POLL Who among the Dean's List of Corbin Fisher would you like to return the most?

We had the Sean Cody poll a couple of days ago. It is now the turn of the guys at Corbin Fisher. The choices for this poll only included guys from the Dean's List who did not have a scene released in 2013 & 2014.

Deanslist_corbinfisher_austin Deanslist_corbinfisher_brent Deanslist_corbinfisher_cade  
Deanslist_corbinfisher_cody Deanslist_corbinfisher_derek Deanslist_corbinfisher_dirk  
Deanslist_corbinfisher_dru Deanslist_corbinfisher_elijah Deanslist_corbinfisher_jared  
Deanslist_corbinfisher_jeff Deanslist_corbinfisher_logan Deanslist_corbinfisher_lucas  
Deanslist_corbinfisher_nick Deanslist_corbinfisher_noah Deanslist_corbinfisher_pete  
Deanslist_corbinfisher_phillip Deanslist_corbinfisher_tj Deanslist_corbinfisher_travis  
Deanslist_corbinfisher_trevor Deanslist_corbinfisher_none_01 Deanslist_corbinfisher_none_02  

Time to vote. Choose only one.

New guys in porn - Landon, Percy and Colt

The solo of Landon was first released by  All American Heroes last month. It was followed by his oral scene released last week.

Newguy_landon_dirtytony_aah_03 Newguy_landon_dirtytony_aah_04 

Percy was introduced by Chaos Men last month. His glory hole scene was released last week.


Corbin Fisher released the solo and str8 scenes of Colt last month. Three days ago, his scene with Taylor was released. He is also doing live cam shows at Colt Fisher.


Colt & Truman will have a live cam show at Flirt 4 Free

As of this writing, Colt (Fisher) is currently doing a live cam show at Flirt 4 Free. In my few minutes of watching his show, I got the impression that he loves to please his fans and perform in front of the camera.


I hope I heard it right since Colt whispered it on the camera that he and Truman will have show at Flirt 4 Free. He did not give any more details.

For his work at Corbin Fisher, his scenes with Olivia and Taylor were already released.


Jayson of Sean Cody doing live cam shows as Tanner Whitlock (tip @ James)

Jayson is the new guy this week at Sean Cody.

Jayson_aka_tanner_whitlock_01 Jayson_aka_tanner_whitlock_02 

Hours ago, he did a live cam show at Randy Blue using the name Tanner Whitlock. According to James (via email) "He was on RB earlier today, so it's current. It'll be interesting to see if he'll be able to stay on RB Live while working for Sean Cody (though some other models have worked on cam at RB while performing for other studios like Raging Stallion)."


He also did live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free using the same name (Tanner Whitlock). But, that account has been removed.


From James (via email) "In both his old F4F profile, and his RB profile, he indicates he's bisexual, so here's to hoping he'll do more than solo/cam work.  Also, his old F4F profile indicated he was vers, so we'll see what he gets up to at SC. "

UPDATE Tanner is now doing live cam shows at Chaturbate, thanks to dwd999, who sent me this info via email.


You can taste Cliff Jensen by giving a donation

Last October 2013, it marked the return of Cliff Jensen in porn, gay and transsexual. In a few hours, MEN will release another scene [trailer] of Cliff. This time, he was paired with Travis James, who made a switch from Randy Blue to MEN last year.


If you want to taste Cliff, he is available at Rent Boy. His in rate is you pay for the hotel and give a donation.