Explanation 2.0 on Brute Club's sexuality

I made a post on Brute Club last week that included an explanation of Brute with regards to his sexuality that he posted last April 26, 2015.


A second attempt to further explain why he did not suck dick or bottom was posted last May 31, 2015, titled "Gay, straight, whatever". 


Trey's Fit Belt ad still doing rounds on the net (tip @ genesis157 & Jason)

The latest update on Trey was released by Corbin Fisher yesterday. This is not a new scene. It's from the archives of CF Select.


I believe Trey was out of Corbin Fisher when his scenes at CF Select were the only ones released that started last June 2013.


By September 2013, he was on the cover of Rooster magazine. And, by June 2014, he was one of the faces of Flip Belt.


There was even a paid article about it that was shared on Facebook last year.


And, another paid article on Flip Belt appeared at AOL this week.


Is Truman out of Corbin Fisher? (tip @ Scottyo)

Truman did have porn experience before he worked at Corbin Fisher. He was introduced in 2013 and his recent scene was released last October 2014.





He is still doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free, using images from Corbin Fisher.


He created 5 days ago a twitter account under the name Truman Fisher. Corbin Fisher models does not have twitter accounts and his profile did not mention he was associated with Corbin Fisher. Does this mean he left Corbin Fisher?

I asked him about it on twitter via DM, waiting for a reply.

UPDATE Truman's twitter has been deleted. There is a comment from Robin that Truman mentioned in a live show the other day that he will shoot a scene for Corbin Fisher again.

Aidan of Sean Cody is now known as Tryp Bates (tip @ Fatal)

Aidan's scenes were released by Sean Cody from August 2012 to June 2013.


After that, he escorted using the name Aidan.

He is now known as Tryp Bates [twitter] and he recently shot a scene for Kink Men.