Who will be the first to release the "first" time as a bottom for Liam Magnuson?

This week, two studios released photos of Liam Magnuson as a bottom.

MEN just sent me an email that their scene with Liam getting fucked by Connor Maguire will be released next month. No exact date was given.


Hot House, on the other hand, filmed their scene of Liam getting fucked by Angel Rock last Monday, which they shared on twitter.


Who will be the first to release the scene of Liam as a bottom?

Tomas Zadany's lucky shirt (tip @ Dutch Dude)

It's either a lucky shirt or he needs money to buy more shirts. In two of his audition shoots from two porn companies, he wore the same shirt.

Tomas Zadany's casting was released by William Higgins last July 31, 2013.

Tomas_zadany_casting_williamhiggins_02 Tomas_zadany_casting_williamhiggins_03 

As Christian, his casting via Bareback Casting was released by Big Daddy today.


Knowing Big Daddy, the next two updates will have Christian in the scene. They always shoot three scenes with their newcomer and release them in a consecutive manner.

FYI Glenn of CF did the same thing when he wore the same boxer shorts in two shoots.