First scene of Maori Mortensen after he was introduced 3 years ago.

Belami Online sure takes awhile to release a scene

Maori Mortensen was introduced in 2015 by Belami Online via their gym documentary.



It was only this week that Belami Online released his first gay scene where he was barebacked by Ariel Vanean.






The reason for the long wait according to Belami Online is due to his tattoos "It took us a little while between filming softcore material with him and hardcore which resulted in a bit of an extended gap since you last saw him (we were a bit hesitant mainly due to his arm tattoo, which we know we will get ample feedback on here)."

*** Ariel does live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free.

Brent Corrigan was paid $1,500 per scene by Falcon Studios

If Falcon Studios paid Brent $1,500 per scene, how much were the new guys paid?

Roman Tate of Gay Hoopla is now Casey of Corbin Fisher (tip @ John)

November 2017 was the month Gay Hoopla introduced Roman Tate.



Roman was fucked in all 4 of his scenes where 2 were flip fuck scenes.





On the sister site of Gay Hoopla, he had 2 str8 scenes released by Hot Guys Fuck.


He is the new guy at Corbin Fisher where he was given the name Casey.



Where was he hotter - Gay Hoopla or Corbin Fisher?



*** This 2018, Casey is the 10th guy who had porn experience prior to their work at Corbin Fisher.

  1. Kai aka Lucas Leon
  2. Dalton aka Paul Tiller
  3. Abram aka Neil
  4. Brady aka Justin Yurmouth etc
  5. Gavin aka Ansel & Peyton
  6. Marcus aka Kellin
  7. Shane aka Wallace
  8. Brodie aka Samson & Justin
  9. Sawyer aka Calhoun

Changes in your Bromo & Sean Cody membership

Monthly membership at Bromo allowed their members to download their scenes in 4 types of video format.


Recently, the last three updates only allowed you to stream the scene. No option yet to buy each scene.


And, if you bought credits, they will cease to exist in December. But, it's only for gay sites owned by Mindgeek like Bromo. On the str8 side, the outstanding credits will be moved to the Porn Portal VOD account.



Sean Cody membership has also changed. Last December 2017, monthly membership at Sean Cody was streaming access only. You had to pay per scene to download a copy. BigJoe59, who recently joined the site, said that you now pay an additional monthly price if you want to download the scenes. 


I am guessing this will be the new membership schemes for all sites under Mind Geek. 

  • Join any site and it gives you a streaming access to their content. You pay an additional monthly price to download scenes.
    • You have the option to buy per scene on other sites without joining the site via Porn Portal VOD by buying credits.
    • You have the option to join other sites for a one time fee for an unlimited streaming access as long as you don't cancel your first membership.
      • You have the option on your other sites you joined to access unlimited downloads for another monthly price.
  • And, there is an option where you are not a member of any sites and you buy per scene via their Porn Portal VOD.