$500 to taste Shane Erickson (tip @ Robert)

Shane Erickson was one of my favorites in 2007 when College Dudes was barely new to gay porn.



Lately, Shane, who is now a trained MMA fighter, has been doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free.



If you want to personally taste Shane, it will cost you $500, which is higher compared to the winners of this year's The Hookies.

Playgirl centerfold and porn star Shane Erickson here for a (very) limited time while I take the time to finish writing my extremey revealing memoir debuing this year. Sexually, I make what I do like an art. I take pleasure in feeling the pleasure I cause in others and love to see how what I put it down is simply incomparable to anything else because of my unique way of feeling out the sexual energy of everyone around to make every experience both explosive and unique. I have gained 30 lbs of pure, chiseled muscle since my last video due to my constant practice of MMA, weight training & hip hop


Before deciding on whether to make a "triumphant return" or not, I thought I'd set some sheets on fire for some lucky studs that can get a piece of this before I release my first book.

I am known for being a tenacious power top that knows all the angles but can still slow it down with movements so passionate and slow, you'll get lost in the moment. Other than my extreme sexual nature, I have the ability to put others at ease with laid back energy, sense of humor, my positive attitude as well as a uniquely intelligent mindset. Plus I my cumshots are so insane they deserve their own reality show, ha. 


The naive porn star "boy next door" from of my past is dead and gone, leaving behind a man twice the size and triple the knowledge, with a personality that is beyond measure. 

Since my time out of the biz, I've tried to experience every aspect of the sexual nature of man and integrated what I learned into my own array of moves and intense sexual energy, and the results have been so amazing I decided I had to write about it.  People talk big talk but can't back it up, hit me up if you are interested in a real experience.

A message to Clay's gay porn fans

A supposedly friend of Clay wanted her message to Clay's fans posted on this blog.

Me and "Clay" grew up together. If I could ask one thing from all of you please remember him for being a happy, kind-hearted, caring, humble, funny boy surrounded by loving family and friends and not just "Clay" from Corbin Fisher. I know him personally and let me tell you this... he was one of the most humble and nicest kids I've ever met. He grew up with a tough childhood and wanted to make a good life for himself, his brother and step siblings. He had battled with depression but things just went from bad to worse after people from school found out about his porn career. He was scorned and constantly bullied to the point of death threats. It hurts me to know that a boy so full of joy and life will leave the world like this. But none of you including me will ever understand the pain he was going through. He kept his great depression secret to himself because he wanted everyone to be happy and we didn't know he signed his own donor card. He didn't tell anyone. His life has ended and he was given the chance to save another and for that, I am glad.

Rest in peace, my childhood friend. You will always be in my heart forever.

Jake Davis transferred to Randy Blue and shot a bareback scene (tips @ Deran, genesis157 & Terrence)

It was in 2013 that Jake Davis was introduced by Gay Hoopla. It was only this year that we saw him in action with another guy. His two condom scenes were released last February.




He is the new guy [gallery] at Randy Blue and it stated in his solo that he filmed a bareback scene.




Most probably, his first raw scene was with Roman Todd, shot three weeks ago.


Scenes of Clay and Wes at Corbin Fisher were removed (tips @ TM, Fred & Robert)

The profile of Clay is gone while the profile of his friend Wes at Corbin Fisher did not list any scenes.


The two friends did have a scene together.


Corbin Fisher even made a mistake on calling Wes the name Colton, which is probably his real first name.


The scenes of Clay & Wes may have been removed upon their request. I read stories that video removal is often done once the rights to the video has been bought. It is rare for porn site owners to remove it for free.