The latest on Donny Forza

He started out as Leif at Chaos Men, then Sage at Fraternity X. He became the "brother" of Johnny Forza as Donny Forza when he worked for Dallas Reeves. He was also given the name Troy Admiral. For his work at MEN, he was Donny Forza.


Last March (?), his second scene as Miles was released by Boys Halfway House.


Today, his solo [gallery] as Donny at Straight Fraternity was released.


A new look for Harper of Corbin Fisher

Harper's hairstyle at Corbin Fisher hasn't changed much if you look at his scenes from 2012, 2013 & 2014.


In his live cam show a few hours ago at Flirt 4 Free, Harper had the buzz cut look.


If you don't like the new look & you miss him in action at Corbin Fisher, he mentioned he will shoot scenes in two to three weeks, just in time for his hair to grow back again.

Zane Penn to work for Cocky Boys

Zane Penn's (aka Dolph & Liam) gay porn career began to change direction again when he decided to film for Maverick Men, without Gay Hoopla's knowledge.


He apologized. He didn't want to lose Gay Hoopla the way he lost Fratmen.


He must have been forgiven him since he still did live cam shows and his scene with Clay was released today.


But, he is moving on. Two weeks ago, he announced that he was now represented by Ducati Models.


With new representation, he will get to work for Cocky Boys, as an exclusive?


Still erratic updates at Randy Blue even with the price increase (tip @ chriswill720)

Last January, I got an email from Jason401 regarding the erratic updates at Randy Blue, which I mentioned in this post "Let's talk a bit about Randy Blue... who's pissing me off at the moment. While my membership is only $9.95/month, his inconsistent weekly updating is making it the most expensive membership on my $$ debit roster.  RB's updates are usually posted on Tue/Fri and they have missed 2 in December (12th/26th)... and continues this trend into the New Year, with NO updates for the Jan 9th and 13th... "Budget Constraints"?"

When Randy Blue introduced bareback last March 11, 2015, I noticed the monthly membership went up by $10.


Even with the price increase, there were still weeks were there was only one update. According to chriswill720 "They will go weeks with only 1 update. Then you'll get two and then 1 again. Are they going under? No one there responds to inquiries."

*** dates with red square had an update, where May 06 was their latest update ***


Is this the new normal at Randy Blue?

5 questions above love with Allen King

Allen King [twitter] is from Madrid, Spain. He is in a relationship with Angel Cruz. Cocky Boys recently released a scene [gallery] of the couple "Allen King met Angel Cruz about four years ago in Spain where they grew up. As Allen describes it himself, they "met fucking" having only exchanged a few messages through Facebook prior to their first encounter. After their explosive start, Angel found a boyfriend and they stopped staying in touch. But when that relationship ended, Angel and Allen immediately picked up where they left off and they've been boyfriends ever since!"

Allen_king_loves_angel_cruz_cockyboys_03 Allen_king_loves_angel_cruz_cockyboys_04

1. How did you meet Angel Cruz?

Met Angel 4 years ago in the city where I was born. When I saw him I liked so much!!! I fucked with him and was amazing...

2. How was the first date?

I fucked with him… and was amazing… when we finished we slept together all night in my house, I liked him so much… the next day we went to his town.

3. How long have you been lovers?

In this 4 years we are in contact… but, he met a new boy who was his boyfriend… while he was with that boy me and Angel were friends. But when they finished .. he slept with me one day and was so special… in this moment I was thinking oh my god… I like Angel… I wanna Kiss him… and fuck with him..

Allen_king_loves_angel_cruz_cockyboys_01 Allen_king_loves_angel_cruz_cockyboys_02

4. What's it like having sex with Angel on and off camera? Is there any difference?

On my scene with Angel on Cocky Boys is very real. We wanted to tell to our followers how is our life together… we fucked there like in our real life. But the only difference was the cameras and the time. In our scene was longer than our real life.

5. Will there be more scenes between the two of you?

I don't know yet but probably yes !!!

Currently, Allen King is in Canada and shot a scene with Gabriel Clark for Cocky Boys.