did str8 porn as an April's Fools joke back in 2013.

- Tayte Hanson has been with Cocky Boys since 2014. His first scene outside the studio is a flip fuck with Sonny Colucci via Men.



- Live cam shows with Fratmen Zane (used a vibrator), Taylor Reign (aka Alex Vaara) in a duo with an escort and Pierre Fitch in his kitchen via Chaturbate.




- James, a reader of this blog, wants to know if you've seen this guy do more in gay porn. He was Evan at Spunk Worthy (2012) & Rob at Dirk Yates.



Miscellaneous porn stuffs

Trey of Corbin Fisher

You know it was staged since there were two camera angles. I don't know if this was from a TV show but it was Trey from Corbin Fisher, who pretended not to see the fountain while texting me, I Love You Denz [Statsguy @ JUB]


A new look

Sean Cody re-designed their porn site which now includes a preview video. [@ Jason401]

Then_now_seancody_01 Then_now_seancody_02 
Then_now_seancody_03 Then_now_seancody_04 

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Miscellaneous porn stuffs

Countdown to retirement.

Last March 13, 2013, the countdown to Tate Ryder's retirement has began. Will he also retire as an escort?


What is next for Tate Ryder?


Another incest in the making?

We had the Peters Twins, the Lambert cousins, and now the brothers working at Belami Online. They just introduced the taller & younger brother of Benjamin Bloom - Johnny Bloom.


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Miscellaneous porn stuffs

Get well soon.

Former porn star and now director of Hot House Christian Owen was hurt on St Patrick's Day.


Bareback at Randy Blue?

Joe Clark's latest scene [gallery] with Chris Rockway (ex str8 porn star?) was recently released by Randy Blue. It seems Joe Clark did bareback more than once with another guy with his live shows at Randy Blue if a comment at is to be believed.


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Porn stuffs I found interesting

Shortest relationship in gay porn?

It was just last month that Jake Genesis and Seth Knight became lovers. At one time, it was even on Seth Knight's twitter profile.


Their public display of their love to one another did not end there, the two even shared one twitter account detailing their lives as a couple. First message was sent last February 19, 2013 while the last message sent was March 06, 2013.


And now, it's over. Seth Knight changed his twitter profile with no mention of Jake Genesis. Queer Porn Nation posted about the break up and mentioned Jake Genesis as a commitment - phobe.


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