Tom Faulk live now at Flirt 4 Free

I haven't seen Tom Faulk for a while now doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free. When I clicked his name, this was what I saw.


Weirded at first then I realized Halloween was near.

Unfortunately, in my few minutes of watching him doing his live cam show, no one was taking him to private.

He got hard.


Got naked again, with no gas mask.


And, he made another costume change.


Still, no one took him to private.

FYI Tom Faulk's latest scenes can be watched at MEN. He has been arrested 4 times since 2010.


Mike (2008) of SC aka Dom (2010) of FM will be Duncan of Chaos Men (tips @ ryry & BabyV)

In 2008, Sean Cody introduced Mike, who only had a solo shoot.

Mike_seacody_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01 Mike_seacody_aka_duncan_chaosmen_02

And in 2010, he became Dom of Fratmen.

Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_01 Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_02 
Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_03 Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_04 

In a few days, he will be Duncan at Chaos Men. He is part of Monster Week that will start this coming Monday.


The difference is obvious between Mike (2008) and Dom (2010).

Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_05 Dom_fratmen_aka_duncan_chaosmen_01_06

However, I see little change with Duncan (2014) and Mike (2008), which leads me to believe that Duncan's shoot at Chaos Men was also filmed in 2008?

Mike_seacody_aka_duncan_chaosmen_05 Mike_seacody_aka_duncan_chaosmen_04

Ajay Laws aka Jordan Roberts played a role of a stripper for Magic Mike 2 (tip @ James)

He is more known for his work as Ajay Laws at Gay Hoopla. But, he also did a solo as Jordan Roberts at Next Door World.

Ajaylaws_gayhoopla_01 Ajaylaws_gayhoopla_02 
Ajaylaws_gayhoopla_03 Ajaylaws_gayhoopla_04 

He recently shared on his social media account that he did a 2 day shoot for the upcoming movie Magic Mike 2 "So glad to be back in the gym after 2 days of filming for Magic Mike 2. Hah just an extra background "stripper", but you got start somewhere. Let's keep working!"


REVIEW on "Dato Foland's Bareback Sex Premiere With Michael Lucas" by Alias74

OVERALL IMPRESSION: If porn clips were real life, then Russians are apparently quick to express their love. At least that's what Russian-born-by-way-of-Madrid beauty Dato Foland does three quarters through his intimately steamy bareback debut with Lucas Entertainment, telling his scene partner Michael Lucas "I love you". Unlike other porn studios that foist a thin storyline/theme/plot (I'm looking at you,, Lucas Entertainment presents "reality" porn, and you don't get any more "fly on the wall" than this erotically charged, chemistry laden encounter. Despite the clip's shortcomings - time length, odd camera and editing choices, out of focus/fuzzy shots, lack of sexual aggression - these two performers literally devour each other, making with the sexy Russian whispering/dirty talk, genuine wild-eyed expressions, love-fucking deep and wet, kink, and two major wild cum shots. It all adds up to one eye-catching bareback debut for one eye-catching (and perfectly gorgeous) performer in Dato Foland. Can’t wait for MORE!
WANK WORTHY! (and certainly subscription worthy)

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