Arny Donan of William Higgins is Czech Hunter #152 (wore the same clothes)

His casting shoot was released by William Higgins last February 2014 and he was given the name Arny Donan. So far, all his scenes, including Str8 Hell, the sister site, are bareback.

Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_01 Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_02 
Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_03 Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_04 Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_05 
Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_06 Arny_donan_sameclothes_twoscenes_07 

He is the latest guy at Czech Hunter, scene #152.


He also had scenes released at Big Daddy where he wore the same clothes as his shoot at William Higgins and Czech Hunter.


Would this be proof that he filmed these 4 scenes in a day or two?

FYI This has happened more than once, where the stars wore the same clothes in different shoots. It's not anymore a coincidence.

UPDATE He was also given the name Patrick Roberts at Man Avenue & Patrick Tyson at Cocksure Men.

Sheldon of Corbin Fisher is also Ferdando Del Rio & Rod Stone (tip @ Yeremia)

Sheldon was introduced by Corbin Fisher last week via an oral scene with Quinn. It was followed this week by a str8 scene with Nikki.


But, Sheldon is not new to gay porn. Last June 25, 2014, his scene [gallery] at Gay Room as Fernando Del Rio was released.


A day after his Gay Room scene, Guys in Sweatpants released using the name Rod Stone.

As_rod_stone_guysinsweatpants_01 As_rod_stone_guysinsweatpants_02

More porn stars doing live cam shows

Add James Hamilton as Jay Ham to the list of porn stars doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free.


Belami Boys are weekly represented. There was a solo by Alex Orioli and a duo from Sascha Chaykin and Manuel Rios.


Helix Studios had Max Carter (thanks to dwd99999 for this tip)


Corbin Fisher had Kenny and Harper.


Randy Blue had Richard Pierce.


And, the veterans of live cam shows such as Tyler Hunt and Bryan Cavallo.


Scene review by Alias74 on Simon Gets Fucked from Corbin Fisher


OVERALL IMPRESSION: My take on Simon? Even with his "blue collar - straight from the trailers" look, this kid could very well be the new "Lucas" for the millennial Corbin Fisher fan base. And while my outlook on his potential is positive, my critique of this clip is….not so much. In his first time bottoming, Simon gives a super hot performance, but the editing and Zeb's slightly-under-par performance mar what could have been a legendary scene. I am almost sure most of the viewers of this clip will find it fantastic. I'm picky about my porn, and as a fantasy, porn always works best when the scene runs as if you are in the room witnessing something fluid and natural. Whoever edited this scene didn’t get that "fly on the wall" memo. That said, to quote Harry Potter: "We expect great things from you", Simon.

Somewhere between "Wank Worthy" and "Download & Watch Later"

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Donny Forza as Ashton Fierce at Randy Blue (tip @ Jason)

Currently, scenes of Donny Forza (aka Leif) can be watched at Fraternity X and Dallas Reeves [gallery 01, 02, & 03].

Donny_forza_aka_dallasreeves_03 Donny_forza_aka_dallasreeves_04 

He is also doing live cam shows at Randy Blue, using the name Ashton Pierce "My name is ashton fierce many of you may know me differently either way this what im about im a sex symbol, i am intelligent caring and giving. i love earth and its beauty. i love to have fun with friends go out etc." He identified himself as straight.


[tipster's blog]

Zeb Atlas is also a restaurateur (tip @ Friend)

Zeb Atlas has his own self titled porn site.

Zeb_atlas_gayporn_01 Zeb_atlas_gayporn_02 
Zeb_atlas_gayporn_03 Zeb_atlas_gayporn_04 
(each image above if clicked, will open to the gallery)

He is also working for other porn studios and his latest scene will be released by MEN next month.

Zeb_atlas_gayporn_men_01 Zeb_atlas_gayporn_men_02

While doing porn, he is a part owner of a restaurant in Las Vegas that serve food and drinks to health conscious individuals. The Youtube video below was posted last October 2013. It has one comment that pointed out he was Zeb Atlas. And, his real name was posted on his Wiki page.

He recently appeared in the Food Network tv show Mystery Diners.