Yay or nay? Christmas porn from Twinks in Shorts

From Twinks in Shorts "Beefy and muscled masseur Martin Love awaits his twink client, the delicious and adorable Jimmie Brown who desperately needs his muscles massaged. In the spirit of the holidays, the young man is decked out in a Santa outfit, an unexpected ad delightful surprise for Martin who loves slender, toned twinks like Jimmie. It's like Christmas has come early and you might, too, as Martin gets his hands slippery with oil and works his meaty hands all over Jimmie’s aching back. The trouble is that Martin doesn’t have a massage table. But that's okay. Jimmie doesn't mind laying face down on the couch. This only means Martin has no alternative but to straddle Jimmie's thighs. With Martin's crotch perilously close to Jimmie's backside the massage takes an even sexier turn with Martin giving most of his attention to the mouth watering globes that are Jimmie’s ass. The twink is in seventh heaven, especially with Martin doing all the work. The hunky, tattooed masseur makes love to Jimmie's huge uncut cock, sucking and stroking and taking him down to the balls until he unleashes a Christmas Twink Surprise…it's a copious amount of jizz, freshly milked and sweet as sugar."





Adam Wylde aka Miles Taylor is now Adair at Chaos Men (tips @ Jason401, DLK & Bern)

He did str8 porn before he was known as Adam Wylde in gay porn doing live cam shows for Flirt 4 Free & Voyeur Boys.


After that, he won as the "fan aka run4miles" who had sex on camera with a Gay Hoopla model as his prize.


Then, he used the name Miles Taylor for sites like Guys In Sweat Pants & Gay Room.



He is now the new guy at Chaos Men as Adair.


Yay or nay? Christmas porn from Jason Sparks Live

From Jason Sparks Live "Santa's jingle balls are blue but here comes Jack Frost and even though his tongue is cold Jack knows how to suck Santa's dick like a good boy. He deepthroat's Santa so good that he's going to permanently make the nice list. Santa smacks him in the face with this bare dick and then rim's his chilly ass before barebacking Jack Frost. Santa fills Jack's ass with his bare cock and his mouth with well cookies to stifle Jack's screams (we don't want Mrs Claus to hear what's going on). Then the tables are turned and big dicked Jack Frost gets to pound Santa's South Hole. Eventually covering Santa in snow covered cum drifts." [gallery]



Porn mourns the death of Alexander Gustavo

18 hours ago, Jaxton Wheeler tweeted the death of his roommate Alexander Gustavo.

Since I was not a close friend, I did not ask. Just waited for more info. It turned out, Alexander committed suicide and it was Jaxton who saw his dead body.

A screen shot of the twitter page of Alexander.