Jack Hunter barebacked by Mark Long

Jack Hunter (aka Jack Thermann for Harlem Hookups), who is mostly a bottom but do top, did start his porn career by doing bareback porn.



After that, he did condom porn for sites like Men.




If you miss him doing bareback, his scene with Mark Long at Next Door Raw will be released at the end of the month.




Currently, Jack Hunter is doing live cam shows on his own & at Voyeur Boys.


A gay guy at Sean Cody who likes straight guys

Two things we don't normally see at Sean Cody, an openly gay guy and an Asian. Their new guy, Benjamin, is just that.


And, Benjamin likes straight guys "Benjamin has been out for a while but still really likes the whole idea of getting with a straight guy."


It is the reason why he is a fan of Sean Cody "Turns out that's actually one of the reasons why he is such a huge fan of the site."


Lucky for him to fulfill one of his dreams "It's almost like taboo and it makes the whole adventure a little more exciting. Straight guys are more of a challenge. I like it!"


Most requested comeback by fans of Chaos Men

I was reading Teo's scene description with Cooper Reed and it mentioned the most requested models by fans to comeback at Chaos Men.

Taylor aka Charlie of Fratmen, whose last scene was in September of 2011.




Darius, whose last scene was in March of 2013



And Delaney, whose last scene was in April of 2013.


Of the 3, who is your favorite to return? Or, do you prefer someone else?

Teo's 2nd scene since his return was spoiled by a trip to the hospital

Teo's scene with Cooper Reed (aka William of SC) released by Chaos Men last September 2015 marked his return to gay porn after 3 years. Nothing followed after that scene (Bryan only filmed one scene of Teo?).





He was suppose to film a scene with Ulysses this month.


But, Teo got into an accident and broke his leg.

Get well soon!

Profiles of models of Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher uploaded today on YouTube the profile videos on some of their models - only Brayden is active with the site.

UPDATE I was told by Corbin Fisher that the Brayden video is new. The others were re-uploaded since their old You tube account was taken down.

Lucas loves to drive his Benz.

Cole's (aka Jacob Fox) inspiration is playing beautiful music.

Dru (aka Dakota of SC) talked about his love for acrobatics, bond with Connor & Dru, and difference between kissing a girl & a guy.

Dawson, showing you what it's like to be Dawson.

Brayden's favorite scene was with Kenny and he loves bouldering, which is a form of rock climbing.