You can ride Tom Faulk and his motorcycle (tip @ Robert)

Tom Faulk has been buying and selling motorcycles that he earned from doing porn.

As part of his escorting package, you can ride a motorcycle with him, get a drink and see if you can be best buds. But, he has to fly to you, which makes it more expensive.


Tom Faulk's exclusive contract with MEN has expired. It is the reason you are seeing him doing porn for other porn sites.

*updated* You can taste Sebastian Kross for yourself (tip @ John)

Last February, a fan asked Sebastian Kross about escorting but Sebastian was not sure yet if he wanted to do it.

There is an escort ad (with Tumblr) just recently posted of Sebastian but under a different name (fake?).


Update Sebastian Kross confirmed on twitter that the escort ad was fake.

Mateo Stanford has died

According to Men At Play last June 12, 2015, European porn star Mateo Stanford has died. No information about his death was given.


The last tweet from Mateo was dated April 12, 2015.

[tip @ Yeremia]

Real or fake? Roderick of Chaos Men looking for a top/vers at Craigslist (tip @ The Truth)

Roderick already did porn in 2012 when he was introduced by Chaos Men last January 2015.


In his profile at Chaos Men, it said he got married last year "Roderick had a girlfriend for about 5 years. They finally got married about 8 months ago."

There is a Craigslist ad that used his photos looking for a hook-up with a top or versatile man.