A fan's experience with joining the site Drill Him

Two weeks ago, I made a post about the new site Drill Him & asked you guys if you would join the site.


M4 did but it was not a good experience "I guess I should have listened to everyone else! I joined the site and while to me, the few vids available in the member section are hot, not all of those showing in the preview section are available in the member section once you join. Even those with past release dates. I wrote in to inquire and was told: The episodes "tight can" and "squads fuck hole" are from the same episodes. We included an alternate trailer in the tour for this same episode." - I wrote back to advise NEITHER of these are in the member section even though they show in the preview as already released. So my take on it - a real bait and switch game! I am disappointed, I was hopeful this was going to be a good site. They never respond when I questioned the misleading preview!"

Straight Fraternity is now recycling content

This was the old look of Straight Fraternity last month.


It has been redesigned.


Along with the change, only the latest updates have been uploaded. The old ones are being released as new content. For instance, the scene of Brody, Denver & Tony S released last May 07, 2016 was already released in 2011.



This was confirmed by an email sent by Straight Fraternity to one of the webmasters of Gay Demon "When we transitioned to our new server, we only kept the most recent videos live on the site (a little over a year's worth). The other videos will be re-posted with future updates, beginning with the most popular. "

The owners of Straight Fraternity are now concentrating on their other sites - Tickled Hard & an upcoming site about male feet.

Rod Peterson, Roman Todd & Adam Bryant as tops to Landon Mycles

The latest at Men is a scene of Landon Mycles as a bottom to Darin Silvers (aka Darin of CF).



Landon seems to be in demand as a bottom. Last January, I mentioned that Landon only topped in 4 of his 15 scenes. After that, he had 7 more scenes released as a bottom.

Add 3 more names to the list of porn stars who fucked Landon at Men - Rod Pederson, Roman Todd & Adam Bryant. Their scenes will be released this month of May.