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No name changes for Denver Grand & Joe Clark, and versatility of Tyler Alexander

DENVER GRAND He first worked for Broke Straight Boys where his first scene was released last March (?) of 2012 and his last scene was released last month. [tip @Jean Francois]

Denver_grand_brokestraightboys_gayroom_01 Denver_grand_brokestraightboys_gayroom_02 
Denver_grand_brokestraightboys_gayroom_03 Denver_grand_brokestraightboys_gayroom_04 

This week, Denver Grand's scene as a bottom to Tyler Saint at Gay Room was released.

Denver_grand_gayroom_brokestraightboys_01 Denver_grand_gayroom_brokestraightboys_02 
Denver_grand_gayroom_brokestraightboys_03 Denver_grand_gayroom_brokestraightboys_04 

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The straight for pay in Mike De Marko (tip @ Martin)

Mike De Marko is more of a bottom than a top in gay porn. He is currently an exclusive of MEN.


In an interview with Gay Demon posted last Aug 12, 2012, Mike De Marko mentioned that he was gay and almost never top in his personal life.

Mike: It's clear to me already that I'm going to have to be versatile in this industry... People are always surprised when I tell them I'm a bottom. I'm gay, and in my personal life, I almost never top, but I've been cast in both roles for the projects I've worked on so far, so I guess Mikey is vers. Porn, like any other industry, calls for a certain flexibility if you're going to last, and I plan on being around for a while, so you can count on seeing me in a variety of roles.

Last January 02, 2013, his scene at Divine Bitches was released [gallery].

Mike_demarko_men_bottom_05 Mike_demarko_men_bottom_06 
Mike_demarko_men_bottom_07 Mike_demarko_men_bottom_08 

Vincent and Shane III of Sean Cody did str8 porn at Next Door Hookups (tips @ Ryan & Random Guy)

VINCENT His solo at Sean Cody was released last July 12, 2010. After more than 2 years, he is back in porn using the name Vic Valentino. Unfortunately, his comeback is a str8 scene released by Next Door Hookups last January 13, 2013. He had a new tattoo on the left side of his stomach. (tips @ Ryan & Random Guy)

Vincent_seancody_01 Vincent_seancody_02 

SHANE III His solo at Sean Cody was released last June 14, 2010. His comeback was a str8 scene released by Next Dook Hookups last September 09, 2012. He was given the name Jacob Valdez. (tip @ Ryan)

  Shane_seancody_aka_jacob_valdez_01 Shane_seancody_aka_jacob_valdez_02 
Shane_seancody_aka_jacob_valdez_03 Shane_seancody_aka_jacob_valdez_04 

Besides his str8 work at Next Door Hookups, he was Jacob at Straight Boys Fucking.


Still hot or not? Ripley of CF, Dylan Lucas & It's Gonna Hurt

RIPLEY He was introduced via a str8 scene by Corbin Fisher last July 2011 and his bisexual scene with Kenny was released last Sept. 2011. Ripley is back after more than a year. Unfortunately, his latest is another str8 scene. Hope he sees the light and realize gay sex is more fun. [tip @ Terry]

Ripley_corbinfisher_01 Ripley_corbinfisher_02 

DYLAN LUCAS The porn site won Best New Site in this year's Cybersocket Awards held yesteday. Dylan Lucas since the beginning had erratic updates. You will never know when it will add new content - a week, two weeks, three weeks and even up to 8 weeks.


IT'S GONNA HURT I think it is safe to say that when the list of nominees for the Cybersocket Awards were released, It's Gonna Hurt has stopped updating. The porn site still won Best Themed Ethic Site in yesterday's Cybersocket Awards.


The straight for pay side of Dominic Pacifico (Thanks Martin)

Dominic Pacifico has been in gay porn since 1998 and safe to say he has done more than 75 scenes. He even worked for Chaos Men even if he was already a established porn star. His solo and action scene with Zach Randall were released in 2006.

Dominic_pacifico_chaosmen_02 Dominic_pacifico_chaosmen_03 

In a 2009 interview posted by Kris Klein, it mentioned that Dominic, at age 11, already knew he was attracted to boys.

In an Oct 2012 interview by Gay Man News, he was asked if there was a scene parter that he clicked and wanted to date. He replied "Yes, In 2007, I meet a very sexy guy, Josh Powell... He told me he thought I was beautiful. We dated for 9 Months..."

However, in one of the scenes released of Dominic Pacifico last month, it had a scene where he had a flip fuck [gallery] with a woman at Divine Bitches. This makes Dominic str8 for pay.

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