Gabriel Grant is not entirely new in gay porn (tip @ Nico)

Gay Castings is all about "fresh faces and new guys who are trying to enter the porno business". It is not entirely true. They have a handful of models who has done gay porn in other porn sites. The latest is Gabriel Grant.


He is not new in gay porn. 


You can even taste him for yourself.


Maybe, he is new in entering the mainstream porn that is mostly white.

The str8 side of Mark Long

Mark Long only did a solo in 2012 and returned in 2013 to do hardcore scenes. He is currently an exclusive of Next Door Studios. He has done mostly gay scenes [gallery 01, 02 & 03].


But, he did have a scene with a woman.


If you are one of those guys who loves their gay porn stars to prove their straightness, Mark Long shared on twitter his experience at Phoenix Forum a few days ago that included K I S S I N G a female porn stars (the one he had a sex scene?).


Will you be watching? Bear Weekend

The first episode of Bear Weekend from MEN was released today. It had Colby Jensen fuck Bennett Anthony. Technically, this is Bennett's second time. The first time was a live bareback show at Hustla Ball 2015 in Las Vegas last January.


The series will include the first time for Paul Canon outside Broke Straight Boys. I don't how it works but Paul is represented by Fabscout and 211 Management. It also included Roman Todd, who is allowed to work outside Randy Blue.


The bodybuilder in Ransom of Active Duty (written by James)

You may recall Ransom [gallery 01, 02, 03, 0405, 06 & 07] from Active Duty (not to be confused with Chaos Men's Ransom). He got his start (to my knowledge) on the now mostly defunct Amateur Straight Guys site (they haven't updated since last November). He was one of the first "finds" the site had right after Dink Flamingo of Active Duty bought the site from the previous owner(s) Doug/Jay.

Bodybuilder_ransom_activeduty_01 Bodybuilder_ransom_activeduty_02 
Bodybuilder_ransom_activeduty_03 Bodybuilder_ransom_activeduty_04 

He moved over to Active Duty for a while, mostly bottoming/giving head and doing cam shows once a week until that died (although it was supposedly a selling point for the then higher-than-average monthly subscription).

Ransom may have gotten his start over at Dirk Yates or Military Classified (as is the case with some of the military guys who ended up at Active Duty), but I haven't seen him anywhere besides ASG and Active Duty.  He hasn't been (that I know of) in porn since his last scene at Active Duty in July of 2012. You'll see an oral scene of him posted on Active Duty in 2013, but it was a re-release... when Active Duty switched to their new website a few years ago, Dink held back a lot of scenes that were on his old site, and then he'd intermittently re-release older scenes that he'd "discovered" as padding in his release schedule instead of releasing new material. It's not as bad as Southern Strokes, which just keeps re-releasing old scenes as if they were new... at least Dink admits they're older scenes.


To be honest, I'd always assumed Ransom was gay or bi, as he seemed to really enjoy being on bottom (not that some straight guys don't enjoy that), but I ran across his Instagram and he appears to be in a relationship with a woman. He's also what appears to be a semi-professional bodybuilder now (I'm not sure how those things are classified, but he clearly competes at some level now and has photos of himself in competitions and training).


I don't think he's really added any new tattoos, but he was always one of the more tatted up models on Active Duty.

Bodybuilder_ransom_activeduty_08 Bodybuilder_ransom_activeduty_07

[written by James, sent via email]

Another gay porn star who is religious - Javy D (tip @ Men Sparkle)

A few days ago, I made a post on Paddy O'Brian being religious. Add Javy D [twitter], who is new to gay porn, to the list of religious porn stars. So far, he had scenes released by My Friend's Feet, Straight Fraternity [gallery 01, 02, & 03] and Tickled Hard. He still has an unreleased scene from Thunder Arena.


He was stripper of the month this March.


He feels blessed.


@ Men Sparkle