Phenix Saint is back in porn for the 2nd time (tip @ Yeremia)

After 10 months, Phenix Saint made his presence felt on twitter. Although, if you check his Favorites (with naked women) timeline, it has been active since his 2nd (first one in 2012) retirement last year.

He filmed a scene last Friday with Tommy Regan (aka Elder Isaacs) for Men.


At Men, Phenix had two scenes released this year (filmed before his retirement). One with Colton Grey last January and the other one with Richard Pierce last February.



Tweets from porn stars on feeling cheap, torn tendon, gaining weight & more

Brandon of Sean Cody is shutting down his Skype shows because it made him feel dirty & cheap doing it.

Cole Money, who is getting married, has a question on why it is okay for gays to act straight but not okay for a straight guy to act gay for money.

Two porn stars were recently in the hospital - Dean Monroe & Colt Rivers.

A day in the life as an escort for Tatum Parks.

It has been 10 months since we heard something from Phenix Saint on twitter. He left gay porn in 2012 & 2014. Is this a sign of a comeback?

For those saying Kaden Alexander is fat.

Garrett Cooper shared his experience filming a scene with Donny Forza

This coming September 24, Garrett Cooper's (aka Elder Lindsay) scene with Donny Forza (aka Leif, Sage & Troy Admiral) will be released by MEN.

I asked Garrett [twitter] about his experience filming a scene with Donny.

Donny was ok. He was like half there mentally because his gf keeps putting pics of his porn up on his Facebook.




So, he was saying he was quitting porn.


The scene took a little longer because the part where we had to kiss on the street Donny didn't want to do because he is straight and didn't want to be seen kissing another man.



But all in all, I enjoyed the scene it was hot at least for some parts, but not one of my favorite scenes.


The model in Taj aka Hagan, Dalton & Cory Upton (tip @ von Schlomo)

He started as Taj at Fratmen before he became Hagan at Chaos Men. Then, he was Dalton at Corbin Fisher (till 2010). He returned in 2013 & ended his gay porn career at US Cam Guys as Cory Upton.






He does have a profile at Model Mayhem and used the name he had at US Cam Guys (now merged with Gay Hoopla).

photos @ Wain Wright Images & Ludwig Araujo



Is Damien Michaels into guys, girls or both?

On Damien Michaels' profile at Chaturbate (BigDame90), it does say he is bisexual.


Before Damien worked for Voyeur Boys, he had a relationship with Just Ryan, who he had a bareback live cam show.

However, on GMan's site review on Voyeur Boys, he mentioned Damien is all about having sex with women off cam "Calls what he does dick porn but off cam he is all about having sex with women."