Monsters Cock Week has started at Chaos Men

The first of the three holiday marathons has started at Chaos Men - Monster Cock Week.

Chaosmensale_monster_week_01 Chaosmensale_monster_week_02

For the next 7 days, a solo or an action scene will be released each day. Their first for Monster Cock is a solo of Deryck, measured at 10.5 inch.

Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_01 Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_02 
Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_03 Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_04 

According to Chaos Men "I had actually been working a long time to get Deryck in. He was living in Hawaii and we never could quite figure out how best to get him here. He finally moved to the mainland and after a bit of more juggling, we got him here."

Hawaii is the home of Island Studs. Deryck appeared on the porn site in 2011 as Robbie, where his cock was measured at 11 inch.

Chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_02 Chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_03 


THENNOW_chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_01 THENNOW_chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_02

First time as a bottom for Jonah of Fratmen as JJ Swift at Gay Hoopla (tip @ Pittsburgh Fan)

Jonah was introduced by Fratmen last June 2012. He had scenes at Fratmen Sucks and his last was a solo for the handheld series of Fratmen released this month.

Jonah_fratmen_jj_swift_01 Jonah_fratmen_jj_swift_02 
Jonah_fratmen_jj_swift_03 Jonah_fratmen_jj_swift_04 

His first scene as a bottom will be released by Gay Hoopla this coming Tuesday.


UPDATE Here is the email I got from the owners of Gay Hoopla and USA Cam Guys

I wanted to clear things up because I had went to your blog and saw you had some confusion.

We own both and

In USAcamguys, we have plenty of members who are with us all the time and watch & chat with us continually live throughout the day. As a gift to them, we occasionally do "pre-screenings" of new content to get there instant feedback before releasing it to Gayhoopla members... only by a few days at most. It would be comparable to a red-carpet event I suppose for a new movie coming out that shows the movie to a select group prior to the general public. Again, this footage will ultimately be found under the domain USAcamguys strictly hosted a pre-screening but content was streamed and not posted there or available for download there.

Nate of Sean Cody wanted to be a model

Last November 12, 2012, this blog posted that Jake wanted to be a model "Jake, 20, from Kansas, is a collegiate baseball player and is looking to get into modeling. His main interests are fitness modeling, swimwear, underwear, and anything to do with sports or athletics in general. He stands 6′ 4″ at 200 lbs."

Model_jake_as_nate_seancody_01 Model_jake_as_nate_seancody_02 
Model_jake_as_nate_seancody_03 Model_jake_as_nate_seancody_04 

A year later, he did but as a porn model at Sean Cody as Nate.

Model_jake_as_nate_seancody_05 Model_jake_as_nate_seancody_06 

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College Boy Physicals brought humor with their latest update (tip @ Doktor Avalanche)

The text below is an email I received from Doktor Avalanche.

College Boy Physicals just released a new scene called "Eli returns."  It is a great scene, but better than that, HILARIOUS.


The "patient" (I assume Eli) is sitting in the doctor's office, and the "doctor" asks him what brings him to the clinic. 

The patient replies that he has a stomach ache.

The doctor then asks him, what did you eat last? 

The patient says, "Some Barilla pasta," to which the doctor responds, "I'm surprised you don't have diarrhea."