The $1 experience at Sean Cody

From fellow porn fan Scott "Having let my Sean Cody membership go a few weeks ago, I decided to try their $1 one-day trial."


"It offers full streaming of all videos but no download options. Cancellation within 24 hours went smoothly. During my online chat to confirm the cancellation, I was offered 3 months' membership for just $39 and change. I wonder why they're offering such a steeply discounted rate."

*** A regular 3 month membership at Sean Cody costs $72.95.

Will you donate? Lasik treatment for Seth Santoro in time for school

Seth Santoro is the latest porn star asking for your donation. It's for his eyes "I used to wish that I could have cool glasses when I was younger. And thanks to all the facials where a stray spurt of cum has landed in my eye, I've finally gotten my wish! Now my eyesight is terrible!"


He wants good vision when he returns to school this coming school year "I'm returning to University this fall term, and I think it would help me immensely if I had a fresh set of eyes so that I can see the board! It's not that I don't love how I look in my glasses or contact lenses, it's just inconvenient to have them. I think my professor would want to stare directly into my beautiful hazel eyes as we negotiate my I am laying on his desk with my legs in the air. I can't have my glasses falling off my face, and making squinty eyes as I struggle to unzip his pants. That's just silly."


The cost per eye is $2149 times 2 is $4,298. Seth is asking for $4,762 "The rest of the cost goes to pre and post op eye care in the form of eye drops, gels, and contact bandages. They're listed on the prescription as Gatifloxacin Ophthalmic Solution, PRED FORTE 1% Opthalmic Suspension, etc. Procedure, Prescriptions, Facility/Technician Fees, altogether make for a costly fix."

Please be careful with your comments to Seth Santoro :)


TWEETS on terrorism, music video, working for Michael, missing an ex gf & more

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From a friend of Cliff Jensen

I got an email from an individual who is tweeting in behalf of Cliff Jensen "Cliff is a regular reader of your site and he wanted you to know, and tell his fans, that due to a non-violent victim-less crime he committed when he was 18 years old that he has been jailed until next year. He intends to stay in shape while in jail and to return to acting as soon as he is released. He appreciates all of the moral and financial support he has received from his fans. When there is any more information, including a release date, it will be on @LoveCliffJensen and will be sent to Men Of Porn."


The 19th American to work for Belami Online is Dalton Briggs of Cocky Boys

According to Cocky Boys, Dalton Briggs [gallery], who first worked for Helix Studios [gallery], was born in Ukraine but he moved to the US to lived with his foster parents.


He is the latest American porn star hired by Belami Online to taste one or more of their boys.


The 19th for Belami Online.

1. Chance (1997)

2. Adam Dexter (2006),

3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 Dawson, Connor, Elijah, Josh and Zeke (2009)

8, 9, & 10 Bobby Clark, Skyler Caine and Jesse Santana (Cocky Boys)

11, 12, 13, 14 & 15 Mick Lovell, Brady Jansen, Alex Waters, Spencer Fox, and Austin Merrick (2011)

16 & 17 Max Ryder and Chase Austin (2012)

18. Connor Maguire (2014)

*** Ralph Woods (Canadian), Darius Ferdynand (British) & Dato Foland (Spanish) were not included.

*** Tommy Defendi was not included since he was paired with Dato Foland.