It's over for Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion

Today, I received this scene from Titan Men that paired lovers Aleks Buldocek and Tony Orion in a real (?) to reel [preview] life scene since Aleks endearnment to Tony is my lil pup and Tony calls Aleks his big dog.


I thought the two were still lovers until I checked their twitter accounts. The last tweet with a personal photo of the two together was sent last January 02, 2014.


So, I asked Tony Orion about it and he confirmed their relationship was over.


FYI Aleks, Tony and Paul did have a 3 person relationship.

Colt McGraw is back in gay porn (tip @ GMan)

It has been 2 (?) years since he has been away in gay porn. Before he left, he worked for Southern Strokes and College Dudes.

Thennow_colt_mcgraw_01 Thennow_colt_mcgraw_02  
Thennow_colt_mcgraw_04 Thennow_colt_mcgraw_05  

This week, a bit grown up, he is the new guy at Chaos Men, using the same name he used before.


Then & Now

Thennow_colt_mcgraw_08 Thennow_colt_mcgraw_09  
Thennow_colt_mcgraw_10 Thennow_colt_mcgraw_11  

I am curios why he left and what happened (besides the need for money) that made him come back.

A sign that new guy Art of Sean Cody will do more than a solo (tip @ John)

Art of Sean Cody was introduced this week.

Art_Seancody_02 Art_Seancody_03  

He is not new to getting naked in front of the camera. Unfortunately, Sean Cody got ahead of his site (working when I visited it last Friday) and had it removed (?). But, they missed this, where the last post happened on the same day his solo was released (February 6, 2014).


Was the removal of the site a sign he is doing more than a solo at Sean Cody?

New guys in porn - Nick Speedman, Ken Ott & Liam Riley

Last week, Randy Blue introduced Nick Speedman [solo gallery] and his first action scene [gallery] was released this week.

Newguy_nick_speedman_randyblue_01 Newguy_nick_speedman_randyblue_02  
Newguy_nick_speedman_randyblue_03 Newguy_nick_speedman_randyblue_04  

Ken Ott was just introduced today by Gay Hoopla. It is not often we see a porn star of Asian descent from a major porn studio.

Newguy_ken_ott_gayhoopla_01 Newguy_ken_ott_gayhoopla_02  
Newguy_ken_ott_gayhoopla_03 Newguy_ken_ott_gayhoopla_04  

Liam Riley [solo] is one of the new exclusives of Helix Studios - all his scenes [gallery] were released this month.


POLL Should porn studios still release a scene of Mike Dozer?

We all know by now that 33 year old HIV+ Mike Dozer was arrested for sexual assault with a 14 yer old boy last month. Looking at Mike's twitter account, he talked about his scene with Shay Michaels and I haven't seen it released (I think). Maybe, there are still un-released scenes of him.


We are used to seeing a scene released of a not so long ago deceased porn star. But, with Mike Dozer's situation, should porn studios still release a scene of him in the near future?

Cocky Boys will also have live cam shows

Doing live cam shows seems profitable so studios are doing it too. It started with Randy Blue. It was followed by Corbin Fisher (via Flirt 4 Free) and gave all his models same last names (Dawson Fisher, Connor Fisher etc). Now, it is the turn of the boys of Cocky Boys (Levi Karter, Duncan Black, Dillon Rossi) and they too will use the Flirt 4 Free system.


Looking at the archives, it seems only Max Ryder and James Robinson has tried it out. 


Except for Dillon Rosi, all 4 porn stars identified themselves as gay.

This week's controversies - Mike Dozer and Seth Treston Santoro

Yesterday, news of  Mike Dozer's arrest last year just came into light in gay porn. The arrest happened last December 18, 2013. News of the incident was already reported last Dec 24, 2013 and last month by news publications. Mike Dozer will return to court this coming February 27, 2014. The sad part was that it involved a 14 year old boy and a 33 year old HIV positive man.


Seth Treston, now known as Seth Santoro, is working for other porn studios even if he is still under contract with Lucas Entertainment.


Considering the norm for contracts is less than a year, Seth is contracted to Lucas Entertainment till 2016.

[Michael Lucas @ QMN] Seth Treston is a Lucas Entertainment model and yes he just violated his contract again. He is under the contract and he will remain so until the expiration of the agreement on June 17, 2016. In the meantime he has no right to work for any one else. We are contacting all the studios letting them know that he is under an exclusive agreement.

Husband's (Billy Santoro) comment at QMN

Fact - Lucas didn't pay Seth or Michael Lachlan for a fetish scene.

Fact - Lucas changed his business model to BB this voiding Seth’s previous agreement.

Fact- Lucas didn’t not pay Seth at the contractual time agreed upon for any scenes.

Fact- proper STD testing was not conducted post bb agreement (Seth caught Chlamidia on set)

Fact- Seth was sexual harassed by Lucas personally on multiple ocassional behind the scenes.

Fact- employee has the right to leave a contract when unsafe work conditions are present.

Fact- Lucas threatened studios but never tried to sue the model because he knows he will lose.

Fact- studios are afraid of Lucas for some stupid reason.

Fact- Lucas has slandered Mosel and models family to other industry participants.