Tweet from Jeff You Know

UPDATE Almost 3 hours later

As you all know, Jeff You Know is Brandon of Sean Cody.

Why Slate Steele suddenly left gay porn

Scenes [gallery 01, 02, 03, 04 & 05] of Slate Steele (aka Sergeant Slate) were released in 2013.


Last April, Slate made his presence on twitter that he was back in gay porn and even did an interview with QMN. Unfortunately, the twitter account is now gone.


I was told by a reliable source that several family members of Slate were killed in an accident and he is now taking care of the rest. No word yet if he is coming back to gay porn.

Brute Club replied to readers of Men of Porn

With 60+ comments on the second explanation of Brute Club regarding his sexuality, he made another post to address the comments you sent.



I also asked him a few questions.

1. Have you dated men and/or women in the past?

Yes. I've dated men and women.

2. Have you had a long term relationship with a man, woman or both? How was the relationship?

I've had one long term relationship with a man. Although he may as well have been a woman. Literally.

3. Are you sexually attracted to men or women or both?

Brute likes men. My attraction to men is mainly physical but lacks emotional attraction. I love an arse, a hole, a nice face.

3a. What is it in men that turns you on?

Stubble is sexy as fuck. But then I have zero interest in cocks which is the main anatomy of a man.

3b. What is it in women that turns you on?

I find a much deeper emotional attraction to women.

4. Are you currently single or in a relationship with a man and/or woman?

Single. I'm a lone wolf type. I'm not remotely co-dependant.

People think the oral thing will hold me back in life, but in the bedroom has never been an issue with men; it's more the emotional conflict.

I'm very much 'the man' and this leaves little room for another man in the dynamic.

I'm a great boyfriend, though. Incredibly loving when it does happen. Definitely the type that would take a bullet for you.

5. Do you see yourself getting married to a man, woman or both?

I can't foresee the future so I really don't know on marriage. I wouldn't care who it is as long as it's right.

I'm not really a big wedding type so I imagine it would be a more intimate and heat of the moment Vegas-type wedding.

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The issue with Brady Bennett and Ryan Rose

Last April, I made a post about Brady Bennett, who could have worked at Sean Cody. But, according to Ryan Rose, Brady was scalped by Paul  & Grant and was forced to participate in a drug fueled parties.


Brent Corrigan took defense of Brady against Ryan Rose the other day on twitter. While, Brady re-tweeted the tweets of Brent.

Ryan Rose has not yet replied to Brent Corrigan's tweets.

FYI Brady Bennett was in a relationship with Erik Clark but before he was introduced at Broke Straight Boys, he shared a photo of his girlfriend on twitter last April 11 and Erik was cool with the relationship.


Brady's latest scene at Broke Straight Boys was with Trevor Laster where the description of the scene said "Brady Bennett is back to make some more money, and from the sounds of it, his extra cash goes mostly to his girlfriend…"


But, on twitter, Brady loves cock.

President Wilcox of Mormon Boyz is now with Men as Ryan Wilcox (tip @ Bo)

He was first known as President Wilcox at Mormon Boyz, who had bareback sex with two guys - Elder Peterson and Elder Miller (aka Alec Hudson, Brannon etc).


He is now known as Ryan Wilcon at MEN. His first condom scene was released today and another scene from the same series will be released next Saturday.


Ryan Wilcox @ Twitter