REVIEW on Chaos Men's "Barton & Vander RAW" by Alias74

Chaos Men: Barton & Vander RAW (May 19, 2017 / 35:13 minutes)


BOTTOM LINE: Chaos Men serves up a Thunderdome Matchup with two of its hairiest, Daddy-types Barton and Vander. I was a little surprised given the very palpable chemistry between these two that legendary site performer Vander had early scene wood problems (feel like that's a sign of the apocalypse!) making the regular formula creative director Bryan Ockert can't seem to break from (make-out, oral, switch, 69, rimming, switch) quickly tiresome and routine. But just wait for the ride: when it revs up and takes off, it's one of the hottest flip-flops Chaos Men has put out. Sure Barton's awkward and maybe hasn't settled into the "performer" aspect, but the power fucking they give each other, the mutual complementary sex talk, and Vander's insatiable fuckhole and penchant for sloppy ATM’s elevate this scene to a stellar example of the kind of sexy, intimate, hard-driving sex scenes Chaos Men delivers on a regular basis.


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Johnny Rapid is back via a porn parody

Men has released a scene or scenes of Johnny Rapid for almost every month from 2011 to September 2016. No scene of him has been released for almost 8 months now. There seems to be a clamor for more of Johnny in gay porn even if he already had 182 scenes released or he did not make it to the Top 5 list or 60% of those who were polled had enough of him. This coming May 26, he played the lead (?) in Men's upcoming porn parody of the Pirates of the Caribbean.


Welcome back Johnny!

Sebastian of Corbin Fisher is now known as Clark Parker

Sebastian was introduced by Corbin Fisher last May 2016. He was a top and bottomed for the first time on his 10th scene.






He was done with Corbin Fisher this year when he joined Chaturbate as Seb.


He joined twitter last month as Clark Parker.

Yesterday, he got tested and now in Las Vegas with Austin Wilde  for Guys In Sweatpants.

He just been approved by Flirt 4 Free. But, the photo he used was from his shoot at Corbin Fisher.