The bareback past of Duke of Sean Cody

The new guy at Sean Cody is named Duke.

Duke_seancody_01 Duke_seancody_02

According to a comment of daws001 at Waybig, he was the Navy Boy at Bareback Blondes.


The two do share the same tattoo on the right side of their body.


And, the birthmark is on the same left thigh.


Navy Boy and Duke seems to be the same person.

FYI Bareback Blondes also had the first bareback scene of Alex Vaara.

Belami Online's Sascha Chaykin at Flirt 4 Free

It is not often that we see a Belami model doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free. The last Belami model I've seen online was Mick Lovell. Two hours ago, I've seen Sascha Chaykin.


He seldom talked. Only used a keyboard and replied in the English language. He was trying to convince his viewers to take him to private.


Unfortunately, in that 30 minutes of him that I watched, no one took the bait. So, he took a break and never came back online, as of this writing.

[Sacha Chaykin's profile at Belami Online]

Who had the hottest update this week?

William Higgins had a Wank Party 2014 #2 (part 1) with Vlado Tome, Ondra Matej, Filip Cerny, Peter Filo and Steve Peryoux.


Lucas Entertainment had the first bareback scene of Adam Killian with Marco Milan.


Fraternity X had a bareback scene titled Freshman Hole.


Cocky Boys had a condom scene [gallery] with Tayte Hanson and Levi Karter.

Hottest_update_cockyboys_taytehanson_01 Hottest_update_cockyboys_taytehanson_02

MEN had a condom scene with Paddy O'Brian and Goran.


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Add Kayden Fleming to his list of porn names

It's very common for a guy to change his porn name when he moves from one gay porn studio to another. In the case of Will Evans, he was also given the names Santiago, Liam Soto & Liam Santiago.

Changinngpornnames_willevans_liamsoto_kaydenfleming_01 Changinngpornnames_willevans_liamsoto_kaydenfleming_02  
Changinngpornnames_willevans_liamsoto_kaydenfleming_03 Changinngpornnames_willevans_liamsoto_kaydenfleming_04  

But, some porn studios do use the same porn name used by other porn studios. Dirty Tony did this by giving him the name Liam Santiago.


I would have expected Falcon Studios will use Liam Soto since Hot House did use that name. The two porn studios normally share the same porn names. But, they didn't in this case. Instead Facon Studios gave him the name Kayden Fleming.


The name change would have to be attributed to the fact that his other gay porn names were already linked to his controversy of faking his STD results.

(via TRPWL)

FYI He WAS known as Jay Valentine and Allesandro Savage in str8 porn. He may have another str8 porn name.


Flip fuck with Kellan and Trenton

I know what you are going to say, the Kellan and Trenton scene is not a flip fuck. Let me explain. 

Last August 24, 2013, CF Select released a scene of Trenton as a bottom to Kellan. 


Today, Corbin Fisher released a scene of Kellan as a bottom to Trenton. 


Both scenes used the same painting, side tables, & lamp. It makes me think both scenes were filmed one after the other, just moved from the living room to bedroom.

POLL Would you welcome back Cody Cummings with open arms or a middle finger?

Cody Cummings is coming back at

BREATH, either you are a lover (heart pumping fast due to excitement) or a hater (hyperventilating) of Cody.

In the preview video from to be released this coming May 23, 2014, Cody uttered the words "How are you guys doing? I am Cody Cummings and this is Cody Cummings dot com. I didn't think I'd be saying that again."

(Video borrowed from QMN on YouTube)

Would you welcome back Cody Cummings?