Was Men blindsided by Rocco Reed's retirement? (updated)

I thought the biggest news this week on Rocco Reed was the release of his orgy scene with 4 black men inside a prison.


It was not. It was the announcement of his retirement posted by AVN, where he also mentioned he was still straight. He didn't want to leave gay porn with a cloud of doubt about his sexuality.


Did the announcement of his retirement blindsided MEN? On the same day as the AVN article was published online, QMN posted the rules of the third script writing contest sponsored by MEN. It must have Rocco Reed.


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Aries of CM doing cam shows at Flirt 4 Free

His latest at Chaos Men (CM) was with Glenn, which was released last week.


His CM look was similar to the photos he used in his Model Mayhem profile.

Aries_chaosmen_glenn_04 Aries_chaosmen_glenn_05
Left: Chaos Men | Right: Derek Shook

But, it's not his current look. Today, he had a show at Flirt 4 Free, where he used the name Aries Ray. He was with someone named Trey Dean.

He was bigger and had a bigger tattoo on his left chest. The somewhat small circle tattoo he had at Chaos Men was now part of a scorpion (?) tattoo.


ROUND UP Two Americans sharing Jack Harrer, inside the moving van with Christian Wilde and a hairy scene with Jimmy Fanz

Sharing JACK HARRER He is one of my favorites at Belami Online. Therefore, I am envious of the two Americans, Alex Waters and Austin Merrick, that they got to taste Jack Harrer.


Moving van with CHRISTIAN WILDE The most I got on a moving vehicle was a blowjob while I was driving. It was scary hot. Maybe next time I will try it at the back of a van [gallery].


Hair on hair with JIMMY & JOSH Two hairy guys were paired by Raging Stallion, Jimmy Fanz and Josh Long, who showed us ways to use a rope and a roped ladder [gallery].

Jimmy_fanz_josh_long_01 Jimmy_fanz_josh_long_02 

Rod Daily is back with transsexual porn (tips @ Kieran & Alias74)

Rod Daily did transsexual porn before he became an exclusive of Next Door Studios. Last year, one by one, most of the contracts of these exclusives were not renewed, including Rod. After that, he worked for different studios.

He is back again with transsexual porn. He had two scenes [gallery 01 & 02] released with TS Foxxy.

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The model in Jed Atkinson of RB (tip @ Friend)

Jed Atkinson was the new guy introduced last week by Randy Blue.

Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_01 Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_02

He already had a Model Mayhem profile, which he created last year, May 2012.

Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_model_02 Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_model_03 
CREDITS Clicking each image above takes you to the page of the photographer.

I'm curios if Randy Blue or talent agencies scour Model Mayhem to convince these wannabee models to do gay porn.

Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_model_04 Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_model_05 
Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_model_08 Jed_atkinsons_randyblue_model_07 
Jed did not give credits on the photos on the left, right photos from Randy Blue

Please avoid including a link and his non porn name in the comment section to avoid seach engines, such as Google, to include this post when someone searches for his non porn name. Thank you for your understanding.

Still hot or not? Tripp, Chip Tanner & Jimmy Clay

Three guys who have done solos elsewhere are back again with another solo for another porn company.

TRIPP He had a solo released by Fratmen just last February 2013. Tripp is now the new guy at Dirty Tony.

Tripp_fratmen_dirtytony_01 Tripp_fratmen_dirtytony_02 
Tripp_fratmen_dirtytony_03 Tripp_fratmen_dirtytony_04 

CHIP TANNER He was introduced by Randy Blue last February 2010 and his last scene released was last May 2012. This coming May 20, 2013, his solo will be released by Next Door Male.

Chip_tanner_randyblue_nextdoormale_01 Chip_tanner_randyblue_nextdoormale_02 

JIMMY CLAY He was last associated with Next Door and Dylan Lucas. He will soon be introduced by the twink site Helix Studios, who is adding more muscle to its line up, the last one was Connor Maguire.

Jimmy_clay_nextdoormale_helixstudios_01 Jimmy_clay_nextdoormale_helixstudios_02 
Jimmy_clay_nextdoormale_helixstudios_03 Jimmy_clay_nextdoormale_helixstudios_04 

ROUND UP Devin Moss back with using a condom, Paul Walker outside MEN, and two in row for Gino Mosca

DEVIN MOSS Just last February, his first bareback scene at Tim Tales was released. His latest scene this week had him wear a condom at Dirty Boy Video [info].


PAUL WALKER This blurs the line on the meaning of exclusive. Paul Walker is currently an exclusive of MEN. In fact, a scene of him was released today. But, a scene of him was also released yesterday by Lucas Entertainement. I'm guessing, Paul filmed his scene with Logan Rogue before he became an exclusive.


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